Pimp My D-Storage

I spy diabetes storage issues.

I spy with my little eye: diabetes storage issues.

Bigfoot need organization guru. Decide maybe if post, shame = motivation fix problem. Difficult imagine how current situation arise. Today another box CGM sensor arrive; yesterday free blood ketone meter (courtesy D-Mom blog). Lucky/grateful these riches but highlight inadequacy current system.

This afternoon Bigfoot take long look. Find three main D-storage areas.

Storage Area 1:

I think we need to gut this area and fine some kind of inoffensive Ikea solution.

I think we need to gut this area and find some kind of inoffensive Ikea solution. (1) Original trug. (2) Pump supplies. (3) CGM supplies. (4) Free blood ketone meter.

SA1 location Bigfoot/BSpouse closet. Begin w. red garden trug purchased after diagnosis for lancets, syringes, whatever basic few supplies needed. Trug contain everything w. room to spare. Olden times.

Pump era add large Animas supply box under garden trug. Then CGM era add large Dexcom supply box beside garden trug/Animas box. This displace vacuum cleaner. Also: BSpouse promise sell rowing machine Craig’s List by March 30th. Bigfoot notice rowing machine remain in future paradise D-storage with sneakers still in place, as if resume use momentarily.

Storage Area 2:


The top shelf holds the strips and lancets we actually use. The middle shelf is all Multiclix lancets, which B only uses at school. The bottom shelf holds: (1) Joe’s favorite deodorant. (2) a Luxura insulin pen (saving for apocalypse, although don’t have cartridges for it.) (3) Wetnaps. (4) Test strips for spare meter. (5) Picture of annoying guy we went snowboarding with in the 90’s that Joe keeps putting in my path. (6) Pee strips.

SA2 medicine cabinet downstairs bathroom. Upon diagnosis, family turn entire medicine cabinet over D-monster. This system fall apart, regular life seep in. Other SA2 issue: metal cabinet w. radiator directly below. Probably too warm sometimes. That why old lancets so comfortable in position: heat absorbers, protect test strips above.

Storage area 3:

A wise woman once said, "Hopers gonna hope."

A wise woman once said, “Hopers gonna hope.”


This array of bandages is not necessary.

SA3 is tiny medicine cabinet, mostly Band-aids inside. Glucagon + frosting tube up top.

More fun:

Squirrels also put D-things these nutholes:

Pens/tape/stapler drawer (kitchen) = spare pump batteries

Every coat pocket Bigfoot/Bigfoot spouse (assorted locations) = candy


Also in the Glucagon/frosting pouch: a deck of cards, lavender hand sanitizer spray, tiny first aid kit, Smarties, hairbands, and rosebud salve

Bigfoot purse = candy, Glucolift, Glucagon, frosting

Top o' the fridge to ye.

Top o’ the fridge to ye.

Top of fridge = Glucolift, candy

Bubs’s backpack = spare meter, candy

Car seat cubby = candy

Fridge = insulin


For closet: two additional red trugs? For matchy-matchy serenity, better than cardboard? OR visit Ikea…some kind of shelf/wire basket system?

Also for closet: could remove all kachunkers from voluminous packaging, consolidate. Ditto cartridges/tubes. Could put Dexcom box in basement w. Ping box, computer box, Cuisinart box (save for need return defective merch—this true? If myth, recycle boxes.)

For medicine cabinet: empty out. Put thermometer inside see how hot when radiator on?

For tiny medicine cabinet: maybe OK?

For purse: edit D-pouch–>coherent. Remove deck of cards or invent D-theory around deck of cards.

Stop. Think. Get rid of Luxura pen. Show gratitude husband use deodorant. Wetnaps maybe belong in car?



  1. Chris · April 3, 2013

    So awesome. I also rely heavily on shame for motivation. Honored that GlucoLift is in 2 (two!) locations (and does the candy jar next to it really say “Diabetes Medecine, Not fro Fatty”?). Just moved into new place with world’s largest bathroom closet. Feeling spoiled, but also have just piled everything in with no method, just madness. Method is step 2. Finally, also use that deodorant, but prefer Tom’s. Longer lasting.


    • Katy · April 4, 2013

      Congratulations on your new closet! I hope you’ll share a picture of how it all pans out. You seem like someone who also maybe has a lot of shoes to store. Good luck settling in!

      Glucolift is in AT LEAST five locations.


  2. Julia · April 3, 2013

    We use top of computer cabinet with large baskets, boxes in back; deep shelves in hidden corner of hallway (these work really well); hutch cabinet and bottom of smaller hutch in den. Really, the deep shelving could hold most of it if we didn’t have other non-D stuff on it. We use under the bed boxes for storage, not for D stuff though. Holds a lot and you could use under the bed as long as it is airtight. You’ll figure out something.


    • Katy · April 4, 2013

      Very clever. I like that idea! But I have a vague belief that storing things under the bed will make it hard for me to fall asleep—something I probably read in an old magazine in a waiting room that has stuck with me.


  3. Katie · April 4, 2013

    Don’t know about Ping policy, but you don’t have to use any of the boxes to return DexCom stuff. If you ever have a bad sensor they will only want to know the numbers off the plastic that sensor came in (so don’t throw it away until you put a new sensor on). If you ever have to return the receiver, they send you the return box/label.

    Fun to see your diabetes “organizational” system. =) I like the Ikea idea!


    • Jackie · April 4, 2013

      If the Ping breaks they want it back in the box the replacement came in, so you don’t need to keep that one either. Soon to be on my third Ping… I’m kind of hard on them though.


      • Katy · April 4, 2013

        Good to know! This sad sack didn’t realize they’d send a replacement before demanding the malfunctioning (yet lifesaving) equipment back.


  4. Sara · April 6, 2013

    We had a storage system like your before I got one of those 9 drawer plastic organizer things from Canadian Tire (Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart have them too) but it saved my behind more than once. I shoved it in my hall closet which has all the cleaning supplies on the top shelf above the cabinet.

    I don’t have a link for our blog but I posted the picture on iIstagram back in December. http://instagram.com/p/S8-cWXLnZ3/

    I hope you get it sorted out.


  5. shannon · April 9, 2013

    NOT FOR FATTY oh how i love you

    also i am v intrigued by this 90s snowboarding photo popping up like a bad penny.


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