It’s Like We Don’t Even Know Each Other Anymore

What up w. Dexcom? Maybe bad mood. Maybe too much tape surround? Maybe chlorine problem?

Sensor only in since Friday (4 days). Work great. So accurate. Difficult hold back post matchy-match album/brag book. So fondly recall 116/117, 76/76, 156/152 & many more gorgeous moments. Party over?

Buzz with alarming tune for LOW under 55.

Buzz with alarm melody for LOW under 55.

Begin with après swim crossed-off martini glass. Followed by buzz/tune for LOW under 55.

BIGFOOT: Bubs? Are you feeling ok?

BUBS: Yup. Why?

BIGF: Dex says you’re super low

BUBS: I’m fine

BF: We better test so we can tell Dex what’s what


My loyal servant is betraying me. It's hard to not have hurt feelings.

My loyal servant is betraying me. It’s hard to not have hurt feelings.

Calibrate. Dex vibrate testy pattern. Screen display something like “Come back in 15 minutes, I’m busy doing something private I can’t tell you about.” So confusing see new screen—never seen before. Like get past Ms. Pacman Pretzel level. New world, not sure this world customs & mores. And then BG graph display scant dots in super-low zone, despite share information re 148.


Why bother with the ruse of filling up the slip and slide with green liquid if you’re not going to process the calibration information I am so patiently entering over and over and over again?

Try calibrate again (of course not really wait 15 minutes). Ticker begin @39. Insulting! Try again. 39 again! Try again. 39 AGAIN! Again, again, again.

Finally walk away. Can’t be in same room.


How long should I wait before yanking the thing? 12 hours? 6? Zero? It was doing *such* a good job.



  1. a1conceive · July 2, 2013

    I think 3 hours is the window for it to resurrect. Good luck! Stupid moody Dexcom.


    • Katy · July 2, 2013

      Thank you—I think I’m approaching the big yank. Sigh.

      I noticed we have the same Cyborg Parts!


  2. Katie · July 2, 2013

    How long I wait depends on what my activities are for the next 6, 12, 24 hours. Although, that’s not really true because I can usually only wait 2 hours before my patience wears too thin and I yank the thing. I’d report it to DexCom and get a new sensor if it hasn’t even been close to 7 days.

    P.S. This is the one thing that worries me about the bionic pancreas. What if the sensor is just plain off? Although, rumor is they are using even more advanced sensors that what are current on the market. I keep telling myself that has to be the case. I heart the G4, but I wouldn’t hand my life over to it.


    • Katy · July 2, 2013

      Do I call Dexcom *every time* it’s short-lived? I think that would be about 10% of the time, or maybe 20%. Adhesive issues (even w. flexifix assistance) and crossed off martini glasses are the problems I so often have. I feel like Dex will get sick of me & put my name on a Bad Customer List, and I really, really want them to like me.


      • Katie · July 2, 2013

        I call every single time. Although, I don’t think I’ve had to call in months. My only guess is that since I’m not as active as your son, perhaps my sensors last longer (e.g., lazy, cocktail drinkers = longer sensor life?). I’d call for anything less than 6 days of use.


  3. Karen · July 3, 2013

    Had similar early morning ..alarm low..48. Check w/ meter 139..double check 130. Grr. Calibrate. Hour and half later…after patchy dots..alarm high 332!! Meter:156. Seriously? It’s 5:24 am. Couple hours sleep vs. battle Dexcom. Pulled it. Sensor already done its due anyway. RIP. If sensor fairly new and no obvious reason for problems I try to (impatiently) give several hours. Have had some resurrect and do fine..great even. Don’t understand the technology so hard to know what best to do. And, btw…is that user manual not VAGUE??!! Who wrote that thing? Think if I had to pull one at 4 days I’d probably call, too. If not just for replacement, they need to know in order to improve. Consider it a courtesy call from a loyal customer:)


  4. Zakary · July 3, 2013

    I clearly do not have the patience for the Dex. I can’t even update my phone without wanting to smash it in the street.

    Rage, I have it.


  5. surfacefine1 · July 3, 2013

    I lost it at the comparison to Ms. Pacman Pretzel level. Thank you and good luck with the sensor. Hope it comes back to its senses.


  6. Ben · July 5, 2013

    Sometimes, if it’s acting really funny, stopping and restarting the sensor (pretending like it’s new) works.


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