Type 3 Oscars

Oscar night approach, notice not see many (any?) nominees. Yet this year Bigfoot spend more time (so. much. time.) passively absorb story in front of screen than ever before. Because so often use screen for stay awake on glucose watch. This Bigfoot nominees:

Best Series Downloaded using iTunes gift cards:

Homeland Season One

Girls Season One

MadMen Season Four

MadMen Season Five

Best Archived Series, Streamed on Netflix using Father-in-law’s Username and Password

Parenthood Season One

Parenthood Season Two

Parenthood Season Three

House of Cards

Portlandia Season One

Best Comedy, Streamed via Hulu+

The Mindy Project

Modern Family

New Girl

Best Comedy on Comedy Central dot com

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Best Current Series, Streamed via PBS dot org

Downton Abbey Season One

Downton Abbey Season Two

Downton Abbey Season Three

Afghanistan’s Dancing Boys: Exploitation on the Rise

Poor Kids

Best Documentary (Streamed via Netflix)

The Horse Boy

The Imposter

Best Film (Streamed via Netflix)


Tiny Furniture

Most Anticipated Viewing for Future Rough Night:


Buried(<–that’s Six U M Kerri’s husband’s movie so it probably has a lot of hidden diabetes references)

ATM (also probably secretly about diabetes)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Portlandia Season Two

The Good Wife (all 4 seasons)

West Wing (all 7 seasons)


Girls Season 2

Homeland Season Two

Homeland Season 3



  1. Robin Jingjit · February 22, 2013

    Well, if I need a new addiction, I guess I know where to look.


  2. Katie · February 22, 2013

    Not surprised that I like every show you posted.


  3. laura · February 22, 2013

    Thank you! Just finished 24 and in desperate need of glucose watch stimuli.
    If I had seen Buried in a theatre, the first minutes of the film very well may have sent me running for the exit in a cold sweat.


  4. Katy · February 23, 2013

    the good wife doesn’t stream.


  5. shannon · April 2, 2013

    while eating sushi in new york a few weeks back (ooh la la) with an irish musician (oh my), he recommended the jiro sushi movie, so though i’ve not seen it and cannot say if it was good or not, i thought this was a great opportunity for a humblebrag.

    also i love new girl.


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