39 vs. 86 Calibration


Is that a sincere 39? Or is 39 Dexcom lingo for “you’re very special” ?

Read/know/not quite believe Dexcom calibration rules. I.e. 2x day = best result, only more if 20%/20 points off. But:

  • seems like more calibration better but not better
  • really no problem/not mind enter #s more often/no sweat
  • difficult explain, just believe scientists
  • almost impossible trust thing brain can’t grasp, e.g. top secret algorithm

And Bigfoot inclined ENTER BG whenever Dexcom exactly spot on. “Good for you!”/hearty encourage. Example: bed time VIQ 112, Dex 110. What harm pat on back? Refrain, but so much want recognize Dexcom job well done. Employee of month.

Would be easier follow calibration rule if understand. When investigate, quickly run into something re polynomials. Oh. Vast, vacant space head where that math belong. And graph even less familiar. And Gary Scheiner says really, really stick to 2x day. Therefore try very best just trust calibration rule. And go to sleep.

Hour later, AWAKE! No Dex buzz, just normal Bigfoot anxiety. Morning train Boston, meet Bigfoot Mom for Book of Mormon musical. Maybe kind of worried miss train? Also really into Netflix binge-watch The Killing—another perfect show for D-parent all-nighter. Ergo as soon as teeny bit conscious mind, begin sniff out opportunity watch The Killing. Even though know need sleep. Peek Dexcom: 110.

Think need glass water. Think maybe OK tiny peek The Killing. Mid Episode 8: Stonewalled, Dexy buzz. Different buzz from usual. ZZt-zzt-zzt-zzt! LOW UNDER 55. VIQ 86. Scroll Dex ENTER BG for consider calibrate. ENTER BG screen shows 39. Decide not calibrate. Decide Juicy Juice. Decide worry about so frequent rumors VIQ runs high. Decide little bit more The Killing. Realize now brain fully awake. Dex buzz normal buzz for normal LOW UNDER 85. Zzzzt-zzzt-zzt. Display BG#60. Juice working. More The Killing. Weird buzz again for LOW UNDER 55. Not calibrate, but go to calibration screen for see number, because main screen just LOW. Calibration screen: 39 again. VIQ 87.

So. This matter of Dexcom lag/juice effect not yet reach interstitial areas or—but wait shouldn’t 15g CHO juice create more lift than 86–>87 on VIQ? Need more juice or need more wait-and-see/The Killing?

ANSWER: more juice, more The Killing.

But when arrive upstairs Juicy Juice in hand, Dexcom 55 w. arrow up. That good news. Then 60 arrow up. Even better.

NEW ANSWER: The Killing Episode 9: Undertow, Juicy Juice on stand-by, no calibration.




  1. Sara · April 27, 2013

    You keep seeing the 39, because they is the lowest number it will display. So if the screen says “low”, the calibration menu will only say 39 no matter what it thinks the real number is.

    I calibrate more than two times a day, but not much more. I guess I do a little of the “back-patting” calibration (as you call it – and I like that term!).


  2. Karen · April 27, 2013

    I tend to calibrate too many times I guess, too. Like if it’s more than abt 15 off…I think I’ll help it out bcs I know it can be closer, even spot on. So I’m not the only paranoid dMom up all night watching and checking. Like having newborn,watching baby breathe.


  3. Katie · April 27, 2013

    I stick to 2x day, but it’s hard not to do more. I’m also trying to really wait to calibrate only when it’s a nice sideways arrow. Last night Dex suddenly said I was 212 with straight up arrow and I tested and was 170, but I just let everything ride because I had IOB. It all leveled out; no calibration.


  4. Linda · April 27, 2013

    I don’t have a dexcom. Much as I might like one, what you describe would totally make me crazy. Hubby says Season 2 of The Killing is out soon. Isn’t it just so good?! If Sarah Linden worked in my immune system, my pancreas would be safe and sound.


  5. pawslovediabetes · April 29, 2013

    I also obssesively watched The Killing… It was great- and an excellent late night D watch show for me as well! I watched it via Netflix… glorious 🙂


  6. Karen Fenner · May 1, 2013

    I wonder why my kids seemed to be so engrossed with The Killing. When they discussed it I was kind of lost…actually, I’m lost, I never mind it though…what the heck. They watch it over Netflix too.



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