The Entertainer

All rhubarb systems go.

All rhubarb systems go.

Opening night! 4:30PM seem auspicious time rhubarb crisp: beautiful day, performance in evening, rhubarb crisp = Bubs’s favorite food, & 112/arrow diagonal down. Pre-show also ate low carb tortilla + black beans, farmer’s cheese, carrots.

About half an hour pp: where is my grammy? I am a rock star.

About half an hour pp: where’s my Grammy? I am a rock star. 122/ straight.

Before leave house for theater, quick check of Dex reveal who is superstar of rhubarb bolus.

Hour later: Bubs appear from backstage blackjack game, find Bigfoot auditorium. I feel low. Sigh. 65. Dex concur. Post Fun Dip hustle backstage for more blackjack. No re-check? Mom, I’m the DEALER. And it’s really fun. I kind of like the independence of it. Of being away from me? No. Of being a blackjack dealer.

It was blue Fun Dip---not a great choice before appearing on stage.

It was blue Fun Dip—not a great choice before appearing on stage. On account of it turning the eater’s entire lower face region blue.

BIGFOOT: Take this extra Fun Dip with you


BF: What if you feel low during the show? You don’t have to carry the meter. If you feel low again, just chug the Fun Dip. Or you can check the Dexcom, and then chug the Fun Dip

BUBS: Mom. No. Nuh-uhn

BF: What would you do if you felt low?

BUBS: I’d tell someone to get you

BF: During the show?

BUBS: (Shrugs)

Bigfoot give Fun Dip director’s assistant. Probably useless gesture.

Soon enough = showtime. See Bubs 2nd scene. Look like feel ok, but head down. Difficult discern well-being because role is act cool. Cool, aloof? Or verge of faint? Turn out looking down because little trouble (snag) pull comb out of jeans pocket for choreographed hair combing move. He was just trying to get the comb. He’s fine. <—It Bigfoot whisper spouse.

Show fantastic. One idea for improve.


instead of this ^ application of multi-media

    Could try this ^. Something the whole audience could enjoy.

Could try this ^. Something the whole audience could enjoy.

After show, Bigfoot tell Bubs so happy, so proud of, was it fun? Like perform with big audience? What best part?

dex during play

Let’s not even play this game. Or let’s! The Fun Dip was too much OR the rhubarb crisp had a delayed punch OR the excitement of performing made cortisol course through his veins OR the excitement of being a blackjack dealer did it OR he’s getting sick OR the tubing got kinked during a costume change.

Wait at least five minutes before ask Did you look at the Dexcom at all during the show?


BIGFOOT: Was it helpful?

BUBS: (Shrugs)

BFOOT: Did it get in your way at all?

BUBS: Nope

after the play he ate and was high

I think 4 Juicy Juices/1 night is our record

Arrive home, Bubs hungry and high, big bolus. Go 240-191-69-66 within one hour. Think that can’t feel good but Bubs seem OK with it. In morning, Bigfoot can see in notes Spouse up all night administering Juicy Juice.

WTF? Post-show high not require correction bolus some reason? Because not high from food, but high from stress? But what is high BG if not high blood glucose i.e. sugar—regardless what spur rise?

Meanwhile all night Dexcom in & out of function. Sensor Day 3. Just when think maybe better pull sensor/start over, sensor work again & accurate as all get out. Dang. Only make Bigfoot love more.

In morning, Bigfoot sleep late because migraine (irrelevant but pity always welcome)—causing pancake delay. Bubs wake up 122, then Minecraft happily while wait decrepit mother beat egg into pancake form.

inadvertent basal testing

This one means to illustrate the inadvertent basal testing, but maybe more illustrates the sensor spacing out on its job. CLUE TO THE SENSOR: He doesn’t wear you just because you’re cute.

This create inadvertent basal testing. Breakfast normal day = 7AM-ish/today 9:30AM. Climb 122 —>250 (250 on VerioIQ, 245 on Dex) interim. So perhaps make basal rate higher 5AM – 8AM? And breakfast I:C ratio lower–or higher–however describe less insulin per CHO. Clearly require further study.

OR maybe preferable just eat food at 7AM, keep same program.

 we do 1tsp rms + 1-2tsp this stuff. he loves it he would probably like it plain. jack likes it too. I don't know how I feel about jack eating Splenda, but I think in B'a case it's probably for the best while we're in the pancakes (which is actually an egg) every day phase

Thank you, Type 2 house guest of friend, for leaving this behind on your recent visit. And thank you, friend, for passing it along. I never, ever would have tried it on my own.

