Good Things XIII

The peanut man got Botox for migraine.

Mr. Peanut: Nut AND Botox spokesmodel

GF Web

Nomnompaleo recipe index

Comfybelly easy GF baking

Bob’s Red Mill Sale (20% off until 10-28. Thanks, Mary)

GF Cookbooks

Wheatbelly Cookbook (Wm. Davis)

Weeknight Gluten Free (Kristine Kidd)

GF Cafes (Pawtucket, RI)


Wildflour (rawreo $2.50 & worth it)

Major GF Food Discoveries

photo 2

Winners all. GF blech of the week: Glutino saltines.

Nut Thins Cheddar Cheese Cracker Snacks (<—good for peanut butter crackers/mindless wallowing)

Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar Mini Chocolate Bar (6g CHO & fancy) (<–$1.50 @Whole Foods/this week)

pumpkin spice almonds (<—Target.)

a carrot


Meat. Carrot. Caveman.

Meat. Carrot. Caveman.

broccoli cooked too long with olive oil and salt

an apple

quinoa pasta bright orange mac & cheese w. hot dog slices (classy)

GF Etc.

Lego set

a shower

Verio IQ Headlight

Love headlight on meter but get anxious if say in-dark BG check require 2nd poke or take longer than planned untangle child’s iron grip on stuffed animal. Think hurry, hurry before the headlight turns off! Only recourse for light turn back was remove/reinsert strip. Total pain wait while meter re-determine everything copacetic/ready accept blood offering. Turn out: you can just hit the OK button and the light will go back on however many times you want! So happy. Instead of feel I’m so slow, I’m slower than the dumbest possible person they ever imagined might be using this meter feel the light turns off automatically to save battery power, not out of rage/disgust toward me specifically.



  1. scully · October 25, 2013

    BG meters are all out to get us!!!

    thank you for sharing all your happy discoveries.
    I really want those nuts………


  2. StephenS · October 25, 2013

    Please don’t tell my wife about those almonds… She’ll buy a lifetime supply every week.


  3. Linda · October 26, 2013

    `I think Mr. Peanut is seriously scary.


  4. Sara · October 26, 2013

    The Blue Diamond Nut Thins are one of the best things ever – all the flavors. My mom bought some last time I was home and I was skeptical. Then I couldn’t stop snacking on them!


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