Happy photo-a-day!


The photo of this delicious snack comes from the Larabar site. I hope that is OK.

Lately favorite snack = LÄRABAR über® Coconut Macaroon. (12g CHO.) Bubs’s favorite snack also this genre: LÄRABAR® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. (25g CHO.) Also Kind bars. Also Mocha Almonds. Nuts bender.

Repulsed yet drawn this looming snack option.

GF Changs

GF Changs

Today exchange pants @GAP, hungry, tired of assorted (favorite, but…) bars, and near PF Chang’s. Curious bc heard tell comprehensive GF menu. One nice thing is waiter very careful say, here is your gluten free lemon chicken. Here are your gluten free lettuce cups, take pressure off Bigfoot compulsively check, re-check and this is gluten free, right? Nice! Unfortunately, snack = $40 snack. Fortunately, plenty leftover for lunchbox. Unfortunately, who knows if GF really GF?

What world really needs = GF-vegan-paleo-low carb restaurant. Could serve avocado w. lemon, side order nuts & water w. more lemon + crazy straws.

Meanwhile, Bubs begin plan how handle appearance CBS Survivor.

What would I do with my pump? I guess I’d just go on Lantus, you can do that for just a short period of time, right? Well, but my pump is waterproof but…it might get in my way in some of the challenges. But who would hold my medical supplies? And would they let me bring a test kit and have a small refrigerator, maybe off-camera with the emergency medical team?

Diabetes month @Six Until Me

Diabetes month @Six Until Me

JACK: And what would you do, in like, the reward challenge if the prize was mostly baguettes?

BUBS: I think that’s gluten

JACK: I know, but how sick would it make you? And would it still give you energy, so maybe it would be worth it

BUBS: I think I’d just get sick…would I?

JACK: But if it gave you like, a burst of energy that would help you win a million dollars?

BUBS: (switching gears) What if they had Gluten Free Survivor?

JACK: Probably they will by the time you’re old enough

BUBS: I’d sneak in some bread, and use it as a weapon



  1. type1dmom · November 3, 2013

    Gotta love the way boys think. Bread as a weapon! (And not as a sword?)


  2. Sara · November 3, 2013

    Well, it’s not Survivor but would Bubs settle for The Amazing Race? Because someone with diabetes one that – (and was part of the first female team to win – woot!)


  3. Jess · November 4, 2013

    Love this thinking. Gluten Free Survivor! Cute boys 🙂


  4. Mary Margaret · November 4, 2013

    There was a woman early on (Elizabeth Hasselback) who was dx with celiac after she came back from Survivor. Her time on the Island was the only time she had felt ok in years.
    I also worry about how I could do reality tv and stay GF. Ted has decided he just couldn’t do Survivor at all with his diabetes.


  5. Scott E · November 4, 2013

    Bubs can handle just about anything. I don’t suspect you’ll ever need to worry about him.


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