Meanwhile, pancakes situation. Every, every day Bubs eat that eggcake. Love the eggcake. And also love this fake maple syrup. Currently mix 1 tsp. real maple syrup + 1-2 tsps. fake. Bubs adore. Would happily eat sans real maple component but Bigfoot afraid then pancake breakfast too low carb. Jack like fake syrup now too. Bigfoot not sure how feel about Jack eat Splenda, but think Bubs’s case probably for best.

Matinee now! C ya.

I wish I had seen this on Beta Buddies before opening night.

Someone should fold this.

Someone should fold this.



  1. gstabach · May 11, 2013

    Wow! And all I saw was cool boys…who knew all this was going on behind stage!!! Hope comb doesn’t get stuck for next two and levels stay sane too!!!


    • Katy · May 11, 2013

      the combs getting stuck in their pockets is, i think, my favorite part. or that boy Will who introduces LOUIS in Pippin. Or Louis LOOK HOW I SHINE!


  2. Dolores · May 11, 2013

    One thought … When my Ben plays a hockey game he always ends up super high … Like in 300s high … We assume its from stress/adrenline … We have learned to never correct for that high 100% … Whatever the pump suggests we reduce by half … Otherwise he will go super low …

    And BRAVO to Bubs!


    • Katy · May 11, 2013

      so the stress/adrenaline makes them momentarily insulin resistant—not extra sugary—and then after the stress/excitement, they are back to their normal insulin sensitivity and so the correction is too much? is that what’s happening?

      this is helpful. i’ll go halvsies next time.


  3. Robin Jingjit · May 11, 2013

    I can’t believe you got up and made egg cakes with a migraine. Not duck eggs right? Migraines make me puke and a duck egg would put me over the edge.

    What fun to see him perform!


    • Katy · May 11, 2013

      Right! Duck eggs+migraine=instant pukefest. You made me laugh!!


  4. Karen · May 12, 2013

    I’m with you in the idea that whatever caused the high seems to be the key to how to treat that high…because the ones that seem more likely stress related come down easier than those caused by food. But how do you know? Nearly impossible. Seems can almost always find 2 suspects for high. And hate a high that hangs around for hours. So I always treat with the standard food-high I:C ratio and have some sugar at the ready. Would love to hear others comment on this as well. Thanks for the post. I am always happy to see a new post from you on my emails.


    • Katy · May 13, 2013

      Right. “But how do you know?” This, I think, was our first time with a possible stress-caused high. For the next two performances he was high too, and without any crazy food, so I think he must have been excited/stressed even though he seemed subdued and relaxed and just happy.


  5. Reyna · May 12, 2013

    D’ makes things so much more “interesting” 🙂

    Me too…if it is a stress/adrenaline high (hockey games)…I only 1/2 correct and I usually do it with a complex snack bolus to “buffer” the fall.

    Thanks for the mention.


    • Katy · May 13, 2013

      More fuel for halvsies. Thanks. If two people say it it must be true!

      I am so glad your blog is back on.


  6. Julia · May 13, 2013

    Very difficult to know if it is an adrenaline high; was Bubs nervous before performance or very excited? Probably safe to do half correction but I would have corrected as you did. The 122 post prandial does concern me if there was still insulin on board. Scheiner used to tell us best if 200 one hour postprandial, then the bolus correct BUT never true in our case because the duration of the insulin was 5 hours with Novolog and in reality she had to be 180 to 200 two hours after eating for her not to go low at the four hour mark. Better with Apidra but still has to be 180 at the 1.5 hour mark. You are really rocking the low carb healthy recipes. I try to correct or temp basal if necessary based on our 24 hour readings, i.e., if particularly high requiring temp basals (probably hormones), I will then apply that temp basal if I start to see a rise the next night. But Type 1 is a sneaky unpredictable devil and repeat performances are not guaranteed. Though it usually works, that temp basal can crash her or not be nearly enough. So it’s fly by the seat of your pants a lot of the time. Took me six years to accept that the diagnosis “diabetes mellitus uncontrollable” really does mean that. Basically manageable with highs and lows thrown at you throughout the day that are unexplainable. Certainly the Dex is a great help. The trending is every three hours, over the three day layout of your basic trend. At least for us. Most times there is a reason for the highs or lows but many times there is no reason you can discern. Be ready for those curve balls. Most importantly don’t blame yourself for the highs or lows; the uncontrolled unexplainable highs and lows are part of the disease.


    • Katy · May 13, 2013

      And so annoying that it’s SPORADICALLY uncontrollable. Just when I think I’m onto something…

      I thought Scheiner’s thing was that you don’t want a child to spike over 180/200/whatever; not that that was the target. I mean ideally, we would time the insulin perfectly and just have 90-100-110-100-90. <—ha ha ha! If that ever happens I will crack. up.


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