Creepy Gluten Lady

photo 1

Optimist sees miracle sun rays from heaven guiding them. Pessimist is mad it’s not beaming directly upon their car.

Today pretty sure met and/or started become creepy lady mentioned in gluten-free comedy routine @ Healthy Villi GF Expo.

Best part: “Newly Diagnosed Workshop” w. Joslin’s celiac RD. Very helpful.

(Maltodextrin is safe. Not sure what is maltodextrin, but thought unsafe because malt = barley. However, malt vinegar unsafe. Also brown rice syrup. Unsafe. Not able absorb rationale.)

Good/bad part was exhibit hall w. million free samples yummy sprouted grain chips/wretched brownies, cupcakes, etc.

Also good: Bob’s Red Mill salesperson attempting turn Ocean State Job Lot into a celiac destination. Adore enthusiasm. Also adore complimentary GF polenta sack.

Good also: became official subscriber Living Without magazine.

Bad part was lingering oral film tapioca(?) after sample GF bagel.

Good part was Bubs not attend; sample one thousand tapioca-based concoctions would have been BG nightmare.

Other good part: this delicious macaroon. Must buy.

Other good part: mother-son Ban Me food truck lunch. (Jack.)

Bad part felt like I can hardly keep my eyes open while drive home; thought must be drama high BG p. too much Vietnamese rice.

Good part: test BG, only 130. Ha!

photo 2

Good luck.

Questionable part: Tomorrow Jack begin TrialNet 14-day teplizumab drug trial + tomorrow also Bubs’s quarterly endo appointment w. sure-to-be-super-high-even-though-no-one’s-judging-but-still-feels-bad A1c. Maybe not as bad as fear. Maybe worse! Fingers crossed, yet simultaneous in double-bird flip.



  1. Katie · October 21, 2013

    I bet that exhibit hall was something else! I will be thinking good thoughts for the TrialNet and A1c!


  2. type1dmom · October 21, 2013

    Sounds very interesting! Good luck to Jack with Trialnet. As far as Bub’s a1c – I recently felt the same way after starting the pump. She started in July, saw endo a week later and a1c was higher than I was expecting. When that entire next month was followed by 90% of her readings being higher than target I thought for sure her a1c in September was going to be super high! However, we were pleasantly surprised that it had actually dropped 0.4% since July. And then, I remind myself it’s just a number and I stressed out over nothing because we had already “fixed” the problem and were working on getting things more in range.


  3. Diaun · October 21, 2013

    Love Hail Merry macaroons. If you get a chance to try any of the tarts, deliciously addictive!


  4. mollyjade · October 21, 2013

    The Hail Merry chocolate tarts are ridiculously good. Crossed fingers for a happy a1c.


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