Even this dog was ogling the Flexifix’s grimy perimeter, but in the most loving way.

@Pool party: not self-conscious when realize Speedo on inside out. (Loins liner-layer on outside & bright white “Speedo” tag flashing at rear <–it no prob.)

Also not mind/notice Dexcom sensor make glaringly strange abdomen. Bigfoot half-anticipate Bubs insist on wear rash guard for pool party, but Bubs more concern inappropriate wear rash guard for pool (“Mom? You know? You can’t actually get a rash from a swimming pool because there’s no sand?”) than care persons observe robot parts. Likewise Bigfoot not mind persons see sensor/stare/ask but kind of wish had thought to apply fresh, clean tape. Black tinge line edge like dirt under fingernail.

Barely time for cringe re dirty tape before first low. Pump off for swim, so no need -X% temp basal. Too late (next morning) remember advice for -X% temp basal after swim. Ergo low all evening @party, marshmallows, s’mores, emergency Skittles, hot dog w. white bread roll/cheeseburger w. white bread bun. (It pool party—cookout.) Also potato chips. Also coconut blondie. Also Veggie Booty. Also two carrot sticks. Begin evening w. conservative bolus; progress to extremely conservative bolus; next no bolus, next to feed child banana w. peanut butter 12AM bc wake up ravenous after recover from low. Zooo-wee-mama.

Time for be own mother/own life coach: do your best. Or you’ll just get better and better at this. Or manifest success! Manifest holistic well-being. Manifest who cares if the tape is dirty! Manifest dirty or clean tape is not part of The Thing You are Trying to Manifest. Manifest happy summer.

So grateful for Dexcom and for summer dress w. pocket for Dexcom, and for eerily disturbing different buzz pattern for under 55 vs. mildly disturbing buzz pattern for under 80. Grateful for beer, and chair on shady deck, and adult conversation, and friends with daughters excited about hairbands and fabrics. Grateful for wedge salad. Happy summer.


Lows with sporadic durrrrr and marshmallows.

Proof that this boy is a genius. He made an Easter Island guy out of nothing but an ordinary marshmallow and a flame.

This genius made an Easter Island guy out of nothing but an ordinary household marshmallow and a flame.

Skittles "Dark Side" variety rules.

Skittles saves lives.

Should have read this first.



  1. Eileen · May 29, 2013

    We are just 1 week in on the dex. any problems with swimming ? When he took short showers first couple of times we were getting hourglass sign & ??? for a good hour & 1/2. Called tech support & they said just let dry out, 2 little prongs not making contact. Put a little press ‘n seal wrap for next shower & was ok but thinking that’s not going to fly swimming with his buddies


    • Katy · May 29, 2013

      I can’t believe they recommended Press n Seal! That’s what we tried at the very beginning, but I couldn’t get it to stay on. It slid right off in the shower and I felt like, “What a dumb idea I had with this Press n Seal.” PLEASE tell me how you make it stick! I smoothed it all around his torso like a girdle. FAIL.

      I didn’t attribute it to swimming, but reception was pretty spotty during the swim party. (Spotty but still accurate.)


  2. Robin Jingjit · May 29, 2013

    Zoo-wee-mama. Do your boys read those? So funny. I bought them for my classroom and would always read them first before I’d put them out for the kids.


  3. Julia · May 29, 2013

    Sounds like Bubs is going to have a blast this summer. And so are you, LOL. Swimming uses every muscle in the body so tons of free carbs, reduce basals overnight. Same with trampoline. Gary Scheiner has an exercise chart at the back of his book which I have found to be very accurate. Walsh has one also, but I feel he gives too many Ex-Carbs, probably more accurate for adults. After a week or so, you will figure it out. Maybe Bubs can wear a spi belt with Lifesavers or skittles in it if he doesn’t have pockets for emergency lows. Not while swimming of course. I would rather they eat the sugar if they feel low, if they don’t have their kit or Dex receiver and test later than chance coming home and treating there. For sure kids are going to run out the door occasionally without kit or receiver but they should have sugar in pockets. We used the individually wrapped Lifesavers because they don’t melt and you can take them everywhere. Also small. Its also nice for them that they can have free popsicles, treats while at the pool.


  4. Seal Wrap · February 21, 2014

    i used seal wrap it was great stuff


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