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Main point this = help future self locate recipes.

Bigfoot Louisianaian friend drop off treasure: Swerve. Swerve = Louisiana hipster product? (Not available Rhode Island.) Same person gather elephant dung (@zoo) for nourish backyard tomato plant, ball fringe curtains, disco pants, attend Bruno Mars concert w. Richard Simmons, etc. Qualities make think if this is the sweetener X recommends, it must be superior to anything I have yet to experience in my life.

Make Mary’s GF brownies, replace sugar w. Swerve. Replace espresso powder w. Cafix. Sloppy carb math: 13g per punch-in-face chocolaty brownie, if cut into 16 brownies & use Swerve/no sugar. Everyone love. Yay!

Also for recipe file: this pumpkin cake. Bigfoot love Comfy Belly. Initially drawn in for diabetes-friendly(er) baking. Now also bc gluten free. No crazy tapioca flour. Almond, coconut, flax. No shake-up/shake-down these recipes. Solid.

photo 2

I love small cakes.

In order make Comfy Belly pumpkin cake look different from darling Sweet Potato Brownies, halve 8″ square, frost like layer cake. Result is one narrow rectangle layer cake.

In order lower carb count, replace half maple syrup w. stevia drops. Never really sure how think about drop potency. On bottle, 4 drops = 1 serving. Used 25 drops to replace 1/4c maple syrup.

Cut into eight 2″ x 2″ pieces, each w. 15g spikeless CHO. Could also be mini muffins w. Hostess-style lowercase cursive “eeeeee” frosting across diameter. Anyway, try remember make Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile. During peak Bigfoot family autoimmune/dog/TrialNet clusterfuck, many friends drop off prizes on front porch. Swerve, hot pink tunic dress, hand-thrown teeny bowls, gluten free pancake mix, Focus on the Family magazine, little notes & cards, Ava Anderson gluten free dishsoap, fancy labels/post-its & stationery, books. Brighten up bad times.

Not hope friends also trouble but hope if trouble remember leave little treats other people’s porches*.

*Yeah, you know me.



  1. Mary Margaret · October 17, 2013

    What will I do if I run out of recipes to share?
    Nah, never happen.
    Will now go to sleep with OPP in my head.


  2. Laura G. · October 18, 2013

    FYI, I noticed that they have Swerve at The Green Grocer in Portsmouth, RI!
    Recipe looks excellent…


  3. Charisma · October 18, 2013

    That cake looks reeeally good!


  4. Susan Borden · October 19, 2013

    Here’s a little treat (I think): The actress Elizabeth Perkins (Celia on Weeds) has LADA.


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