Bad News (small) & Good News (large) & Neutral News (medium)

Bad news first:

Day after diagnosis, make Trader Joe’s GF pizza. High BG like whoa.

Two days post diagnosis, buy Bubs Eva Ruth’s GF whoopie pie. High BG lasts hours.

Next GF project, mix giant batch GF all-purpose flour. Dumb, but poor kid was just diagnosed with…should have cookies…old times/normal kid. Two small, homemade GF chocolate chip cookies—>long-term untame-able BG.

Shoot. Think notice pattern. Everyone entire internet know, but Bigfoot only just now absorb: very dumb eat brown rice flour/sorghum flour/tapioca flour. This instance, everything in moderation not apply, like cigarette/nursery school or wetsuit/vagazzling.

But these GF chocolate chip cookies are so good. And Bigfoot only bake one dozen; still have 48 delicious portion-controlled balls raw cookie dough freezer bags.

Q: Why do we do inflict these ingredients on ourselves and upon the people we love?

A: Because we love cookies

Moral: It is difficult to balance well-being with hedonism.

Then good news:

Meanwhile, GF Bubs feel so much better. Skip, dance, impersonate Morgan Freeman, ask is it too late to join a baseball team? Announce I think I would like to live in London, because it seems big and open, but still kind of cramped in a nice way. etc. Every day better.

Bonus. Neutral news:

Notice also increased insulin, basal & bolus. Maybe body able absorb more glucose from food/more effective digestion?



  1. Kerri. · October 14, 2013

    Wetsuit/vagazzling is always an issue, regardless of moderation.


  2. Jess · October 14, 2013

    So do the GF flourish options raise BG more than flour? Just curious. I do poorly with grains and better with straight up flour because my body is bizarre for all different reasons 🙂


    • Katy · October 15, 2013

      The crazy flours are driving me crazy! (Sorghum, wheat, potato, tapioca…) The nutty flours are my friends (almond, garbanzo, coconut.)


  3. Larry Here · October 14, 2013

    Thank you Bigfoot/Google. Now I know what vagazzling is. It’s hard to keep up. Fortunately, I have the DOC to clue me in on real-world trends of importance! Lol.


  4. cbwinchild · October 14, 2013

    soooooooooooooooooooooo glad he’s feeling better. that’s fantabulous news


  5. Jennifer · October 14, 2013

    Great news that he is feeling so much better!


  6. Sara · October 14, 2013

    Wait… are we vagazzling IN our wetsuit? Because that can’t end well.

    I’ve had the opposite experience as you with non-glutened carbs but also have the significant difference of not doing it for celiac. So glad Bubs is feeling better!


  7. Theresa · October 15, 2013

    Yes, definitely, in the days to come his little intestines will be healing and absorbing more from the food he’s eating. Expect to play with changes in carb ratios. Try not to feel bad about what he wasn’t absorbing before. He’s happy! Healthy! Cute!


  8. scully · October 15, 2013

    Different flours make different baked things. The bean flours seem to do breads well. While rice flours seem useless to me for anything.

    I mostly stopped experimenting because every result ended up in the garbage.

    However, after a bunch of nasty GF cookie recipes I found this one:

    Mind you I use some random rice flour. I tried to make it vegan once – it ended in the garbage.

    so it’s the only one I stick to and it’s been great so long as I make an exception with butter and eggs every once in awhile.

    Totally glad he’s feeling better. I know how he feels. Suddenly – there’s this energy! Happiness! WOW!


  9. StephenS · October 15, 2013

    Awesome good news. It’s good to be a happy kid.


  10. nicolemariepurcell · October 15, 2013

    Yay for feeling better! Yay for London!

    Just FYI – I eat these – with very little bounce in bloodsugar – and they are SO good, but really only if you like crunchy cookies – ala chips ahoy crunchy… Yum yums GF…


  11. theperfectd · October 15, 2013

    You had me at vagazzling.


  12. Anonymous · October 16, 2013

    Glad to hear Bubs feeling better. In the meantime, before you find the choc chip recipe that works, maybe substitute brownies? You can find brownie recipes that don’t use a lot of flour to begin with. I swear by the product quinoa and they do use quinoa along with corn flour for gluten free quinoa pasta. So they must make a flour out of it at some point in order to do that. Can he eat oatmeal? Maybe oatmeal chock chip cookies, thereby reducing the flour? Also I know there is a flourless peanut butter cookie. I think good. Would be even better with choc chips. I know you will figure out recipes and solve this problem. But with the Type 1 diagnosis at eight, we slowly stopped the sweets in general. She would have to specifically ask; we didn’t offer. Or bake. Theory was to try to eliminate the sweet tooth for her long term health. It has worked most of the time; she does indulge occasionally.


  13. Mary Margaret · October 16, 2013

    Hey, late to the party. Totally going to start using vagazzling in conversation. Drops so easily into chats with the engineers I work with. I think it’s even better than mirkin. And I’ve had a lot of fun with mirkin.

    GF sweets are no better or worse than regular sweets. You can mitigate the effect on BS by using the whole grain flours and beans. But really a whoopie pie is still a whoopie pie.

    Anonymous suggested brownies. Bean brownies are easy and super fudgy. I can taste the black beans in brownies, so I use chickpeas.

    GRAND that B is feeling better.


    • Katy · October 17, 2013

      we had the brownies. wow.


  14. Julia · October 17, 2013

    Black bean brownie recipe over at Sugar Free Mom. She uses an artificial sweetener I’ve never used. Sure you could substitute a little sugar or sweetener of your choice. Flourless chocolate cakes, I’m sure there are other flourless brownies out there. Flourless choc chip cookies, not much luck. You’ll have to invent a good gluten free one. Kalynn’s Kitchen has lots of Southbeach recipes, and has a gluten free section. Gluten free blogs, such as Gluten Free Goddess. There are a lot of gluten free blogs now.


  15. Julia · October 17, 2013

    PS Gluten free Goddess does have a chocolate chip Quinoa recipe. However, I would say you would have to modify the sugar content as she uses 1 and a half cups of sugar. Using quinoa flakes and powder. Does use tapioca OR potato starch in recipe. I swear by the quinoa; we have to way undercarb quinoa pasta. So I would say if trying these, do so at home and watch Bub’s carefully for the three hours after eating


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