Magic Lunch

Numbers not control Bigfoot well-being. Or: Bigfoot know numbers not control well-being. Also: Bigfoot know high/low/medium number not indicate inherent worth & dignity of person. And yet. This string of numbers really happen. Not able stop reading. Re-reading. Yesterday:

1AM 139

7AM 120 (pre-brekkie)

10AM 137 (pre-snack @school)

11AM 109 (pre-recess @school)

12:30PM 109 (pre-lunch @school)

2PM 105 (pre-dismissal. @school, obvsly)

4PM 119 (with babysitter)

7PM 120 (pre-dinner)

9PM never mind (196.) (Worthwhile fried banana dessert courtesy Bigfoot Spouse.)

So of course try replicate. As luck have it, wake up almost same #. Same breakfast. