Madness in the Method

skitched-20130727-011923Stick With It Sugar (this post) inspire attempt write some sort of record(?) of current policy(?)/current beliefs(?) re bedtime BG. All part of discussion of cocoa puffs cuckoo overkill D-parents.

Stick With It Sugar warn reader not use SWIS#’s as advice. Go double triple for Bigfoot. Could use as guide re How to Not Be. Current method include wild swings boogie boarding vs. sit still hours Minecraft, coconut rice vs. just satay. Also possibly ferned-up basals.

Bedtime Guidelines Currently in Use w. Nonproscriptive Makeout Guide

< 70 w. or w/o IOB & straight or down-family arrow:

15g CHO, watch Dexcom, read blogs, retest BG

70-ish w. no IOB & straight arrow:

5 – 10+ g CHO, depends on whether think over-bolus dinner? Ocean all day? Maybe also reduce basal. Then watch & Orange is the New Black until up

70-ish w. no IOB & up-family arrow:

watch Dexcom & Orange is the New Black. Reassess when Dex line flat

80ish w. no IOB & down-family arrow:

15g CHO, watch Dexcom, read blogs, sleep when up-family arrow

80ish w. no IOB & straight arrow:

minus 90% basal 1/2 hour & Orange is the New Black, reassess after one episode

80ish w. no IOB & up-family arrow:

wait + see, watch Orange is the New Black, sleep if no droops

90-ish w. no IOB & straight arrow:

wait + see, read Shouts and Murmurs or blogs, sleep

100 – 150 w. no IOB & down-ish, up-ish or straight arrow:

make out

100 – 150 w. no IOB & down arrow:

make out possible; etiquette demand pretend not watch Dexcom

100 – 150 w. no IOB & double-down arrow:

minus X% temp basal & Orange is the New Black; reassess if BG hits 80ish OR if still down, double down, down-ish after one episode

150 – 200 w. no IOB & straight arrow:

speck of correction probably maybe 1/4 normal amount; sleep

150 – 200 w. no IOB & up-ish, up, double-up arrow:

full correction; up-ish–>sleep; up/double-up–>awake until more palatable arrow

150 – 200 w. no IOB & down-ish, down, double-down:

reassess after one episode Orange is the New Black

200-280 w. no IOB + straight, up, double up arrow:

full correction/sleep w. eyeball surgery nightmares

200-280 w. no IOB + down-ish, down, double-down arrow:

wait + see; watch Orange is the New Black; fall asleep before BG stops moving, driving dream w. steering wheel break off in hands so use mind control/hit some shrubs/everyone OK; community abuzz “wow, that’s amazing how the steering wheel broke off but you were able to steer for so long with just mind control”

>280 w. no IOB + any variety up, straight or merely down-ish:

full correction & Orange is the New Black; reassess after one episode

>280 w. down/double down:

wait + see; watch Orange is the New Black; reassess after one episode

>280 and fucker not budge:

correct via syringe, probably also change site, stare at insulin vial try recall/intuit temperature history, read novel OR work OR bake zucchini bread + feel worried, yet awesome/high as kite until 5AM

Gah. So many permutations if add in various amounts IOB, also nuanced history du jour: boogie boarding/swim, Minecraft/sloth, Thai food/etc. Finally conclude impossible. In diabetes moral of story always = just guess.

Other thing strike Bigfoot in SWIS post = “don’t let anyone scare you into doing night-time checks if not doing them is working for you. Trust your instincts.” Think big difference between up all night people/sleep people not fear level. Big difference might be appetite for binge-watching serial programming.



  1. Reyna · July 27, 2013

    Wow. Just read the D’Mine article and found Tina’s blog. Thank you. This is a huge touchy subject with D’ Rents. Love that you shared your flow chart. I think I do a lot of “winging it”. 🙂


    • Katy · July 29, 2013

      the more Other People’s Blogs I read about the d-mine article, the more mean it (the article) seems. i can see why it’s touchy.


  2. pancreasticmotherhood · July 27, 2013

    From one overkill, helicopter-dparent to another…LOVE THIS:) Sadly and yet hilariously true.


  3. Dolores · July 27, 2013

    I read coo coo for cocoa puffs article too … Was worried for a second we were bonkers for checking at night then I remembered a coversation I had with you at FFL … You mentioned that you heard children diagnosed today have a greatly reduced chance of serious complications … And I think part of the reason is that T1 parents today ARE coo coo and take every Bg number seriously … Including the midnight ones! Makes no sense to me to working so hard during the day to keep BGs in range and then ignore the night time hours!


    • Anonymous · July 27, 2013



  4. swis12 · July 27, 2013

    Katy I want to keep you in my pocket so when I need a good chuckle I can take you out and just listen to you. In addition to all the giggles you provide you have great insight into our lives as well. Its all a crap shoot really.
    I can’t decide which ‘in between’ comment I love best
    “Make out” awesome – followed by poor Make out etiquette with watching Dex. Giggle giggle.
    The steering wheel stuff was too funny too. In between check dreams can be crazy!
    Interesting take on sleep/awake people and binge TV watching. I admit there are nights I could/should go to bed but catching up on old TV shows tugs at me so I stay up and convince myself it was for the kids.
    Thanks for sharing Katy – humor in D care is the best medicine (I think by law or something I have to say ‘after insulin’)


  5. mark · July 28, 2013

    Thanks for this informative article:) mark


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