A Day at the Beach.

Yesterday Dexcom #2 display crossed off martini glass hours at time, Bigfoot call Dexcom ask for tips, Dexcom determine replacement mandatory. But this one’s only like, one week old! Dexcom insist must replace because too much crossed off martini = dud. Unless, are you trying to use it right near a router? (What’s a router?) Where your internet is hooked up in your house… (No, that’s in the basement, but he may have been playing with my husband’s phone when it stopped…) That shouldn’t make a difference.

Meanwhile, today at beach Dexcom #2 come back to life. Smashingly so. Wish keep forever.

Dexcom in my hand says 78 down-arrow, even from so far away. I gave him Spree.

Thank you! Dexcom #2 said 78 down-arrow, even from so far away. B agreed he felt maybe kind of low. I gave him Spree.

Meanwhile at beach…TrialNet call schedule confirmatory OGTT. Person so kind, test subject not fill w. dread, only fill w. curiosity. Maybe so full curiosity, curiosity juice spill from every orifice & test subject act kind of weird. Even so, no dread.

TrialNet person instruct Bigfoot make sure eat 100 – 150+ g CHO three days before next OGTT. This train pancreas correct self before wreck self. If too low carb before OGTT, laboratory syrup drink startle pancreas, pancreas maybe confused/unable manufacture snappy reply. Pancreas notice sugar syrup enter body just stutter Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I ought to, I ought to, you better watch out, you, you, you, oh yeah? then BOOM: subject fail test.

After phone w. kind TrialNet person, consider: maybe ate low carb? Squint into past. Remember day before test Bigfoot eat sweet potato fries + tuna melt, also cookie @ Flour, also coffee cabinet, also (kale) smoothie w. one ton pineapple, also giant popcorn during The Way, Way Back; day before include peanut butter cups crumbled into bowl topped with cap peanut butter frozen yogurt & one-ton pineapple (kale) smoothie, beer, probably other major carbs too.

So wait more lab results, autoantibodies, c-peptide, maybe other things. Meanwhile, seriously. Bigfoot A1C = 4.7. That = avg. 88 mg/dL. Puzzle.

Maybe A1C OK because normal life Bigfoot not drink sugar syrup. Maybe OGTT should be: person fast. Eat normal food. Measure BG. If BG OK post normal food, person OK.


Is this even legible? If you click on it, you can see my gorgeous A1C and hideous OGTT.

Must remember point of TrialNet is not diagnose individual person w. imaginary diabetes, point is science.



  1. Scott E · August 8, 2013

    Remember, Katy, we’re always here for you … even if the martini glass is not. You probably already knew that, but it bears repeating.


    • Katy · August 9, 2013

      you crack me up.


  2. Melissa Lee · August 8, 2013

    I’m happy to hear that they’re taking such a kind and gentle approach with the test subject. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. You’re just getting more information.


    • Katy · August 9, 2013



  3. laura · August 8, 2013

    while I was gazing at the beach picture and coveting a life where I could say “Meanwhile, today at beach”, I was thinking “and they all wear white floppy hats so I wouldn’t be too obvious as a hider from the sun.” sometimes I scare myself.


    • Katy · August 9, 2013

      i’d wear a hat like that.


  4. Linda · August 8, 2013

    Your pancreas sounds just like the Cowardly Lion! “I’ll fight ’em with my eyes closed… I’ll fight ’em with one paw tied behind my baaack!”


  5. type1dmom · August 8, 2013

    What does the martini glass even mean? Mini-Me is not CGMing yet so I know next to nothing about them, except I want data and she refuses to have another site. She just started pump less than a month ago though so I will give her a couple of months and then PUUUUUSH, coz that’s what loving, concerned mothers do for their children.

    Also, AMAZING A1C. I am sorry that you dealing with positive antibodies and all these tests. Are you (or will you be depending on OGTT results) a candidate for the trial of the delayed onset medication? Hope all goes well.


    • Katy · August 9, 2013

      the martini glass icon–either naked or in one of those red circle cross-off symbols–is supposed to represent an antenna—to indicate whether or not the piece on the child’s skin is communicating with the screen you hold and look at. it can let you know if the pieces are too far apart to communicate.

      i had the same strategy–didn’t want to make him wear/carry another thing. he was reluctant, but liked it within the first few hours. i think we took him to the lego store for a distracting bribe to get the party started.

      every day my husband and i still (five months in) talk about how much we love it.


  6. theperfectd · August 9, 2013

    While I don’t want you to join this particular club, if you do, you’ve got a lot of support. We are diabadasses. Hugs.


    • Katy · August 9, 2013

      it would be kind of cool to be in your club. kind of tough! pinky tuskadero. but there’s no angle from which i can see this as an actual outcome. i really feel this has all been a mistake. i am a person who pokes others and writes down others’ numbers.


  7. Sara · August 11, 2013

    Avoiding the TrialNet topic but I have an idea on the martini glass

    Sometimes if there is excess water between the transmitter (gray piece) and the sensor the part attached to the adhesive) I will get a crossed off martini glass. I pop off the transmitter, blot off the back and the sensor base, and put it back on. It’s usually reporting numbers again within a few minutes.


    • Katy · August 11, 2013

      sara, sara, brilliant sara. does dexcom know? they’d be sending me a new one each remaining week of this summer if i didn’t learn your handy tip.

      are you avoiding the trialnet topic because it’s too ludicrous to address? i feel that way too now. the whole scene is impossible.


      • Sara · August 12, 2013

        I can’t promise that’s what’s wrong with yours, I just know that’s what happens with mine. If we wore the sensor sideways on our stomachs like we are supposed to, less water probably gets in. That’s probably why they don’t think about it. Darn FDA.

        Avoiding TrialNet because I don’t want to even consider more diabetes until it is confirmed.


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