no spike after half oats another half oats more half oatsPretty pictures: Bigfoot new boyfriend show no spike after half oats.

Half normal amount oatmeal w. maple syrup = 23g CHO.

Bolus 20 min. advance.


Whole portion oats/maple syrup (=46g CHO)–>definite spike/drop, then Bubs feel low 9:30AM, visit school nurse, feel low/icky, but not low, only feel icky from drop.

Bubs not mind small portion. Not hungry. Maybe baby-size breakfast OK because @school snack time = 10AM. Bubs eat 20-30g CHO again then.

More experienced friend say each D-child has “a personal carb threshold”— an approximate #g CHO above which BG run wild. Even if double temp basal. Even if mega bolus. Bigfoot picture eat carbs = toss microfine glitter into aquatic atmosphere; insulin is glitter-attracting aqua-lasso; only possible gather majority glitter within lasso if not ever-so-much glitter. Glitter & lasso aquatic for slow-mo.

Over the threshold X, the lasso is better than nothing, but fairly ineffective

Over Carb Threshold X, the lasso is better than nothing, but fairly ineffective. This picture illustrates what happens after a whole bowl of oatmeal. Not an actual photograph of aquatic carb/glitter lasso


By glitter I mean carbs and by lasso I mean insulin. This picture illustrates the metabolism of about three bites of oatmeal.



  1. cbwinchild · April 18, 2013

    I like your yellow boots. some day, i will remember to ask you about CHO and bolus so you can explain them to me and i can understand.


    • Katy · April 18, 2013

      CHO is the molecule name for carbohydrate (like H2O for water) and Bolus is a blast of insulin that theoretically matches CHO. I hate the name Bolus because I think it is also the name for a solid ball of vomit rolling up the throat


      • Jackie · April 18, 2013

        Bolus is the opposite thing – swallowing food after you’ve chewed it, not vomiting it. I always thought it made sense because you’re bolusing for a bolus.


  2. pawslovediabetes · April 18, 2013

    I LOVE this post! This is an idea that makes perfect sense (I totally get your analogies) but I never would have thought of.


  3. Karen · April 18, 2013

    We have certainly experienced this…apparently going past her “threshold” (Pizza buffet= 2 slices cheese pizza + 2 slices dessert pizza= NIGHTMARE)…had no idea that was possible. But yes, from our experience, this certainly makes sense and I am anxious to read more about it and talk to her endo about it at our next visit. Though…I don’t know…LOVE our endo, but with blood sugar management? I feel like I figure it out for the most part just fine by myself, I guess because I see every carb consumed and every number (and now watch the Dexcom graph). And the cool thing is she KNOWS that…always asks ME what I think about making changes and I guess her knowledge does help me to know what to do and she knows where to start to try and fix the problem areas. OK..rambled longer than I meant to:) GREAT post..thanks!!


  4. laura · April 19, 2013

    yep, yep. our breakfast lasso can only wrangle ~30 CHO.
    tell me what to say to the girls to get them to try a CGM!


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