Eat, Read, Drink.

Hurry! Eat pasta and potatoes before they come back!

Thousand carb feast.

Breakthrough! No longer focus on children happy/not happy @camp. Today New Yorker arrive w. Jesse Eisenberg Shouts & Murmurs mock mother assume child so sad @camp. This cure Bigfoot worry/wallow.

Tomorrow last day camp. Last chance ascertain: parents happy during camp? If not, last chance rejigger.

One fun part: carbs. Out for dinner, truffle frites! Gnocchi* w. pesto! Beer! Dinner @home = rhubarb crumb bars. *Not even like gnocchi, just chose for carbynovelty.

Also fun: never prepare food unless feel like it. Green smoothies almost every meal bc. so, so hot outside. Or Diet Coke. Or two boxes blueberries all for self.

And: sleep until 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am…

And: read new David Sedaris (From Janet Maslin {negative} review: “Oddball minutiae are to Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls what raisins are to raisin bread.”) Love oddball minutiae!

Also fun: sit in grass, pat dog, talk about how nice sit in grass pat dog w/o boys fighting over trackball while spouse sit in grass, scrub grill grates w. Brillo.

And this: walk dog at night, together

Tomorrow plan make large quantity Pioneer Woman iced coffee, maybe even buy spigotted decanter. Perhaps bolster strength for return regular life.

Really, really try remember happy/easy/relaxed. Wish pare small piece this feeling off, preserve in shrink wrap for keep in pocket, run fingers over on Friday afternoon when everyone home w. heaps damp/smelly laundry, require food/shower/site change/Dexcom/bedtime story.



One comment

  1. Scott K. Johnson · June 27, 2013

    Sounds lovely! So glad you have been able to relax and enjoy yourselves.


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