Tiny Adorable Sandwiches and Other Cold Things

    Do the crustaceous isopods make me look fat?

Do the crustaceous isopods make me look fat?

Everyone so hot. Glasses slide down nose as soon as push up—need Croakies! Maybe some kind of full-body FrioTallygear-Croakies hybrid. So hot entire ocean infested w tiny marine critters. Entire Atlantic Ocean not hot, but not cold.

Too hot!

But maybe still want eat/cook.

Gingersnap Ice Cream Sandwiches

Acquire Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps (@3-ishg CHO/snap). Use for sandwich comprised 2 snaps + 1 tiny adorable scoop Clemmy’s Vanilla Bean Sugar Free Ice Cream. 1 hour in freezer, sealed in box, hidden under butcher paper parcels chicken legs.

In Rhode Island, this is at the giant Whole Foods. The medium Whole Foods currently has no ice cream due to broken freezers. The tiny Whole Foods, I bet, has no room for an ice cream this specific.

In RI, this is found at the giant Whole Foods. The medium WF currently has no ice cream due to broken freezers. The tiny WF probably has no time or space for an ice cream with this small of a fan base.

Already brag anyone listen: serve this ice cream 1 diabetic person + 4 plain people, no one suspect low carb, not even eager-complain food snob child. With Clemmy’s, count each sandwich 7g CHO. With H-Dazs, maybe 10g CHO.

Z-Dub’s Bananas

Not actually make yet, only intense pine for. Bonus for person w. melted brain: Z-dub tally carbs.

For less delicious no-stove version, slice banana, waxed paper, freeze slices, drizzle/glob Magic Shell (<—link for cooler day). Eat or store in freezer.


Every D-person & most plain people rave Outshine Popsicles. Holy grail is coconut half-size. Maybe was limited edition? Maybe was dream. Buy once, never see again.

Here’s a terrible popsicle. Even popsicle salesperson hate this popsicle. Free sample person @BJ’s develop tentative patter as pass around sample tray: it’s not bad for sugar-free, is it? Isn’t it not so terrible tasting for sugar-free? Right? Maybe try the grape…

Sophisticated Lady Beer Dessert

Bigfoot attempt acquire taste this cocktail. Not just for affectation. Also because like idea of beer on rocks, because bottle/can lukewarm two shakes lamb’s tail because so hot. More beer cocktails. Suitable dessert for adult only, erbvrsly.

Also remember: freeze glasses.

Freeze Anything

Freeze coconut water, beer?, yogurt, tap water, pudding, Vitamixed banana, anything in squeezie push-up molds like this or this.

Smoothie cup by M Phaneuf

Narragansett Electric smoothie cup by M. Phaneuf. Doubles as beer cup.

Kale Takeover

Kale & mint take over garden. Not sure how eat large quantity mint. But kale: shake bugs off leaves curly, lacinato, whatever. One big bouquet. Vitamix w. frozen half banana, cup frozen pineapple, pint coconut water. Drink breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I wish I had more of these lids.

I wish I had more of these lids. This picture was taken on a less-hot day when my hands were un-clammy enough to peel kiwi fruits.

Any Fruit Salsa

Dice up plums, peaches, mangoes, nectarines–> big bowl. For 4-peach batch, mince 1 seeded jalapeno, 1 shallot, big handful cilantro. Squeeze on lime, drizzle honey. Stir. Salt possible. Eat w. chips or spoon.

Or trick someone else into grill fish & eat w. fish.



  1. laura · July 18, 2013

    Frosty mugs! (I’m a frosty mug) Please make, drink and review that cocktail! I have a feeling the Bud Light in my fridge won’t cut it.


  2. Beth · July 19, 2013

    Large quantity mint = Mint Mojitos!


  3. Pam · July 19, 2013

    Eeew to tiny marine creatures. Please let it be too cold for them by the time we get to the beach.

    Yum to everything else! ‘Terrible popsicles’ are always in our freezer for quick low carb run outside with a friend treat but are, indeed, pretty terrible. Chocolate covered banana slices sound much, much better.

    Brewing vats of iced tea with our mint. Also pretty good with berries, maybe in a frozen concoction of some sort.


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