Moron Pancakes II

Today Phase I lower-carb pancake extravaganza: same egg, half as much everything else as original Satisfactory Pancake.


Phase I formula

Batter felt too eggy against whisk in Bigfoot bowl. Brain felt sure Bubs find repulsive.


It globbed off of the spoon like little omelets. And then I put one white chocolate chip into each mini-omelet. Gross and grosser.

Au contraire! Even when badgered w. leading questions, Bubs not bother articulate difference. Do these taste different? No. Are they kind of eggy? No. They taste good. They are the same. Do you think it seems like fewer pancakes? I don’t know. Do you like them? Yes. I think you should move your pump. I’m not sure it’s maple syrup-proof. Okay.


Nice things about silver dollars: easy to flip. No fork required. 2g CHO per extremely eggy pancake.

Dexcom report. Here we go:


30-ish minutes after eating; 40-ish after bolus: no signs of anything.

Seven minutes later:

Where plateau? Such suspense:

It's over.

I called game over at 8:20.

Here’s the latest Dexcom fashion in our house: Tallygear across the chest.

Across the chest and under the arm, as people on cruises are taught to wear their passports, in order to outfox pickpockets.

Like a bandolier. Or a defensive traveler with a passport case strapped on in a complicated manner, in order to outfox pickpockets.

Summary: results + schemes.


Slouching toward paleo. You can make a crumpet, waffle, or pancake with zero carbs—just eggs, almond flour, and baking powder. But it will probably be too gross to eat, right? Imagine if you had morning sickness and someone gave you eggs with white chocolate chips. Stop. Don’t imagine it. I am sorry.



  1. Diaun · May 1, 2013

    The funny thing is I am kinda addicted to your paleo crumpet. I wanted to try it first to see if my son would even give it a try. Now I eat it before I head out on a run (and I’ve never made it for my son yet!)


    • Katy · May 1, 2013

      I’m trying to work up the courage to taste it.


  2. Scott E · May 2, 2013

    What kind of syrup are you using? The typical sugar-free syrups out there are far fewer carbs in them than you list. The Maple Grove Farms variety from Walmart (what’s in my pantry now) is 10 carbs (entirely 10 sugar alcohols) . Carey’s, the pioneer in SF syrup and still used in most restaurants, is 12 carb/10 sugar alcohol (if I remember correctly)…and that’s for a quarter-cup (4 tablespoons), far more than I ever use.

    Personally, I’d suggest switching the high-glycemic-index syrup to the SF variety and bringing the recipe mostly back to normal. (Maybe lose the chips if you can – I’m not a fan, personally). Bonus: the SF syrup is thin and watery and won’t stick to the pump.

    By the way, that Dexcom graph looks just fine to me, from the part you showed. If it came down after it flattened out, there’s nothing to worry about.


    • Katy · May 2, 2013

      We have continued to use local maple syrup. It’s not that I’m opposed to fake foods—our family has tried two brands of sugar-free syrup (Smucker’s and Hungry Jack) and everyone thought they were gross. I’m currently resigned to saving his artificial sweetener allowance for Crystal Lite.


    • Katy · May 2, 2013

      And I agree! I wasn’t worried about the Dex graph—this is about as good as it gets! (Around here.)


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