Personal Space Invaders

Life lessons: when you see something like this at a tag sale, you should buy it

Life lessons: when you see something like this at a tag sale, you should buy it

Bank. Visit human teller, like person from 1987, because need $10’s.

BIGFOOT: Hi, I’d like to cash a check (presents check)

TELLER: Well now, that’s something you don’t see every day

BIGFOOT: Oh, right. I know. I need some tens, so I can’t use the ATM

TELLER: No, I mean Joslin. Must be nice getting something back from them for once, am I right?

BIGFOOT: Oh, I guess

TELLER: Is it you who makes use of their services?


TELLER: I mean do you have diabetes?

BFOOT: Well, I have a son with Type 1 diabetes, and so my other son and I were in a research study at Joslin for relatives of people with Type 1. That’s why I got that check

TELLER: That’s terrible. I have Type 2 but Type 1 (shakes head). It’s so much worse for a kid

BF: Aw, do you really think so?

TELLER: Not being able to do the things other kids do. Not being able to fit in…it’s too hard. Kids hate being different

BF: Well, my son LOVES it. I’d hate to have your haircut, outfit, or mannerisms though (<–not say)

BF: Mmmhmmm (<–say)

TELLER: I think it’s so sad

BF: Fuck you (not say)

BF: Tens. Fantastic. Thank you (say)

Meanwhile, New Haven: Jack officially develop classic teplizumab rash! Yay, yay, yay. (Yay because not placebo. Yay!)


12 responses to “Personal Space Invaders

  1. Yay! (about the rash.)


  2. Anonymous

    I second the fuck you. Except I might have actually said it.


  3. Anonymous

    Yay for no placebo, boo for dopes.


  4. Can I feel sorry for the bank teller? I’m going to go ahead and feel sorry for her and her inability to say the right thing in that conversation.


  5. Never been so happy about a rash in my life.


  6. Itch away! Hooray!
    (And I’m going to have cards made up for every time someone tries to throw shade on being T1… Gotta figure out what to put on it so it doesn’t start with: “you’re a tool…”)


  7. Most of the time I keep my mouth shut from shock of not knowing how to not swear at them when people outright accuse my disease of fucking up my life. Mostly because it’s true. Half true at least.
    Sounds like rashes are cool now. 🙂


  8. Sigh for the teller, yay for the rash!!!! Hope is the thing with feathers…or a rash, in this case. (Poetry tangent for the day:


  9. I work at a horse barn and deal with some well off people who know everything (NOT). I recently had one tell me I need a new Doctor because they aren’t forcing me to use a CGM, eventhough I don’t want one and I have Judah- I understand lots of people LOVE them, but I would rather be woken up by my pooches cold nose than a machine, I dont even use an alarm clock. But the best one was, “I didn’t know you had diabetes. Wow it must be really bad if you have to wear a pump all the time!” Ugh…


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