blood sugar tax magik

Bigfoot hide under duvet. Arrive home p. 36 hours away.

Upon arrival, so happy. Everyone hug, so handsome, so smile. Yard raked. House so clean. Roses in mason jar on counter. Bubs wear Dex like necklace. Bigfoot reach for, press button, see 205 w. diagonal arrow up. Happiness deflate.

That dumb. Of course high sometimes. But. Just. Not know why. Feel bad, extra bad. Probably because time away, never think blood sugar 36 hours = sugar sadness hypersensitivity.

Bravely persevere. Wash hands.


16 responses to “blood sugar tax magik

  1. i was gone since thursday…i SWEAR jon just had himself and boys stand at fridge the WHOLE TIME and EAT EVERYTHING!!!! How can a fridge get soooo empty! (meaning this as co-misery not complaint!)


  2. Go out to eat then get back under duvet for another day if possible.


  3. ah … how about nice big glass of wine? like really, really big glass? always makes me feel better πŸ˜‰


  4. Understand the deflation upon seeing the 205 with arrow up. I wear my son’s numbers like a mood ring. Nice Chili Peppers reference.


  5. OMG me tooooo. Lately I’ve been upset because I found out the Western Black Rhinoceros is extinct. Like, I will use that as a reason to not do the dishes or make dinner. Hello there, Depression!


  6. Julia

    Sending all that money needlessly to the IRS would depress me too. Just cancel the check. You can do that. Because you won’t owe any taxes this year; there will be no penalty. It’s not too late to save that cash! Hope you ordered take in and retired to the couch in front of the TV at least; I know most Moms are up at night checking. Hope you feel better after a bit.


  7. I dunno about cancelling a check (isn’t that like bouncing a check to the IRS?), but next time I say wait until mid-year if you might need to pre-pay extra tax (like in July). No use doing i now, when you could earn 0.001% interest on that money in the bank…


  8. Angelam

    “disturbed dog pee near laundry basket, with β€œI like to pee indoors and consider it normal!” expression on face.”

    Brilliant. I have this dog, too


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