We are game but we do not know what any of this signifies.

This morning, on way out door, Bubs notice “Hey, I’m wearing all blue, even…” and reveal band of blue undies. Then Bigfoot remember theme. Then scramble take picture. Then notice self also wear all blue.

Correct thing for day, dress in blue? Not certain significance blue, except Blue Friday, but today Thursday. Maybe point is help remember Big Blue Test.


Accidental blue boy. T-shirt also blue.

Before dinner, at sound of strip can cap thwock closed—

JOE: He’s low

BUBS: I feel sick

JOE: He’s 62

BUBS: hrrrrrm

JOE: He didn’t want juice. I found a pack of FunDip

BIGFOOT: Is it gluten free?

JOE: Didn’t we only kept the gluten free things? It’s 17 grams

BF: I never looked it up. It seems gluten free but I should have thrown it away

BUBS: I feel sick

JOE: He had it maybe 20 minutes ago. Dexy says 114 with a straight arrow, so…he’s on his way up

Test. 388

JOE: No way

BF: Throw it away! That stuff is evil

BUBS: I bet I have FunDip on my hands

BF: Washum

Retest: 286.

Verio IQ drive hard bargain. Still not credible. Wash again.

Re-retest: 226.

It Verio IQ final offer. 62—>226 possible 20 minutes? Difficult believe.

Eat million (6) chicken wings from Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook. Carrots. Apple. Bolus 15g CHO. Dexcom catch up now. Zzzt zzzt zzzt HIGH OVER 200. Then remember Big Blue Test! 

BF: Run around for fifteen minutes or put on some records or something

BUBS: How about miniman wrestling?

Miniman wrestling = wrestle, but on knees w. pillow fight component. Not sure if nationwide trend or brothers invent. Match ends w. no winner but rug burn, tears, hurt feelings/all three. Not attempt prevent, because best chance at correct-time exercise Big Blue Test!

1. Hypo/FunDip; 2. Dinner/insulin; 3. Miniman Wrestling

1. Hypo/FunDip; 2. Dinner/insulin; 3. Miniman Wrestling

Re-test: 181.

Possible lesson here:

  • FunDip = max. potency sugar bomb
  • Miniman Wrestling works for BBT
  • Seriously wash hands before taking a bunch of extra insulin
  • Blue Fridays and Thursdays
  • The dmpad theme for tomorrow is organization




  1. Sara · November 8, 2013

    Oh my gosh! I used to get a Fun Dip every time I had to hang out at the ball field waiting for my brother’s game to end (that happened a lot).

    I’d imagine it would be a good low treatment since it is basically sugar that you dip a sugar stick into! 😛


  2. Anonymous · November 8, 2013

    ooooooooooooo…how were the chicken wings?


  3. Mario · November 8, 2013

    One of the most interesting/funny Big Blue Test stories I’ve read! If you can, email me when you have a second- I’d like to ask a little more about your experience with it. Thanks!


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