52 or something

52 or something


Early-middle Independence Day party, Bubs arrive beer/guacamole/adult area for gummy bears & hypo-zone out Joe’s lap. Stare into distance, look at nothing. Eyes unfocused, mouth ajar. Then mutter normal kids.

Wait for next part of sentence. Nothing. Then:

Normal kids don’t have low blood sugar.

JOE: Hmmm?

Normal kids yucking it up with their normal kid cups of hose water.

View of alleged normal kids, living it up with cups of hose water

BUBS: Normal kids don’t have low blood sugar and feel like crap almost every day

JOE: Hmmm

BUBS: Normal kids are on that hammock and I’m over here, because I have diabetes

JOE: I’m sorry you don’t feel so good

BUBS: If I didn’t have diabetes, you could just…drop me off at parties and I could eat whatever I, all of the time, and what I would eat, I would just eat whatever everyone was having

JOE: Mmmhmm

BUBS: I could just go and sleep over at a friend’s house any time they invite me

JOE: Maybe

BUBS: I have daiy-ya-bee-teeees

Quiet monotone, obviously feeling icky, perhaps extra icky because this insight: I have diabetes. They don’t. Obviously know this from beginning, but enormity never sink in before. Then suddenly feel better & rejoin kids & eat hot dog ketchup bun marshmallow clementine Izze Freedom-from-Brittania-cake & coffee ice cream. Plus two more marshmallows, plus one more marshmallow.

This happen right after read this, which make Bigfoot realize probably child not always 100% un-bothered take in stride. Jig probably up. Kids know. Sorry.


Next day, dinner.

BUBS: Yesterday I was so sad that I have diabetes, but, you know, I’m really lucky!


BUBS: Yeah, because if I didn’t get diagnosed in time, I’d be dead now, right?

BFOOT: Well, there would have been lots of warning signs…

BUBS: But if you didn’t notice, I would have died, right?

JACK: Like, if you still hadn’t taken him to the hospital by today, would he be dead by today?

BFOOT: Guys, it’s like two years later. Even if we didn’t figure it out that day at the Museum, we would have noticed really soon after because he would have just been so, so, so thirsty—

BUBS: Uh-huh, Jack, yeah, I’d be dead. And I’m also really lucky, because at least for diabetes there’s a cure

BF: There is?

BUBS: Well, you know like a remedy

BF: ?

BUBS: Yeah, you know, and there are at least ten or a twenty worse things like (counts on fingers) pancreatic cancer, lung cancer…you know, like that?

BF: That’s true. You were so sad yesterday. It was like you were kind of noticing what a drag it is for the first time, you know, you were saying “Normal kids don’t feel like crap every day” and—

BUBS: I know. But I feel better today. I was just saying that because I was low, you know?

Teeny-tiny gummy bears in packets of 8g CHO.

Teeny-tiny gummy bears in packets of 8g CHO. Right cuteness, right convenience, right dose.



  1. Scott E · July 5, 2013

    Resiliency … it’s one of the greatest traits in kids. It is wonderful (and such a relief!) to see it in action.

    He’s right, by the way. There is a cure. Just nobody’s figured out what it is yet. I truly believe that.


  2. Karen · July 6, 2013

    Ugh..Joanne’s post just crushed me, too. I know they must get so tired of it all. Glad he had a quick turn-around:)


  3. Scott K. Johnson · July 6, 2013

    Isn’t it something how different our moods can be sometimes? It must have crushed your hearts to hear him when he was sad. Then a real boost the next day!

    I totally agree with Scott E. – the resiliency of people, especially young, wise, little ones, is pretty amazing.


  4. Robin Jingjit · July 6, 2013

    Wow, Joe was good. He Mmmm-ed through that whole thing and let him get it all of his chest. I would have been trying to say all the things.

    (Also I know this is weird and sorry, but will you tell me what brand/ where those stripy blue shorts/pants are from if you know offhand? We are going to the states next week and I want to buy some for my boys.)


    • Katy · July 6, 2013

      Thank you! He is a good listener.

      Shorts/ pants from Boden (English mail order)—order big and wear forever. I could swear your guys already have these.


      • Robin Jingjit · July 6, 2013

        Thank you! but Uh oh. Very dangerous- I just looked at the website and everything is adorable. How will I control myself?


  5. bonni · July 6, 2013

    this made me cry, of course. then smile. (I do love how joe let him talk, so wise. I would have bungled that with annoying hugs and tears.


  6. Reyna · July 6, 2013

    I would love for Bubs and Joe to meet. So much “same-same”. Xo


  7. NicoleP · July 8, 2013

    Oh, Bubs, do I ever get it. Some days it just sucks, other days we really do realize how lucky we are. And, BF, he’s right, he’s lucky he had parents that DID notice his symptoms and took him to the hospital in time. You would be surprised the number of kids who die because it goes undiagnosed – really surprised!


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