I love my big dummy.

Bad cold + yesterday no school = Bigfoot never get dressed. Luxury of spouse home, turn off brain & rest. Most of day in bed, House of Cards.

This morning, everyone leave (school). Snuffly Bigfoot rise. Stare breakfast dishes. Start make post-Nemo grocery list. Gloves, boots, coats all over floor. Not sure where begin: clean? Shop? Eat? Walk dog? Brush hair? Every task too difficult—maybe back in bed, more House of Cards? Realize need change insulin cartridge today. Usually do this before dinner. Might as well fill cartridge now, allow time bubbles rise, ready for action 5PM.

Then see this


Something’s not right in the cartridge-change supply basket.

Then look again, closer


That is orange for sure.

Call Bigfoot Spouse on school telephone because feel EMERGENCY juice skittering through veins.

School secretary so kind, “I’ll have to go find him, I think he has cafeteria duty.”

BIGFOOT: Thank you! I’ll wait!

While secretary find BSpouse, realize this not emergency. If emergency, would drive Bubs’s school, replace Humulin R w Humalog, consult spouse later. Only emergency is desire rip spouse new one. Yet self-awareness not induce magnanimity.

BSPOUSE: Hey babe, what’s up?

BF: Did you, you didn’t, did you, no, could you have, did you put this orange insulin in Bubs’s pump?


BF: You did? Do you remember when you did it?

BSP: When I changed the cartridge the day before yesterday. Shit. I’m sorry. I thought it was just some kind of new packaging

BF: Seriously? We also have Lantus. Would you have put Lantus in his pump?

BSP: No, but this one had the same name, and I didn’t want to wake you up to ask, you were so tired

BF: It’s not the same. It’s ORANGE. The one we use is BURGUNDY

BSP: But the name is the same: Humalog

BF: It’s not! Ours is HUMALOG and the one you used is HUMULIN. Gahd!

BSP: Well why do we even have it?

BF: So you just found any old thing that starts with H-U-M and injected it into your child! (Drama!)

BSP: What is it even for? The orange one?


Hum vs. Hum: ho-hum?

BF: It’s from when we had Dr. Doughnut. She wanted us to have it on hand for some kind of emergency. I don’t know why I saved it***. I’m throwing it away. It’s all at room temperature now anyway, since the storm

BSP: Okay, babe

BF: You should feel worse!

BSP: I feel pretty bad

BF: You should be crying!

BSP: Okay

***That not true. Know why saved. Because film Life for a Child  make throw away insulin feel criminal.

That why Bigfoot cleanse brain/heart/spirit this experience with donation children in need insulin, diabetes care via Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign. Donation frankly small: $17. Took three seconds, paid with PayPal.

In terms public health, share money IDF much more helpful than hoard wrong kind of insulin.

Meanwhile, since 1PM yesterday, BG#s all in range, so Bigfoot not rush over school change cartridge. Maybe Humulin R not so bad.



  1. bonni · February 12, 2013

    I relate to this because I often want to rip my spouse a new one for some diabetes related issue when really it is diabetes I want to rip a new one for (and sometimes spouse too).
    But what is humalin r? Slow acting or ?? I could have looked it up but it was easier to ask you. We have lantus for long acting and novolog for short/meals.
    Feel better soon!
    I just brought Riley home from school with a wicked cough. Ugh…


    • Katy · February 12, 2013

      at our old endo practice, it was referred to as “sick day insulin.” we never used it. they said they’d tell us how to use it if he ever got sick. (and he never did.) at our new practice, the endo says that with the pump, Humulin R is a moot point for sick days. I have no idea why it is good for sick, injecting, T1kids. Interwebs says it’s like a slow form of Humalog—takes longer to work, lasts longer, but still fast acting. I am glad to be rid of it!


  2. Carey · February 12, 2013

    Yeah. I would totally do that. Afraid to say. By the way, we always keep our Humalog at room temperature.


    • Katy · February 12, 2013

      we leave Humalog at room temperature—but just the one bottle currently in use. The rest we keep in the fridge. Do you mean you keep your whole cache at room temp??? Revolutionary!


      • Carey · February 13, 2013

        Oh. No. We do same as you.


  3. scully · February 12, 2013

    Egad! I can’t imagine! Men are so….. ****!


  4. Zakary · February 13, 2013

    I would have peed my pants. Like the morning I shot Zoe up before breakfast with seven units of Lantus.

    Diabetes is hard.


  5. Linda · February 14, 2013

    Humbling R works ok in a pump… Have to tweak basals a little, set the changes back a half hour ’cause it kicks in slower. Maybe make duration a click longer for IOB calculation. Had to use it when I had no insurance. Glad Bubs managed, didn’t tank or soar.


    • Linda · February 14, 2013

      -ha ha “Humbling” for Humulin = perfect auto- correct, right?


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  7. shannon · April 2, 2013

    my kid pronounces humiliating “humiluating” for laffs, so now i do too.


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