Praise Joe

another beautiful hack!

another beautiful day!

Today Joe design most thrilling D-hack Bigfoot D-life.

Back story. Joe enamored with blue plastic key-ring contact lens case-looking glucose tab holder. Problem: flip-caps keep breaking off. Other problem is contact lens-style case hold just 4 tabs & that feel kind of skimpy. Especially once one flip-cap fall off: then only 2 tabs inside.

This not problem for Bigfoot; capacious purse hold Valentine’s Day Skittles + Ziploc bag many Sweetarts rolls + entire bottle Glucolift (cherry) + occasional Juicy Juice box + possible even more.

But Joe no man purse. What to do, what to do, what to do? <—that inside Joe mind. Limp along busted key ring case, flip caps fall off, try tape in place. Desperate.

And then.

Behold. Genius.


Sturdy. Handsome. Commodious.

To build this glucose tab key ring, you’ll need:

  • One flip-cap tube with large enough diameter to accommodate your glucose tabs (a Mini M&Ms tube might work)
  • One thick rubber band
  • One key ring
  • Glucose tabs

7 responses to “Praise Joe

  1. Eileen

    You married well!


  2. this is so funny, b/c it’s 1:00 am, i can’t sleep, and i got up to write a blog that will include a conversation i had with…my friend, joe!


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