Carbs Hiding Inside Pizza Fat


20 (slice 1) + 20 (slice 2) + 40 (cake) + water + diet pepsi + running around in a bouncy house + dodge ball = I subtracted 0.05u from the algorithm’s recommended dose. Point zero five. Because pizza! Cake! Frosting! But also: running. excitement, party.

Tonight: party pizza = thick, Greek/Rhode Island type but v. narrow slice. Outsource SWAG Facebook. Consensus = 20g CHO/slice. Plus wise/unsettling wisdom:

party craziness always causes that ‘party low’ followed by the ‘pizza high’


our challenge with pizza is the 3 hours AFTER!!! SO glad to have the pump and we set a temp basal at 120% for 4 hours and he still might spike at the 6 hour mark!

Bigfoot plan: conservative bolus, pizza/cake/dodge ball, bounce house, crazy follow w. +100% temp basal later on. For anticipate delayed pizza high. Which experience so often, but never graceful manage.


3h pp: 64.


BSpouse: Babe, he’s 64. What should I do?

BFoot: (Disbelief! How can he not know what to do?!) Gah, treat it

BSp: But should I do some kind of longer-term thing like milk and a peanut butter cracker, or just straight glucose?

BFoot: (Disbelief II! Such a good question! It’s like he’s in my own brain but at a higher speed!) Ohhh, good question. Milk. No. Skittles. He could be tanking from the party insulin and excitement. Or. No. Milk and a peanut butter cracker. Just—treat it. Just—do what you think.

Skittles. 12g CHO. 15 minutes later: 98.

How satisfactory! Not too skyrocket. Seem overkill throw in even +50% temp basal. Because although know carbs hide inside pizza fat not myth/certain carbs HIPF real + impending, still afraid make Bubs low.

And then, minutes later from bed, small voice Mamma? I feel sick

BFoot: Sick how?

Bubs: Just sick

BF: Crummy tummy? Headache? Tired from the party? Icky from the pizza and cake?

Bubs: I don’t know

BF: I guess I should check your blood sugar, just to make sure nothing weird is happening…?

Bubs: (Nods with the dignity of long-suffering Ingalls-Wilder**)

178. Too many Skittles. Or this: carbs HIPF begin emerge. Or this: both simultaneous. Set temp basal +100%, 1.5 hours.

Bubs: Mamma? Are you going to kill me?

BF: What?

Bubs: Are you going to kill me? You did something different. You didn’t bolus me for the 178.

BF: I set a temp basal, so that instead of giving you a big push of insulin all at once, you’d get a little more over the next hour and a half, and then I’ll check you again and then…

Bubs: Are you sure?

BF: Well, actually, no, I am not sure at all about what I am doing, but I am quite sure it won’t kill you or, if it does kill you, I am quite sure I will not be blamed <–not say.

BF: I’m sure (Really say).

Bigfoot back downstairs for empty dishwasher/listen Fresh Air Sex and the Citadel. Then just as author describe devout Arab women lingerie, small voice panicky Mommy! My pump! Bigfoot think—pump missing? Bigfoot leave in swim bag again? But not even swim. Know pump in right place. I was just holding it! Maybe disconnect? Maybe site pull out. Maybe site hurt. Maybe malfunction, get really hot, burn bum third degree, smoke come out, hiss sound, burnt fragrance. Arrive upstairs. Skinny arm hold pump aloft, rest of person under duvet.

Screen report NO DELIVERY.

No delivery? Why T F? Answer: temp basal +100% = exceed maximum permitted basal rate. Aha. Very crafty, pump safety feature. Because for 1 hour each night bedtime, basal 1u/hour. So +100% = 2u. And limit = 1.5u. So. Cancel temp basal. Bolus 1u. Zzshoooop. Hour later: 137.

Equivocate. Even though extra IOB from correction bolus, temp basal +50%? Check again 1 hour? Cancel temp basal if drop; maintain temp basal if steady/rising? So much—ugh! Carbs HIPF yes or no? +50% can’t be right  might be right. Just started first Facebook Scrabble game, got V-O-Y-E-U-R (plus 1 more vowel shall remain nameless.) Could be Bigfoot lucky night.

**Sorry for shock—>Almonzo on mind after lady-friends relive childhood crushes on assorted LHOP characters today; for record, girl Bigfoot only have eyes John Travolta.



  1. Sara · March 21, 2013

    I know that people with diabetes CAN eat whatever they want, but for me, pizza just isn’t worth it.


  2. Scott E · March 21, 2013

    I’m with Sara. Pizza, for me, is one of those “enjoy now, regret later” foods, though the anticipated regret usually ruins the enjoyment part. But do tell, where do you find 20 carb pizza slices? I’m used to double that!


    • Katy · March 21, 2013

      in my fantasy world where i can have diabetes instead of B, i never bother with pizza, except for crisp, thin-crust served with beer. (in my fantasy diabetes, a delayed beer low balances out the delayed pizza high in perfect harmony.)

      these were regular slices, sliced in half—narrow.


  3. Jacquie Paul Wojcik · March 21, 2013

    Bob and I used to have “Pizza Mondays,” where we’d ride bikes to this fun pizza place for one slice each and a pitcher of beer to split. After like 27 Mondays I had it worked out perfectly!

    Now I want pizza.


    • Katy · March 21, 2013

      Sounds heavenly. I hope you haven’t given up the practice.


  4. shannon · April 2, 2013

    was it grease-era john travolta? or other?


    • Katy · April 2, 2013

      Grease-era but only once he was cleaned up, with the white cardigan sweater


      • shannon · April 2, 2013

        the perfect combination of good/bad boy!


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