Good Things X


These are pure evil—they even wear evil clown wrappers—but they could save a life. (EVIL + VILE = LIVE.) <—anagrams!

Godis ChokladrÅn

Argyle circus wrapper Ikea wafer cookie (7.5g CHO) rocket BG +100 points.

Dexy vibrate LOW UNDER 85 w. arrow down before dinner. Test 79. Administer Godis ChokladrÅn because who know when this disgusting chicken reach internal temperature 160F. (YDCMV.) Ten minutes later Dex show UP-UP. Test 180. Hear cookie packet yell from pantry that’s right bitchez. Not medical advice: tape one Godis ChokladrÅn atop glucagon kit.


L to R: Witness the Ikea cookie spike; the elegant -90% temp basal move

It Works

Bigfoot orchestrate something functional. Notice BG straight arrow 150 bed time. Within 30 minutes, 125. Hour later, 92. All straight arrow so no buzz. Although Bigfoot brain double arrow-down into sleep, thought occur: this is what they mean about noticing something before it happens, i.e. the actual point of this thing and ask Joe get up set -90% temp basal one hour, Joe back in bed, use last scrap consciousness confirm I said negative 90, right? before fall asleep hope avoid buzzer. And avoid buzzer! Maybe illusion? Maybe success? This how world work?


Some reason Dexcom tend blank out when placed Joe’s side of bed, even though Joe’s side closer to Bubs’s room. Maybe because phone charging? This conveniently allow Bigfoot hog Dexcom; if wake up 4:27AM, easily check, no need fumble around slumber areas. Also gives warm feeling like new puppy prefer one person’s lap.

Low Paradise

My thugs went to visit their oldest friends from baby-times

My thugs went to visit their oldest friends from baby-times


Extreme sports

Visit super-fun adventure friends. One hour stream-jumping before dinner = tenacious low.

Oldest Friend-Parents had just baked giant bread. Eat with jam before dinner. All kids dig in together. No off-to-side Smarties snarf.

The jam was Saint Dalfour raspberry

Happy ending w. Saint Dalfour raspberry jam


One comment

  1. Linda · April 21, 2013

    Reading your blog over the past year has been like watching the young Paganini take up violin. Go Bigfoot!


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