BF60 (-2)

I can do this.

I can do this.

Katie inspire! Today (after yesterday steep learning curve/nectarine issues) Bigfoot attempt low carb living. Green indicate running total g CHO.

9AM coffee 0

I longed for the other half of the English muffin, but at least this way, it looks like a face with a yellow and green afro

Oh, how I longed for the other half of the English muffin. But at least this way, it looks like a face with a yellow and green afro. The fork can be the pick, like Shirley’s.

12PM kale, garlic (2g CHO)/eggs/herby chevre/one-half “light” English muffin (9g CHO) 11

1PM already hungry again

2PM make Moses Paltrow turkey bacon for exciting after school snack! No person and not even dog interested; Bigfoot nibble burnt parts. Yuck (1g CHO) 12

I see you trying to hide

I see you trying to hide

2:01PM hungry. Diet Coke! 12

2:25PM hungry. Almonds (3g CHO) 15

3PM: celery. Celery. Celery (1g CHO) 16

4PM: Low carb cocktail snacks buffet: cucumbers and celery with cheddar cheese (3g CHO) 19

I think I ate a pound of cheese.

I may have eaten quite a lot of cheese. I didn’t eat the nuts, because I was trying so hard to delay the much-anticipated beer.

4:15PM Ice water with lime I want a beer 19

5PM: celery. Cucmbers (1g CHO) 20

5:10PM – 7PM hiding in bedroom, away from watermelon. Other components family dinner not tempting: whole wheat penne w. bolognese (gag). Re-read KM60

Wow, so good.

Wow, so good.

7PM: beer. Ahhh! (12g CHO) 32

7:15PM all I want is a PB&J, and if I use B’s low-carb bread, I still have enough left in my KM60 deal-a-meal wallet!

World's finest food porn.

World’s finest food porn.

Pièce de résistance: glop PB (6g CHO) on low carb bread (12g CHO); tiny smear rhubarb jam (8g CHO). Nomnomnom. Best PB&J of life. Want more. But total is 58. What what.

Next time: figure out way not have to hide in other room when fruit available.

Other very hard part is repeat tomorrow, not yet able consider ad infinitum.



  1. type1dmom · August 29, 2013

    You have some amazing willpower! So much more than I do. Hooray on a successful first day! Also, my hubby has been drinking that same beer lately (variety pack). That kind is the least offensive to my nose. I dislike beer, mostly because of the smell.


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      does it count as willpower if you eat a brick of cheese?


      • type1dmom · August 29, 2013

        Well… since you’re counting carbs and not on a diet to lose weight – SURE! Seriously though. I would have been DYING and ended up eating like 5 PB&J’s and convince myself that having to start insulin in 6 months is NOT a big deal AT ALL. lol


  2. a1conceive · August 29, 2013

    I am going to try this whole low carb thing!!! 60g/day? Yikes. I love carbs. All the carbs. Every carb. Carbs carbs, carby carb carbs.


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      me too. by 4pm i was fantasizing about a stack of pancakes, and i don’t even like pancakes.


      • a1conceive · August 29, 2013

        I’ve heard rumors that it gets easier. Don’t know if I believe them or not.

        WTG on the one beer. I’m impressed.


      • Katy · August 29, 2013

        try it and post pictures, please!!


  3. amireally · August 29, 2013

    don’t agonize to stay under 60! actually, i think it’s healthier (for diabetics, non-diabetics, and pre-diabetics alike) to *not* go so low. this is not medical advice, but my 2 cents based on reading some stuff, talking to a couple good nurse CDEs, a doctor with type 1, and a few dieticians, and being in the health field myself, are that most days we should get at least more than that – depending on your size & how active you are, maybe 130, maybe 150, maybe 200 (if you are a growing teenager or serious athlete, maybe even more). these are not people towing the BS low fat high carb historic/present ADA diet is BS, and they agree that it is much easier to control blood sugars when we’re not eating the recommended 300+ grams a day. but it’s better not to go sooo low. according to the nutrition science, 130 is the minimum amount we need to not go into a ketotic state, and power our brains (which can only run on glucose, whether we provide it with starchy foods or our bodies break down other things to get it). when i’ve asked, people have either not known or just said 130 is the baseline number for everyone which seems wrong to me since people are such different sizes and have different activity levels, so maybe it is more of a range. but i guess if it’s about the brain not about body mass & muscle then it makes sense?

    also, i think it’s not healthiest mentally, to be so tight and stick to such a low number! and for most people i don’t think it’s sustainable anyways, which means lots of stress and guilt and a return how they were eating before anyways. so even aside from the question about ketosis under 130, i like more realistic, less restrictive goals. that you are more likely to be able to stick to for a long time, and without it ruling your life *too* much or it being too stressful or socially isolating (it’s hard when you can’t eat with people)!

    also, i think any time a diet/meal plan denies you WHOLE FRUIT (juice & dried fruit another story), it’s doing something wrong! it’s so good for you in so many ways! and tasty! and ultimately not that many carbs, and mostly not super fast carbs, and high satiety value. and blood sugar isn’t the only part of health that matters when looking at nutrition – heart health & lowering cancer risk & other stuff matters too!


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      I was more curious to see what it would be like–I didn’t mean to recommend doing this. At the same time, it made me realize I eat waaaaay too much fruit if I’m going to agree that I really have diabetes. Yesterday I tried to eat low carb, but still ate fruit, and that tally wound up being 140g—close to the amount TrialNet recommends as “carb loading” for the 3 days before an OGTT!

