For thee, but not for me.

Good enough for thee, but not for me.

Comments so helpful. Thank you. Persons on hunt more LADA-ish information, Bigfoot recommend read comments/links Help Wanted. (<–it just link to previous post, for LADA info-hunter convenience.)

Among most helpful links so far:


Name Confusion



LADA w. molto imbedded links

Diagnosed after child

Sure lots more great links turn up, but also so much ponderous crud, like this tripartite mess:


Think something about situation of diagnosis after child.

Wake up. Get chickens off to school. Test for fasting BG. It 114. Sigh. Poor me. Even my natural basal insulin is fucked. My poor capillaries and nerves and cells. I better get laser hair removal before I am blind.

Then remember Bubs also 114 upon wake up this day. And Bigfoot mental response = Hooray! He had a whole night of good BGs! Then BOOM. If Bubs fasting under 120, think bluebirds of medium-happiness/maybe even splendid-ness. Anything over 100 Bigfoot = I’ve got to do better than this! Slowly dawn on, in visceral way, Bigfoot/Jack beneficiaries Bubs’s illness. Thank you for having diabetes so we could notice ours way in advance and postpone winding up like you!


Also Jack. Talk to Jack about auto-antibodies, chances of this/that, possibly ways delay onset, other concerns. Jack decide I don’t want to start eating differently, because then it’s like I’ve already been diagnosed. I think I want to just enjoy not having diabetes, and then if I have it, I’ll change then.

I'm already a little weary of these.

I don’t think I need to see any more of these today.

Reasonable. Many adults probably choose this method also. After all, not 100% sure diabetes. (Except pretty ferning sure.) And Bigfoot eat carbs galore whole life, no prob until 42, maybe Jack same. (But already showing signs.) However as parent, if try delay own pancreas downfall by eat nuts/tahini/cucmber all ding-dong day (mmm ding-dongs)—because believe good/necessary for long-term health—why allow child harm self with goat cheese-chutney baguette? Equivalent slather sunscreen on self, let child visit tanning salon?

Ideally, a husband makes this chicken at least once a week.

Ideally, a husband makes this chicken at least once a week.

Solution probably is middle path. Make Jack vaguely aware issues (but magically Jack not mention future health to brother?), let Jack make own decision re food but conveniently forget purchase chutney, leave almond jar on counter w. lid off, attractively sliced cucumbers on plate, this chicken.


I needed a remembrance of this coffee milkshake cup. This was a sublime experience, better than glaciers in Chile or turtles in Hawaii or finding a million dollar bill in the laundry chute. There should be a Tumblr for sublime hypo moments, for those trying to not overeat during hypo recovering to ogle. I can still feel this shake hitting the back of my throat. OMG.

This shake. I hope there is a Tumblr for sublime hypo moments. I can still feel this shake hitting my quaking cells. Better than, you know. OMG.

Also think, re A1c = 4.7, several people mention reactive hypoglycemia. Lows balance highs, create artificially nice A1c. Now pretty sure have R.H. Driving home after OGTT, got sweaty/shaky/ravenous. Luck would have it next exit opportunity 9W = Shake Shack. Trembling sweating order coffee milkshake. While wait for shake, visit restroom for blot sweat from face, neck, arms. So sweaty. Finsh blotting. Look in mirror: normal but sweaty again already. Shake ready. Suck it down. OhmygodthisisthebestthingeverIwanttodrinkthismilkshakeforeverpleasedon’tletitend. Head toward line—need another pronto! Then realize crazy for grown woman drink two coffee shakes in row.



  1. Linda · August 27, 2013

    Hi. Well that’s it, isn’t it? 114 rocks for me but my mother-in-law’s fasting sugar at 114 is a huge red flag? Parallel universes. Maybe if you goose the fat content in carby foods you can make it easier for your and Jack’s pancreases. You know, slow the glucose absorption down. Works for me, mostly. I eat lots of popcorn, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob etc. but only slathered in earth balance or olive oil…


    • Katy · August 27, 2013

      nomnomnom. i am so hungry. peanut butter and banana sandwich? peanut butter and banana on rice cake. peanut butter on rice cake. peanut butter on spoon?


  2. Katie · August 27, 2013

    Spoken from person on other side of D-fence, after so many years of having the fucked up relationship with food I think many diabetics have, I would say the same thing as Jack and continue eating as if everything was normal. It doesn’t sound like he’s eating McDonalds 10x a day and he’s not overweight, so I say let him have a normal kid diet. If that time ever comes where he is actually diabetic and needs to carb count, take insulin, etc. he’ll be glad to have had those extra years not already living as a diabetic.

    P.S. Currently collecting pictures for future “KM60” post. =)

    P.P.S. Peanut butter shows up A LOT in the pictures.


  3. Tina · August 27, 2013

    Hey friend. Im sorry Ive been away. Not so much blog reading in the last few weeks. some of the blame falls on newly diagnosed kid, other blame falls on getting kids ready for school, last bit of blame falls on the stack of books Ive been meaning to read.
    Jack has a point about not wanting to change eating habits BUT – eating less processed sugars and faster carbs will benefit everyone while helping to not stress his pancreas.
    I think yall eat healthy already. I don’t think you keep Little Debbies, fruit roll-ups and pudding cups on hand (sadly that is considered a Normal kid diet – snack wise). But as for us with Middles we do not allow him to consume anything that could be used to treat a low blood sugar with the other two. He might miss some of his free range snacks but he has learned that he feels like crud after with no way to fix the ucky feeling. His dad bought coca cola gummies this weekend and Middles ate about 15, an hour later he had a headache and felt tired – BS 349 – no way to fix it. If I had given him a shot we would risk a severe low since his pancreas still produces insulin. 3 hours after candy snack he was 164 – if I had given him a shot of fast acting he would have crashed. He will start Lantus this Friday. Doctor has been holding off since his fasting numbers have been between 110 and 127. She fears Lantus will drop him very low at night but with his numbers creeping up it looks necessary. If he avoids fast sugars and high carb meals his BS stays under 180 without insulin. Its a tricky situation to be sure. I don’t like him as high as 180 or higher but adding artificial insulin could crash him.
    To avoid the spikes the entire family is avoiding fast carbs (minus the coca cola gummy oops). He doesn’t feel different and feels better overall.
    Waiting to make changes for a possible diagnosis is like continuing to smoke until diagnosed with lung disease. As a nation we can do better with our diet – just because diabetics on insulin CAN eat anything they want doesn’t mean they should – the same way those without diabetes shouldn’t be eating all the crud that we eat.
    Im sorry yall are going through this.
    I shouldn’t chuckle at the realization that 114 for someone like you, Jack or my Middles is a not great number but if my two already diagnosed wake up at 114 I celebrate. Weird how that works in our heads.
    Hugs to you and your beautiful boys.


    • Katy · August 29, 2013

      It is 5PM. So far today I have had 18g CHO. All I can think about is pancakes (and not paleo ones) with maple syrup. I think I am an addict.

      Hugs back at you!


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