In this moment I remember thinking: okay, see ya, bye! last! I can be totally in charge of diabetes with no other adults with "ideas" and no other kids to distract me with their allegedly equally important needs.

In this moment I remember thinking: okay, see ya, bye! Because…at last! My big opportunity to be totally in charge of diabetes. No other adults with “ideas” and no other kids to distract me with their allegedly equally important needs. This was not actually such a paradise.

Sweet photo taken right as Joe/Jack depart for TrialNet. Please forgive. Folly. Very hard diabetes alone. No one kick out of bed 2am Dexcom buzz, command your turn. Also no expert fill cartridge, and nobody available take over entire scene when sick to death of.

Phone ring.

JOE: How’s the little boy?

BIGFOOT: (Huge weary sigh) High


BIGFOOT: I mean high

JOE: Hello there…

BFOOT: I meant he was high

JOE: Oh, hiiigh

Very good idea every introvert-grouch trick nice person into marriage, especially true if future hold child w. diabetes.

Another Relationship

Diabetes month @Six Until Me

Diabetes month @Six Until Me. Tomorrow’s theme is blue. Try to remember the Big Blue Test.

Relationship with food: dramatic change 3x this fall. First, TrialNet Joslin deliver T1D diagnosis. Second, Bubs celiac disease diagnosis. Third, see gluten free effect.

First thing:

After T1D diagnosis*, Bigfoot adopt low(er)carb diet. Immediately notice feel better. Didn’t know didn’t feel good.

KM60 reveal Bigfoot–maybe for entire life?–on carbs rollercoaster. Usually hungry or full, never neutral. As soon as not full, hungry creep back in. Current system, maybe hungry sometimes. But never desperate I’m dying. I need to eat all of the granola.

Second thing:

Following Bubs’s celiac diagnosis, gut kitchen. New things, new food.

Read something (probably in cookbook) re everything in mouth either help or harm person, each bite = choice for help or harm. Interpret to mean not just help like “help repair cells” or “help build strong teeth and bones,” but also help like “help enjoy life.” Read this, see so much food no purpose: not promote health/nobody enjoy v. much. For example: unfavored flavor popsicle left over from mixed-flavor box; Anjou pears when entire family prefer Bosc but Anjou on sale; GF JoeJoes.

Feel just more overall awareness of: who am I kidding, buying this dumb food?

Third thing:

After weeks of no lows, and then days of maybe one little one, today--right when the jolly mood seemed to be back in full force--THIS!

Today–right when the jolly mood came back full force–THIS! WTH is going on in that intestine?

Two weeks (?) into GF diet Bubs much better. Says feels better. Never had digestive symptoms, so see changes like:

Even keel. (Before never knew what would devastate.) Able focus on homework. (Before unaware homework exist/unable remember.) Play records, dance, variety show puns-stand up-impersonations after dinner. (Before retreat to sofa with book, too tired even converse.) Seems like old self, plus astounding vocabulary from read so much while too sick/tired do anything else.

Happy change relationship with food, sorry so much illness required remove chocolate chip cookies from Bigfoot eyes.



  1. Amy · November 7, 2013

    What a sweet post. How wonderful that both you and your son are responding well to changed diets.

    I, too, tricked a super-nice, fun guy (all the women at his high school reunions say so) into marriage–not sure he considered my Myers-Briggs status before proposing, but it is working out splendidly, mostly.

    And, I am laughing at the “dumb food” idea. I live in WA, where the GMO labeling thing failed–erg. What about a dumb food label, one that is smart so it appears when scanned, if it’s a dumb choice for that shopper? a smart, dumb-food label


    • Katy · November 7, 2013

      Smart, dumb-food label! And each shopper can set her or his own limbo stick of dumbness? I love it.


  2. Anonymous · November 7, 2013

    I love reading your words; short, stilted, require thinking. Love.


  3. Bonni · November 7, 2013

    Lots of things said in this post, but I just love the picture. Happy, ahhhhh when I look at you two.


  4. Emily · November 8, 2013

    Glad to find you. I also have a son with T1D and celiac. AND, I also am an introvert/grump who married a nice guy:) My little boy was dx w T1D at age 9 (2 years ago) and then celiac 6 months ago. Fun


    • Katy · November 25, 2013

      you sound dreamy!


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