      I’m completely convinced grains and fruit offer nothing that vegetables can’t do better, except for help someone recover from hypoglycemia, of course.

      But sitting in my room to avoid my family because I’d set out a platter of watermelon—-yeah, that’s not going to work out long-term.


  4. Katie · August 29, 2013

    Haha, I love you, Bigfoot. Thanks for posting this and making my day! I don’t feel hungry throughout the day, at least, not in an “I’M STARVING, OMG” way. I sit all day at work, except for my daily walk, so I don’t need a lot of food to give me energy. If I’m hungry, I eat and don’t care that I eat more carbs that day. It just turns out that my daily average happens to sit around 60. I don’t buy the argument that you have to eat over a 100+ carbs a day to be “healthy”. My lab work always comes back great (not including A1c) and my doctor has no problem with my approach to food and carbs. As I stated in my post, YDMV as will your approach to food.


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      i do feel kind of energetic and good, but my brain is all GET MORE PB&J


  5. amireally · August 29, 2013

    and also, if you need insulin, you need insulin. if someone’s blood sugars are still high eating 130 grams of carb a day, that’s where i personally would want to go next. i think it’s not a bad thing to go to insulin, especially for a LADA. i think higher levels of insulin might increased cardiac risk, but my take on that is that means elevated levels of insulin, like if you are insulin resistant, or if you are eating 500 grams of carbs a day. if you have LADA that’s progressing, then you are deficient in insulin. that doesn’t mean you have high levels of insulin if you are making up what your body isn’t doing anymore by injecting.

    also, i think starting injections early, even small doses, can help preserve some beta cell function for longer in LADAs (maybe type 1 too?). and that ultimately will do a lot to improve your blood sugar control and decrease risk for complications over the years. and it makes your life easier (longer time taking small amount of insulin once or twice a day, without having to precisely cover all carbs, and with lower risk of a low, before you go to a pump or multiple daily injections).

    sorry to hijack your comments! just had a lot of thoughts, meant to comment on one of your earlier posts with these ideas about insulin. i’m mad the endo you saw from the the study didn’t say more about this! i don’t know if it is everyone’s philosophy – i’m not an expert and there may be some good endos that disagree. but i’ve heard some endos/CDE nurses that i trust say this stuff.


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      i don’t think i’d (i’ll) mind taking insulin. (but now i need to google insulin + cardiac risk! yikes!)


  6. Scott E · August 29, 2013

    Ad infinitum my butt! I eat about 60 carbs every day for lunch, then another 60 for dinner. Add 30 or so for breakfast and various assorted indulgences (not to mention the uncounted carbs that end up as “correction boluses”) and I may be pushing 180-200 carbs a day.

    There’s one philosophy that your pancreas has a finite supply of insulin (like an ovary is blessed with only so many eggs…. don’t ask why I came up with that analogy) and you want to stretch out that supply as long as you can. There’s another philosophy – one that I just came up with myself – that a pancreas is like a muscle… you’ve got to give it a healthy workout each day to maintain its strength — allow it to slack off and it will atrophy.

    I’d tend to believe that 9 out of 10 medical professionals would endorse the first theory, but me and my rebellious self thinks the second deserves some respect, too.


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      you know, they *do* tell you to eat a lot of carbs before the trialnet OGTT, so that your pancreas is ready to spring into action for the challenge.


  7. Jennifer · August 29, 2013

    Wow. This looks so hard. I love all the carbs. As was so eloquently put above “carbs carbs, carby carb carbs.”
    I read the KM60 post too, and I have to admit, the food looks way yum. I just stink at eating the same thing constantly. Even while pregnant, I just checked my bg 92741987234172348 times/day and ate a lot of yogurt (I love yogurt) because I would get bored after a week.
    Also, I love cereal. I know it’s the devil, but I just love it. Can’t help it. But, I have to admit, the breakfast looked good. I like PB, but almond butter is my new boyfriend, so I could probably handle at least that.


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      but almond butter ON GRAHAM CRACKERS—that’s my boyfriend.


  8. Dolores · August 29, 2013

    Eat a bigger breakfast! 1 cup coffee doesn’t count … Maybe try some bullet proof cofffee.

    Also Whole 30 would claim if you are hungry in between meals you didnt eat enough your previous meal …

    Rock on!


  9. fifteenwaitfifteen · August 29, 2013

    You did fantastic! Although, I’m also a firm believer in eating more for breakfast than a cup of coffee. I would eat my hand off if I didn’t eat breakfast every morning. I am so addicted to carbs. And wine. I think the best I could do on this diet plan might be keeping it at 100g of carbs per day – someday I will attempt and document the RB100.


    • Scott E · August 30, 2013

      This above comment is so true. The most important thing about breakfast, IMO, is that it surpresses (somewhat) the liver from dumping high, yet uncertain, amounts of sugar in the bloodstream in the morning – possibly more than you’d get by eating breakfast. This liver dump (aka dawn phenomenon) is possibly the single most frustrating thing T1D’s face…


      • Katy · August 30, 2013

        I started to think, in response, *yeah, but the liver dump’s only a problem for diabetic people.* And then oh, wait. That’s me? I still can’t believe this could be(is) really happening.


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