My Funny Valentines: Blue Cross, Catamaran, Target, CVS, Animas, Dexcom, and Thou

Happy valentine. For love letter to self decide finally untangle Rx situation.


Part of problem: thought mail order would make easier. And Catamaran = Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island mail order pharmacy provider. Sparkly new BCBSRI feature for 2013!

When I see these numbers, my first reaction is a thrilling shiver WE ARE SO LUCKY! But for today, while I have a bad cold and am spending all day talking to dumb pharmacies, I realized: it's not lucky to have diabetes. Just dawned on me.

When I see these kinds of money numbers, I get a shiver of thrill: WE ARE SO LUCKY! Today, maybe because I have a bad cold and am spending all day talking to dumb pharmacies, it dawned on me: this whole scene might be more bad luck than good.

One fun Catamaran feature = when on hold for long time, phone system eventually connect holder to other holder. Usually it confused elderly. Sometimes Bigfoot able answer other holder question, usually not. (Oh dear. Well would you happen to know if Catamaran accepts personal checks?)

Other fun Catamaran is agree fill 7 Rx’s, send two.

Other fun is Humalog arrive in giant styrofoam cooler, perfect for frat party.

Call Catamaran ask status 5 missing Rx’s, eventually get final answer:

  • One not available until March 6th (Verio IQ test strips)
  • Two not covered by insurance “because they are available over the counter” (Ketostix, NovaMax Plus Ketone test strips)
  • One Rx lost (Lantus Solostar)
  • Final one not available (Glucagon Emergency Kit)

Not seem right. Ketone stuff always covered before; also seem irrelevant if available OTC; Verio IQ test strips OTC too, no? But very apparent not worth attempt sort out with Catamaran. Blue Cross Blue Shield tell Bigfoot Catamaran wrong; everything covered. Anyway. Decide go back to previous pharmacy:


Target Pharmacy feelings maybe hurt because fill Bubs’s Rx’s always huge hassle for staff. Have to go to refrigerator. SIGH! Have to look in oversized bin. HNNNNNH. Then after finally acclimate huge, confusing Rx order, Bigfoot switch everything Catamaran. PFFFFFFFT.

Today call, try ever so polite voice ask if can fill what Catamaran missing: (Ketostix, NovaMax…etc.) Can hear AYFKM? sauce all over voice. Yes, Target remember Bigfoot. yes, can fill everything except NovaMax Plus Ketone Test Strips. Reason: not available any pharmacy anywhere, possibly not even exist. Try ever so polite voice thank you, Bigfoot see if possible CVS obtain.


Then call CVS. Bigfoot leave CVS months ago (for Target) when annoying technician make break out in hives. Guess who answer phone! Yes, I remember Bubs. Yes, we can fill those. (So far, so good.) But because of the power outage (Bigfoot think see where this edifying soliloquy headed but bite tongue because know fastest way through technician’s edifying soliloquies = silent listen) during the blizzard, we were unable to maintain some of our inventory due to the temperature sensitive nature of some insulins, it is simply not safe to use them if they haven’t been—-

Foolish Bigfoot attempt interrupt: Oh, I hear ya! We had to throw away some of our insulin too!

Technician continue if the insulin is not kept within the correct temperature range, it wouldn’t be responsible of us to fill your son’s insulin prescription, as the efficacy might not be standard, and—-

Attempt interrupt again that’s okay! I’m not in a hurry!

So the soonest I could possibly get this ready for you would be tomorrow, but you should always have a safe, temperature-controlled back up supply on hand, because many diabetics need insulin regularly, in fact sometimes several times a day, in varying doses…


Of all complex customer service dealings, can say #1 valentine = Animas. Very helpful. Even billing department personnel quite charming. Not sarcasm.


This makes me happy. I think I am starting to understand.



  1. laura · February 14, 2013

    girl, what a cluster


  2. Jackie · February 14, 2013

    The Catamaran phone hold thing sounds kind of fun. Although I’m so glad I don’t deal with my prescriptions yet other than filling my insulin… I know my mom has had some awful experiences with the mail order pharmacy people, although Animas has always been awesome… But we can’t order directly from them or some madness because of our insurance, which oddly enough is also BCBS.


  3. Christine · February 14, 2013

    Geesh – that IS a cluster!!! Maybe call Neighborhood? We do our pump supplies through them, and they are amazing!! They call you when your supplies are ready to be refilled, and you always get a human when you call. They deal directly with Animas and the Dr, I guess, since I have never sent them anything. I asked years ago about switching our mail-order stuff (just insulin and test strips) to them, and they suggested not, since it is less expensive with XPress Scripts. So, you might not want to use them for everything, but seriously, they rock!!
    We use CVS for glucagon, since (so far) we only have to get it once a year, so there isn’t any cost benefit to the mail order.


  4. Robin Jingjit · February 14, 2013

    That CVS guy sounds unbearable. As if you didn’t know. I know it’s not the same thing but it somehow reminds me of when people are praying outloud, like in a group (I said I know it’s not the same thing!) and they start telling God things he already knows. I don’t like being annoyed while I’m praying, since it makes me feel like a hypocrite. But come on! Yesterday someone quoted the dictionary! He knows!!!


  5. pawslovediabetes · February 15, 2013

    I would have serious problems with the CVS guy… if he thinks you are difficult boy I would really send him over the edge. I pride myself on being kind and considerate but when someone tries to treat me like I am a moron I honestly can’t keep it together. I would have bit his head off, “Listen ‘Pal’, I am perfectly aware of how often insulin is required, what it takes to keep it safely and responsibly and I can tell you right now, if you ever speak to me in such a condescending tone again I will go WAY over your head and make sure that I NEVER have to deal with you again.” I know, it sounds harsh- but if I have never been anything but polite and respectful, I expect the same in return and is he is consistently a jerk… oh boy… You are SO much better at all that than I would be. Besides you would think any pharmacy would LOVE to have you guys- you keep them in business! 🙂

    I’m dreading when they stop giving me free insulin at the diabetes center… the price tag is WAY out of reach for someone without insurance (I don’t even have a glucagon kit, terrible I know).

    I get my Nova Max Plus stuff off of in case you are ever in a pinch. I don’t know what your co-pay is but I actually get them cheaper there than I would through a pharmacy WITH the Nova Max discount card. Ketone strips average about $21-$28 and I’ve been getting test strips for $18 per 50 count, I just wish I could afford to use my Verio IQ I LOVE that thing! I am not gonna lie the internal light is my favorite part, it makes testing at night much less disturbing to my honey- don’t have to get up and turn the light on, we both love it! Ahhh to have insurance, first time in my life without it and NOW I am diabetic, go figure! 😛


    • pawslovediabetes · February 15, 2013

      wow… sorry that was so long… didn’t realize until after I posted it


  6. Sara · February 16, 2013

    I have trouble finding those ketone strips too. My previous insurance didn’t cover them at all and I had trouble finding a pharmacy that has them in stock.


  7. shannon · April 2, 2013

    same as sara re: the ketone strips. what up with that.


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