Suggested Conversation Topics for Free Time @FFL

Bigfoot shy. This week meet bloggy D-parent IRL, find out BD-P @FFL2012 but not meet, even though D-sons same age! When part ways, say “See you in July!” Maybe FFL Bigfoot version 2.0 less shy. For preparation, brainstorm topics for use with unknown persons.


  • Diagnosis date
  • Hometown: I’ve been there; I loved it/that sounds nice
  • Attended conference before/this is my 2nd year.
  • Sessions attended & how did you like them?
  • Richard Rubin was wonderful
  • Ages of children
  • Do you have a dog?
  • How do you feel about Downton Abbey/the dog on Downton Abbey?
  • Antipathy toward Diet Pepsi
  • It is hot here, but the air conditioning is so powerful that I feel I need a sweater

Probably safe/caution:

  • Dexcom use
  • Paleo/vegan diets
  • Type 2 diabetes (specifically: same name/change name)
  • To a desert island: Joe Solowiejczyk or Gary Scheiner?
  • Trialnet & why you should/you shouldn’t
  • That Biohub announcement
  • Obamacare: at least there’s the pre-existing conditions part
  • Zero-carb sno-cones: artificial colors &etc. vs. just have fun
  • Favorite blogs
  • Rufus the bear’s cold shoulder to Jerry the bear
  • The SPF of your sunscreen
  • Let’s get pedicures and margaritas

Bigfoot not broach but would enjoy:

  • “The D-parents are driving me up the fucking wall but not you, of course”
  • How much weight you have gained/lost
  • Plastic surgeries you are considering
  • What kind of bikini wax?
  • Anything really personal about hirsutism, sex, drugs, or GI disorders
  • First-person horror stories about lows
  • You would like to take my family on your yacht to a secret Mexican restaurant where everyone must perform Karaoke to earn tacos

24 responses to “Suggested Conversation Topics for Free Time @FFL

  1. Sara

    I really like this list. Maybe I will use it too.

    True story: Thought you didn’t like me last year because when I said hi to you, you didn’t really say anything back. Don’t be so shy this year!!!


  2. I have the same awkwardness. Am sure people don’t like me etc. Anyway, yesterday discussed w friends the possibility of Downton Zombies. Matthew, Sybil, the Turk, some of the interesting soldiers. All brought back to fight a new evil on the land (unknown at this time). Sybil is the hero not Matthew that tool. Oh. I just realized this is a terrible conversation for new people. Lol. I have no advice as I have no actual small talk. I went to a job fair last week. While waiting in line, when one should make small talk, which I do no know how to do (seriously are there classes bc I will mess up job interviews probably) – I was talking to a young chemistry teacher who was in his student teaching phase. We discussed the awkwardness of the lab bench. So I told him how I use it to go down invisible elevators, escalators, staircases, and spaceships. Well Katy, I have helped you not at all but I hope I normalized this stuff for you. And I too would like to see your face. The Grange sometime?


  3. You said hi to me last year in the hallway! We will be back this year. Say hi again!


  4. The jealousy I feel for all of you going cannot be measured!!! Oh well, I will enjoy my conference for Type 1 ladies in two weeks. =) FFL wasn’t in the card this year… Why are there never any conferences in the Midwest?!? We are people too!


    • I think people think *everyone* likes to go to conferences in Orlando and Las Vegas because of big, cheap venues plus Disney/gambling/hookers. I’d much rather go to…Minnesota(?) than Orlando ANY TIME.


      • I mean, if hookers are the deal breaker, I will find some hookers. We also have an indoor water park and the Mall of America, so I mean, it’s practically Disney.


  5. I very much enjoyed our conversation last summer about how the design for so many D-products sucks. And I still think about how much I liked the skirt you were wearing.


  6. I hope to meet you this year..I love your blog! Awkwardness non-withstanding (more on my part, I’m shy), I think there’d be no shortage of conversing material to choose from (great list) . Glucose tabs( yay/nay/fave low treatment) is another fairly safe topic.


  7. Katie

    Just registered today- hooray! I don’t even get the chance to be shy- Joe (husband) and I usually sit by ourselves because people think we are the same age as our twelve-year-old son. I hope do hope that Joey and Bubs get to meet this year though, because I am tired of pretending that I like Minecraft conversations.


    • My husband’s name is Joe too, and he will be attending this year! So we’ve got Joe, Minecraft boys, and being extremely youthful/beautiful all in common! Maybe I met your Joe (man) last year. Did he WEAR A MINECRAFT T-SHIRT?


      • Katie

        Lol! He doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer, so I doubt it šŸ™‚ I really hope we run in to each other!


  8. LOL! This list totally made me laugh!

    And I’ll conspire with Katie to pull together whatever we need to get folks to Minnesota. Though – as I type we are being hit with another winter storm. Weatherdude on TV said 6-8 inches by morning. Normally April is a safe visit, but not so much this year. šŸ™‚


  9. If you are shy, then I am silent!! And we can sit in the corner and talk about New England together šŸ™‚


  10. gogogone

    I didn’t get a chance to say hi last year,but I
    will this year.(we are FB,glucose-tabby,friends) Looking forward to it!


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