Sweet Potato Book & Snacky Cake


favorite book on the stack of books on the kitchen counter that i have skimmed

Entire stack paleo cookbooks, Sweet Potato Power reigning favorite. Part of thing is love sweet potatoes; this entire book = paean sweet potato. Also recipes. (Dinner, breakfast, dessert, rejuvenating sports gel, etc.)

Mmm. Sweet Potato Bars page 255. Bake. Cut. Eat. Everyone loves. Renamed “Pumpkin Brownies” because afraid children balk. Also noticed after sweet potato/eggs in V-mix, pantry not actually stocked correct ingredients. Regardless, so YUM. Perfect snack cake/breakfast cake. Could also be dessert for modern day Puritan.

Air Quotes Pumpkin Brownies

adapted from Sweet Potato Bars in Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor.

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 c mashed sweet potato (recipe calls it a yam, a semantic issue I still do not understand. What is needed here is the normal, orange thing), 1/3 c maple syrup (recipe calls for honey), 2 large eggs, 120 g slivered almonds (recipe calls for 1 c blanched almond flour), 1/2 t salt (recipe calls for 1/4 t, but our salt is big and flaky), 1/2 t baking powder (recipe calls for baking soda but my baking beliefs caused me to misread this), 1 t cinnamon (recipe calls for 1/4 t but x4 for diabetes cure), and 1/2 t nutmeg (recipe calls for 1/4 t, but once I started grating the little acorns, I got swept up in the procedure). (Recipe also calls for 1/4 t cloves. I omitted this because I do not have or like cloves.)

Glamour Don't/nom nom nom bar added for privacy

Glamour Don’t/nom nom nom bar added for privacy

METHOD: The real recipe has a few elegant steps. I just put everything in the Vitamix together and blitzed it until perfectly smooth. I then poured this into a buttered 9 x 9″ pan (recipe calls for 8 x 8″) and baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes. When done, it was set and boing-y in the middle and the house smelled fantastic. I cut this into 16 squares, each with approx. 5g CHO.

8 responses to “Sweet Potato Book & Snacky Cake

  1. Larry Here

    Really? Sweet Potato Vs. Yam is still confusing you? Sweet potatoes are yellow and a little less sweet (maybe) than yams. Yams are the orange things. I always claim to prefer the sweet potato, whereas dd, age almost 6, always claims to prefer the yams. “Claim to prefer” is the key phrase here. These bars look yummy. If I make ’em, I’m gonna use baking soda, um… because I prefer it.


  2. Katy

    Whatever it is—the bars are good eating!

    My confusion is true yam vs USA’s technically mislabeled “yam”/actually an orange sweet potato? The true yam seems more like cassava or manioc? This is why I’m confused. Also the only time I have seen the true yam in Rhode Island (very rare), it was black and shrinkled.



    • Larry Here

      Well I’ll be! I knew this DOC thing would be educational, but that huffpost link is solid gold. Now I have to re-educate my daughter. Apparently my wife already knew this, but couldn’t bother to explain it to us.


  3. Mary M

    Made it with butternut squash. Yummy!
    Have you found the almond doughnut recipes yet? Very similar to this, baked in doughnut pan, honey glaze. About 14 g per doughnut.


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