Who’s What?

Our remaining Type Awesomes

Rock on w. your fully functional organs.

Tonight. Dinner, Jack think out loud TrialNet/diabetes, conclude I’m okay with it.

BIGFOOT: You mean the whole Yale thing?

JACK: Yeah, but I mean, I know I might get the placebo, but I think I’m lucky that I get to maybe try the drug treatment, and…I know it might not work, but I think I’m okay with it—with having diabetes

JOE: Nooo! It will be three against one!

BUBS: More like two against two

BIGFOOT: You and me against Jack and Daddy, or you and Jack against Daddy and me?

BUBS: You and me against them. But actually I am alone. You don’t count

BFOOT: Whaaat?

JOE: Mum doesn’t count until she has to take insulin?

BUBS: (nods)

BFOOT: But what if I just have to take, like, a teeny-tiny speck of Lantus?

BUBS: Doesn’t count

BFOOT: What would count?

BUBS: (gestures toward his lap, where his pump is in his hand)

BF: Have to have a pump?

BUBS: (turning pump over in hand, narrows eyes, looks down, shakes head)

BF: A pump and a Dexcom?

BUBS: Uh huh 

JACK: Ooooo. Sorry, Mom

BF: High standards

JOE: Hold up. I could still get in on this

BF: You wish! It’s two against two

JACK: Hey, what about me? Three against one!

BUBS: It’s one against three. I’m alone

JOE: You guys, I could totally get in on this with some Type 2

BUBS: Doesn’t count!

JOE: I could be all, “Excuse me, Doctor? One Dexcom, please” (<–falsetto)

Go w/o say, all 4 family members on same team. (Awww.) That said, how many PWT1D this group? Attempt list from most diabetic to least diabetic.

NO QUESTION: Child diagnosed in ER with typical juvenile-onset diabetes, pump + Dex

QUANTTTVLY BUT SRSLY?: Adult diagnosed in a research study. Nothing’s happening/no street cred. Akin Mrs. Garrett show up @Edna’s Edibles in burgundy miniskirt/vest/rep tie/knee sock/polished loafer but never need study or share attic bedroom w. enemy yet still want borrow Blair lip gloss

CRYSTAL BALL OF SCIENCE SAYS: Child with incipient Type 1 diabetes. Do they even really do science at Yale?

NEVER: Adult with seven (7!) sugar in the raw packs per grande latte, BG never over 90 for moment in life



  1. Scott E · September 15, 2013

    Is this how you guys really talk? I wish I could be part of your family if I could — even if it means getting diabetes AGAIN (note to my real mom & dad: love you!). The entertainment value is priceless.

    That said, does TWO kinds of insulin mixed by the patient in a syringe (i.e. Regular + NPH) outrank ONE kind via pump plus a Dexcom? What about the Bionic-Pancreas study participants who wear TWO pumps and TWO Dexcoms but don’t need to watch what they eat? Where do they fall on the list? This could get interesting. All in the name of humor, of course.


  2. Jess · September 15, 2013

    Oh I love this conversation. With illness, sometimes you have to laugh, whine, cry, mock – the laughing helps the most. My poor husband always feels badly complaining about pain, and I’m like “Yay, let’s talk about someone else’s symptoms!” We laugh. Keep laughing.


  3. a1conceive · September 15, 2013

    Sounds like no matter what team you’re on in your family, it’s a good one!


  4. Katie · September 16, 2013

    I want to be this person: “NEVER: Adult with seven (7!) sugar in the raw packs per grande latte, BG never over 90 for moment in life.”


  5. surfacefine · September 16, 2013

    When Edna’s Edibles became Over Our Heads, I think my brain almost burst. For years I envisioned having a shop like that (I also envisioned George Clooney as my neighbor and kicking the other girls to the curb).


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