Double Blind

I said something overbearing like I ADMIRE WHAT YOU'RE DOING. He said, "You admire me for watching four hours of Property Virgins?"

I said something overbearing like I ADMIRE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. He said, “You admire me for watching four hours of Property Virgins?”

Weekend: visit Yale. Halfway point TrialNet Anti-CD3 teplizumab study. One fun weekend activity = attempt suss out placebo or drug. (Obvious signals drug/no placebo: hideous rash, vomiting, fever, exhaustion…)

Friday. Visual inspection: Jack no rash, except from IV tape. Observe behavior: no nausea/fever, but also not very hearty appetite. CONCLUSION: probably placebo, since no obvs. side effects.

Ask doctor.

BF: Can you tell me anything like…does the lab work make you think he’s getting the placebo or the drug?

photo 1

Hospital Wall Art Piglet’s all, “I too know his white blood cell count, but am not at liberty to say anything. Nyah-nyah.”

INTERJECTING NURSE: The doctor yesterday told her his white blood cell count is down

DR: Did she?

BF: Well, but she said just a tiny bit, and that it didn’t mean he’s getting the drug. She didn’t really tell me anything–I mean, I’m just asking because I am so, so curious

DR: Right. I can tell you it would be very unusual for the white blood cell count to be going down with the placebo. That is not an effect we typically see with the placebo

BF: Oooh! So you think it’s the drug?

DR: I wouldn’t say that. What I can say is it would be an unusual effect that we would not expect to see with a placebo

Hmmm. Coy.

Certain Bigfoot questions annoy doctor/nurse. So hold next question in: what point is double blind if every medical person can see lab work & lab work clearly demonstrate WBC lower & ergo drug not placebo?

And then, just before depart, see this:

Joe and I decided they wouldn't have left this right on the bedside table where we could see it unless it absolutely did not necessarily mean this is what it says it is.

Joe and I decided the hospital people wouldn’t have left this on Jack’s bedside table where any visiting schmo could see it unless it did not (necessarily) mean that the contents of this tube are as described on the label.

One more week.



  1. Krissy McMomma · October 27, 2013

    I believe the wording you whited-out previous to the “/placebo” referenced the study drug. So, for example, if we’re running a double-blind study for drug XYZ, the vial would say “XYZ/Placebo” and the only way to know what it actually was would be to search the lot/vial number in the system that was responsible for the randomization.

    Glad to hear it’s going well. I am living vicariously through you guys since we can’t qualify for any trials!


    • Katy · October 27, 2013

      Yay! That is exactly what we were hoping—before PLACEBO is says a bunch of jumbled letters/numbers, just like you said! hooray. At first I was like, “Ermagerd Joe, these people seriously need to learn how to make a better secret code.”


  2. theperfectd · October 28, 2013

    Will you be told after the drug trial is over whether he received the placebo or the actual drug? I would go all “social engineering” on everyone’s ass until I could get an answer…


  3. Katie · October 28, 2013

    “You admire me for watching four hours of Property Virgins?”



  4. lauradawn3 · October 29, 2013

    I find that I’m waiting for each new post like I’m waiting for the next Homeland! Thanks so much for sharing.


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