Scheiny Happy People

Bubs arrive home yesterday many well-portioned packets fast-acting carbs.

In 4th grade, if you really love someone, you give them Wonka FunDip. (13g CHO, including the edible stick.)

In 4th grade, if you really love someone, you give them Wonka FunDip: 13g CHO, including the (edible) stick

Also <3-day, new Gary Scheiner book arrive. (Publicist send review copy, maybe because know Bigfoot fan?)

UNTIL THERE'S A CURE: the perfect book for the Scheiner lover in your lfe

UNTIL THERE’S A CURE: the perfect book for the Scheiner lover in your lfe

This book same good feeling as listen G.S. speak, i.e. friendly, accessible, practical information useful daily life. Little bit hard read part 50% gentlemen diabetes develop erectile dysfunction. But audience this book = Type 1 & Type 2, so Bigfoot decide quite certain erection part only for Type 2. Never enjoy read about long-term diabetes problem—always seem some bad, new surprise. G.S. focus on what can do (hope) instead of bad thing happen (fear.) And make Bigfoot feel so understood:


READ IT. Gary has seen into my soul. Reading this stuff is like a foot rub. Happily, I am not a contestant on Type Awesome Bachelorette during the season that had both Gary Scheiner and Joe Solowiejczyk as contestants. What would you do?

Meanwhile, for maximum <3-Day evening romance, Bigfoot snorfle bad cold & Bigfoot Spouse up all night high BG, maybe because bubbles? Thought bubble times were over but maybe so cold in house, room-temperature insulin not warm enough. Try take picture tiny bubbles.

Are these tiny shits what kept poor Joe up all night?

Are these puny buggers what kept poor Joe up all night?



  1. Scott K. Johnson · February 15, 2013

    Hi! Sorry to hear you’re fighting that cold. Hope you feel better soon.

    I know it’s all relative to how much insulin he’s taking, but those teeny tiny bubbles wouldn’t bother me much. I don’t know how much insulin he’s missing because of those, but it can’t be much. Right? I thought I heard somewhere that a bubble an inch long is like one unit?

    That being said, I know little folk take a lot less insulin than I do – so maybe it IS a lot for him?


    • Katy · February 15, 2013

      you haz grilled cheese blog? <—I said that because I swear, when I clicked on your name from my phone, it lead to a grilled cheese blog with your smiling face on it. Sorry to be so appallingly random.


      • Katy · February 15, 2013

        and thank you for the bubble talk! I remember you helped me that last time we were having bubble issues. THOSE bubbles were MUCH bigger and even with those biggies you said they didn’t look necessarily worth attention.


      • Scott K. Johnson · February 15, 2013

        LOL! I DO have a young grilled cheese blog. Just started it a while back, not sure what I want it to be/do yet. And it was really all Christopher Angel’s (GlucoLift) idea. 🙂


  2. Eileen · February 15, 2013

    I hate hate hate fun dip but let him have it yesterday because he was freaking 55 walking out of school, so a V-day treat came in handy. Surprisely, it was 13 carbs. I like that excerpt from the book about not being overly perfectionistic. I think when you are the parent of a kid with t1, there is that extra layer of guilt. I’ve been feeling it lately…like I try and try but still pretty much suck as a pancreas, which would be one thing if I had t1, but now I’m failing the little person I am supposed to protect. I just keep downloading, looking for trends, talking to team at our endo’s…and reminding myself #’s are getting slowly better.


    • Katy · February 15, 2013

      oh, right on. if only we could be damaging our own organs with our good intentions.


  3. Amy · February 15, 2013

    Thanks for the news about GS’s new book–will remember to have my son read it in about 10 years. I picture myself buying it, saying I’d skip the part about ED, etc., but would find my fingers looking up that page–just don’t want more than generalities about complications this early in the game, makes me sweat to think about. (I’m about halfway through TLAP, now.)


    • Katy · February 15, 2013

      there’s such a disconnect between our juicy, healthy kids and the wither-y health effects we’re working to avoid. i can’t believe any of it can be really for real.


  4. bonni · February 15, 2013

    I just bought packages of perfectly proportioned skittles, starbursts and conversation hearts – all sized for the whole class and/or my fast acting sugar cabinet. Halloween is also a good time to get them.


    • Katy · February 15, 2013

      A smart time to hit the Target sale aisle?


      • Sara · February 16, 2013

        People with diabetes love those after-holiday candy sales 😉


  5. NicoleP · February 19, 2013

    Hey lady! Hope you’re doing well – can’t find your email address – and no access to FB from work – but there is a diabetes meet up tonight at 6:30 at Tazza – and would love to see if you if you can make it at all. Kerri will be there – along with two teams from Betaspring who are working on some cool stuff!!! Hope you could make it – sorry for short notice… Nicole


    • Katy · February 19, 2013

      I’ll try to go–thanks!


  6. shannon · April 2, 2013



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