Diabetes month @Six Until Me

Diabetes month @Six Until Me + elsewhere

Feel like permanently sad. Can’t sleep shallow breath heart clench anxiety attack? Should not have mentioned school district no-food policy. Really hurt teacher’s feelings. (Password protected due to humiliation. Summary: beloved teacher offer purchase gluten free Oreo so Bubs can participate in science lesson re phases of moon made from Oreos. Bigfoot reply thank you but classroom Oreos not allowed as per school policy. Turn out Oreo moon among this teacher’s favorite parts of year.) Apologize million (three) times no avail. Bigfoot totally misread situation. Thought was being twinkle-eye Michelle O /[insert appealing progressive of choice] acolyte but was being absolute prig.

Meanwhile, attempt carry on. Sigh. Photo-a-day.


Research shows having a ton of functioning beta cells stops type 1 diabetes in its tracks.

Research shows having one million functioning beta cells, along with a low carb diet, stops type 1 diabetes in its tracks.

Lately check blood sugar 0 – 2 x/day because LADA. Verrrrrrry slllllllow LADA. Fasting BG @diagnosis = 115ish, maybe 125 sometimes. Fasting BG since begin (loose form of) KM60 = 90- 95ish. Rarely see 3-digit fasting BG.

This shift give Bigfoot some sympathy dumdums think find cure. Because Bigfoot experience, KM60 = cure. For moment.

Bigfoot (very own!) BG meter pictured @5pm after 1pm lunch* lettuce, chicken, guacamole, salsa @Chipotle.

Bubs’s BG after 1pm lunch shredded beef @Chipotle + pre-bolus 30g CHO/large apple: 256.

Reality check.

*Also had icy Diet Coke sorry just was trying seem all holistic/cool.



  1. Julia · November 2, 2013

    Can’t read your post re why you think you were wrong, but I think you were right. Not the end of the world if kids have a cookie or two in school. But if it’s a cookie or five that’s too many for our kids. Nice that he went out of his way to buy gluten free cookies but has it escaped his notice that your child is also a Type 1 diabetic? If Bubs could participate by simply having one cookie or two then, yeah, maybe you did overreact. Depends on how many cookies the kids were tasting. Type 1 children are going to have to learn to limit sweets but it is not fair to have sweets constantly handed to them, especially at school.


  2. Sara · November 3, 2013

    I read the Eclipse post before it went private. I almost want to ask my mom (a teacher) about it. The district has rules, the teacher was choosing not to follow the rules. I’m sorry that that project was her favorite, but where do the exceptions stop? My mom’s school doesn’t have rules about food but she has had various food allergies in her classroom over the years. She may get frustrated and sigh at home, but she changes the cooking project (first grade) so that everyone can participate.


  3. Pam · November 4, 2013

    I too read the Eclipse post last week. Five years ago, I nearly broke the elementary school principal’s heart by calling him on the longstanding ice cream truck day tradition. He began the conversation by explaining that the school nutrition policy said exceptions could be made for ‘special occasions,’ and that ice cream truck day was a special occasion. I think just hearing himself say it out loud was enough to start the ball rolling. Our kids (and their parents) aren’t the only or last ones who will benefit from taking food out of school. Policies are in place for a reason…they should be followed.


  4. mollyjade · November 4, 2013

    I honestly think you were in the right with the cookie thing. “It’s fun!” isn’t a good justification not to change. Someone had to be an adult here, and it looks like it was your turn.


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