Good Things XI

photoPancake part long. Non-pancake obsessives advised skip ahead two gems at end.

More on Pancakes = Moron Pancakes

Here some words re pancakes. Already (over)share Satisfactory Pancake.

New part of equation #1: pancake = excellent way dispatch unwanted (yet so gourmet!) duck eggs from city friend back yard chickens (marauding ducks lay eggs in chicken coop). Each week, 2-3 duck eggs part of dozen. Duck eggs make Bigfoot/Bigfoot spouse hurl (BSpouse literally so). Bigfoot only use if hidden in something else.

New part of equation #2: Dexcom G4. Far as Bigfoot recall, only eat mini bagel or oatmeal or half-oatmeal breakfast since begin Dexcom G4. Recently, Baker Jack reinstate traditional weekend pancake. Luck would have it, Jack mix blueberries into batter. Unsatisfactory: Bubs no truck w. blueberry. That how come opportunity make duck egg-Satisfactory Pancake.

The better to freak you out, my dear.

All the better to mess with you, my dear.

OMG seriously this long-winded pancake tale?

OK. So. Satisfactory Pancake w. duck egg/no chicken egg but make silver dollar instead of caker size of face. This convenient stalling mechanism for lengthen “pre” in pre-bolus. Also makes heap silver dollar pancakes. (Note to self: I could easily make half as many next time and he would not even notice. But still use the whole egg! Mwah-ha-ha-ha.)

Bolus. 6:50AM. Eat 7:05AM. Nothing happen, nothing, nothing. 7:30AM diagonal up. 8:30AM plateau @175. Smattering applause. {Curtsey/tip hat.}

175 high, sure, but if anything less = worry too much insulin. So. 175 practically perfect. Maybe bolus 30 minutes advance, lower plateau? One hand: sincerely, WHO CARES? Other hand: sincerely, MUST EXPERIMENT/GOAL PERFECTION/HOW ELSE EVER LEARN SOMETHING?

More breakfasses:

Remember try Pumpkin Pancake. Recommended by Ranting. Remember try again Paleo Waffle recommended by own self. Remember try Paleo Crumpet even though no microwave. Can try in oven-oven.


Not to be overly dramatic. But. This is from a book called THIS IS HOW: SURVIVING WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN'T and a famous librarian brought it to my attention and I thought: holy shit, I needed that.

This is from a book called THIS IS HOW: SURVIVING WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN’T and a famous librarian brought it to my attention (photo courtesy F.L.) and I thought: holy shit, I needed to hear that. On the other hand, in terms of diabetes? Maybe D is the anti-love of my life. But also maybe in its own way it highlights the love, like how darkness lets us see light and all that jazz.


Part of thing long for pre-Dexcom, in addition sleep/health/etc., was become part of conversation of see animals/shapes in Dex graphs, as if romantic day in park look @clouds. Persons say “That’s Kermit the Frog reclining!” or “That’s a hungover giraffe!”

This week, Bigfoot post Dexcom @Facebook & get—as if so famous archetype, barely worth mention: ah, the shark with scoliosis.

If like shark w. scoliosis, take peek this gallery.



  1. Eileen · April 30, 2013

    keep the panckcake posts coming! I made some with a mix called carbquick last weekend with something in it called carbalose flour and it was gross-a-lose


    • Katy · May 1, 2013

      I read about carbalose—I was tempted to order it, even though pretty much every fake food has been a burn. Gross-a-lose! Ha!


  2. Katie · April 30, 2013

    Added the book to my “wish list” on Amazon. Will probably read on the flight to Raleigh on the way to the diabetes conference this weekend. I think this book is exactly what I need to help me get out of my current funk.


    • Katy · May 1, 2013

      I want to read it too. Famous Librarian posted a passage about being diagnosed with cancer which was also really good.


  3. Cristin · May 1, 2013

    Love sets that 2am alarm for a BG check.
    Love wakes with a start anytime that weird animal part of the brain turns off the 2am alarm without memory of doing so.
    Love remembers the carb to insulin ratio.
    Love holds his little hand while waiting for the meter to chime out a reading.
    Love reads the blogs of other D-parents.
    Yes, darkness and light … And all that jazz.


  4. Mygirlspancreas · May 1, 2013

    Pancakes daily here. A favorite breakfast food for DD! Frustrating postprandials but still I battle on 😉 thanks for the recipe ideas.


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  6. Scott K. Johnson · May 10, 2013

    Wow – that book page is powerful! Thanks for sharing!


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