Try Half + Adhere + OK Cracker

Day one with half oatmeal. Tiny hump.

Day one with half oatmeal. Tiny hump. Shoowump.

Aim small, miss small.

Whirlwind romance CGM continue. Even though CGM reveal—Darling, I hate to be the one break it to you, but I knew you would want to know—consistent post-oatmeal spike (double arrow up over 200ish, then swoop down).

Bubs’s usual oatmeal = 1/2c raw oats, 1 stevia packet, pinch salt, cook in water, add 1T maple syrup, 1/4 c milk on top = 45g CHO.

Day 2 half oatmeal.

Day 2 half oatmeal. A bigger hump but a nice, gentle descent. Blooomp. (During the red part he was actually in the 80’s-90’s.) (For my DCYF record.)

Promise not starve child, but try half portion same oatmeal formula w. same I:C ratio —> no spike. Two days in row.

Bubs not notice less food in bowl. Es precocupado? Bigfoot Would you like more to eat? Bubs: Why? No. I am full. Bigfoot I only gave you half of the normal amount. Bubs: You did?


Day 5 CGM: sensor fell out. Despite many layers tape.

From basketball court Mom? My thing fell off. I can see the string sticking out and it won’t go back in. Bubs attempt push sensor wire back into belly by hand? Gah. Remove. Sensor wire approximately 7 inches long. Gah! Bigfoot eyes! All around sensor: original adhesive, clear IV adhesive patch from specialty pharmacy, also first aid tape, also 2nd clear IV thing from specialty pharmacy, also (this courtesy Bigfoot spouse) five “flexible fabric” band-aids in careful pentagon formation. Bigfoot family attempts adhesive not exemplary. Look here. Look here. Look HERE! Really need Flexifix Opsite. Or Skin-tac. (All links = beautiful stickjobs/proper info.) Maybe arrive tomorrow. Please, Easter Bunny.

Meanwhile, visit CVS medical adhesive department. Find paper tape, assorted widths (useful to no one/person v. relaxed standard adhesive performance?), tape for Cesarean incision site (sound serious heavy-duty but too narrow) + tape for hold sides of knife-fight wound closed while on lam (too little). Choose 2 x 2″ window bandage, 8 pieces for $8. Seem work OK but for safety, not permit Bubs bathe.

This time (Sensor #2) alcohol swab site area, then IV Prep Pad for extra sticky. Must leave skin that will be pierced clear of IV Prep goop. That tricky. Mark w. pen? But ink not sterile. This time Bigfoot line up poker with pale freckle. Bubs not many freckles. Not sure how aim next time.

OK Cracker

We ate these crackers with the jalapeno-cilantro humus from Engine2. The children declined this offer.

We ate these crackers with the jalapeno-cilantro hummus from Engine 2. The children declined this offer.

Same low carb lavash quesadilla/pizza make fine cracker. (Recipe: place 1 sheet lavash on a sheet pan, brush or drizzle w. olive oil, sprinkle on flaky salt, bake in oven @350 until toasty brown.) (Break into 20 pieces, approx 1/3g CHO per piece.) Similar Stacy’s pita chip, but less delicious for easy self control.

Bonus: something nice


So matchy! Check out 3PM. What what.

School nurse very interested CGM. Throughout day, keeps notes on #s. Bigfoot love. Until buy old PC, not able download CGM data, not able see specific #s. Very treasure nurse notes.

Thursday Day 4. Numbers so matching. This thing awesome.

Meanwhile, when calibrate sensor #2 w. two BGs rapid succession, VerioIQ report 86 + 112. Guess that +/-…some small-enough % for FDA approve. But so dishearten. Not recommend rapid succession BG test for true believer.



  1. Katie · March 29, 2013

    I swear by the Skin-tac wipes. Probably the same idea as IV prep (or whatever you’re trying). I just wipe the Skin-tac on my skin, let it air dry for a bit, then once sensor is on wipe the Skin-tac wipe over the tape. I’ve never had to use extra tape or anything and it stays on for 14+ days.


    • Katy · March 29, 2013

      That sounds like what I want. Next time I will wipe the prep pad over the adhesive after applying it—I didn’t know that step.


      • mollyjade · March 30, 2013

        Skin-tac is much stickier than IV prep, if the IV prep isn’t strong enough.


  2. Lorraine · March 30, 2013

    Thanks for the linky link! I hope the Skin Tac trick is helpful. I SOAK the adhesive with it before putting on Caleb’s skin. You are bound to find something that helps! Knock wood. (Always happy to hear about interested nurses – hug him/her because he/she is special!)


    • Katy · March 30, 2013

      I think our boys were at Riding on Insulin together! Unless the radio show w Carey is not from this year. (I heard you talking about Wachusett on the show!)


  3. Pam · March 30, 2013

    I’m loving following your whole CGM adventure. We’re (read “she’s”) still on the fence about the whole idea, but know we’ll get there eventually. Then I’ll come back and reread for both helpful info and humor!


    • Katy · March 30, 2013

      the helpful part of this post, I promise, is the links to other people’s adhesives.


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  5. shannon · April 2, 2013

    your nurse sounds amazing!


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