Not Only Merely Dead; Really Most Sincerely Dead (Dexcom)

I spy with my little eye:

I spy with my little eye: two used kachunkers, two mostly full insulin vials, two blood ketone test strips, one million BG test strips, one used juice, one cartridge/tubing change, two syringe corrections

Hotel. All night hear Joe rummage luggage. In morning see D-detritus all over desk. Press Dex button: heart-dropping graph. Low/high/crash/low/high/crash. After all night Zimm-Zamm (<—took forever find link scratch this brain itch) Dexcom no number. Only crossed off martini glass.

Bigfoot not know possible Dexcom suddenly die; carry around in sundress pocket, keep watching. All morning: crossed off martini glass. Should change sensor? Maybe confused/unable read interstitial fluid after wild night. Call Dexcom tech support for advice.

Low, m&m's, high, correction, crash, juice,  high, correction, crash. Dexcom surrenders.

The insanity began at about 7PM with a water balloon game-induced low. Treated with m&m’s (bad choice), high, correction, crash, juice, high, correction, crash. Dexcom surrenders: 7AM.

Explain about crossed off martini glass symbol and we’re in a hotel, and I don’t have the instruction book with me, so I’m wondering if you’d recommend that I try a new sensor, or should I just continue to wait for the transmitter and receiver to start communicating again?

Friendly representative explain no, crossed off martini glass is never a sensor problem. If it were a sensor problem, you’d maybe see the hourglass or the question marks. Before Bigfoot emotionally available accept news, representative begin form-filling-out/confirm address for FedEx new Dexcom. (A new one?) Because your transmitter is dead.

BIGFOOT: But should I keep the sensor on for a few more hours to see if it comes back to life?

REP: Well, you could do that, but trust me, it won’t

BF: And I can call you if it does!

I left the sensor on the boy anyway, because a reading would pop onto the screen periodically. And it would be SPOT ON!

I left the sensor on the boy all day, because he didn’t mind and a number would pop up on the screen every few hours. And each time it would be SPOT ON! A trooper to the end.

REP: You could call us if it comes back on, but I’m still sending you a new one. Even if it comes back on, there’s definitely something wrong with it. You wouldn’t be seeing the crossed off martini symbol you described for hours at a time if it were working properly—maybe just for a few minutes, and definitely not a bunch of times in one day

BF: So you mean it’s really over? Should I take the sensor off now? Are you sure I shouldn’t even try a new sensor?

REP: Ma’am, it’s definitely not the sensor. I’ll Fed Ex a new transmitter and receiver right away. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. This shouldn’t have happened. You have only been using it since March, and it is guaranteed to work for at least six months

BF: —-?

Count on fingers: april(1), may(2), june(3), july(4).

Faces of grief.

Driving home with grief faces. The boys kept asking “Are we STILL in Connecticut?” and Joe kept asking, “Did it come back on again?” And I kept checking, through all 18 hours it took to cross Connecticut. And now it is turned off and tucked away in storage.

Speechless. Bereft! And after all been through, impossible believe lifespan so short. Had just 4 months together. Stun. Try recover by walk memory lane. Remember when first learned settings, vibrates/chimes and meaning double blood drops. Glee of first time select “Start Sensor” when really just restart old sensor. Remember when Bubs lost Dex at school, and neighbor found in road. Remember Shark with Scoliosis shape. Remember fluorescent yellow Tallygear Flava Flav necklace, and audition different positions beside head on pillow. Remember recent sting of Dexcom rep criticize Bigfoot IV Prep wipe, and sting’s echo as Bigfoot realize Dexcom rep absolutely correct.

Through write post, begin accept loss this Dexcom. Dexcoms ephemeral like kachunker or insulin vial. Less staying power than meter case or lancing device. Could use arrival new Dex as reminder for change lancet.

Thank you, Dexcom A, for 16-17 weeks happy times.



  1. Reyna · July 29, 2013

    I think we will finally be eligible for a G4! Love the “crossed off martini glass”. Never thought of it that way. It perfectly describes the symbol for sure.

    Here’s to many more upcoming memories with Dexcom B? Is that what we are gonna label it? Following your “A” lead here. 🙂


    • Katy · July 31, 2013

      You will love it. I can’t wait to read about it!


  2. Scott E · July 29, 2013

    That was a beautiful eulogy. Will there be a large event where we could pay our respects, or just a private, solemn family funeral a la James Gandolfini?

    Sad. So very, very sad.


  3. Linda · July 30, 2013

    Talk about the steering wheel coming off in your hands! Way to dream the future. Glad your mind steering worked ok.


    • Katy · July 31, 2013

      Oh my gosh. I’m psychic.


  4. Shara Bialo · July 31, 2013

    Crossed-off martini glass description made me snortle. I will view my Dexcom with so much more interest now that it occasionally reminds me of happy hour 😉

    Sorry for the loss of your Dexcom friend! Hopefully the new one will be much healthier!


  5. Reva · August 1, 2013

    I literally finished reading this post and turned around to look at my Dexcom and I had the crossed off martini glass showing on my Dexcom! My first thought was “oh sh*t!” but then I was thinking “what are the odds that I was just reading about this happening?!” But thankfully the crossed off martini glass went away in a minute or so and it’s working now, but I feel like the end is definitely near! I think I’m right around 6 months, which to me also feels super short!


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