How Not to Prepare for Camp


Race cars = OK.

Somehow Bigfoot/Bigfoot Spouse get idea allow boys choose meals/activities for last day before camp. As any other D-parent already realize food part this system unwise.

Activities: race cars, ping pong, Minecraft, Trackball, video arcade.


Frozen yogurt with smashed candy bars at 9PM. Unwise.

Vittles: eggplant grinder (w. Diet Coke<—health tonic), Thai (includes scallion pancake, coconut rice…), Orange Leaf (self-serve troughs froyo), Trader Joe’s cinnamon buns from can. (Currently pray for Toaster Strudel effect.)

OMG. Stop it.

OMG. Stop it.

Up all night tenacious high BG. Pull out all stops: syringe, change site, new insulin, Nurse Jackie Season 3 (Nurse Thor mention Cryabetes!) (Also mention sometimes not sweat because diabetes problems. Interesting!), The Killing Season 3 Episode 1. So tired. So tired! Eyes probably look all spiral-y like insane cartoon character hit on head w. hammer eyes.


Another nutritious meal. Fresh from the oven/a can.

Plan for today: try sleep (now), figure out dog walker/babysitter, pack last few items (stuffed animal, book, glucometer…), drop Bubs @diabetes camp, drop Jack @sailing camp (yes! coincidentally same week!), change outfits (in car? in sailing camp restroom?) drive 2 hours to Bigfoot much younger cousin engagement party; MYC marry Dr. Oz’s niece, maybe Dr. Oz at party? Maybe overtired Bigfoot attempt engage Dr. Oz nonsensical diabetes chitchat. Maybe fall face first into whisky soda fountain or not notice dressed tucked into underpants. Difficult stop catastrophizing when out-of-mind tired.

Wish instead of give boys free reign lovingly permit maybe one special food & use phrase like We want to make sure you are well-nourished before we send you off to camp where you will subsist on s’mores and Crystal Light. Try remember for next time.

I know we're not supposed to use numbers as a report card, but can anyone not cringe at this?

Can anyone not cringe at this?

Meanwhile, throughout BG spike/trough rollercoaster Bubs merry, recall camp memories of boys vs. girls Cops & Robbers game, happy times pretend bunks battleships & stuffed animals grenades.

Bye! Have fun at camp! Sorry I ruined your insides!



  1. Sara · June 23, 2013

    My new endo asked me about sweating at my last appointment. Apparently NOT sweating is a sign of one of the -opathies.

    And self serve frozen yogurt is never a mistake!


  2. laura · June 24, 2013

    It was mini powdered donuts here for the farewell let-me-see-how-bad-I-can-muck-up-your-BGs-before-camp. Why do we do that?


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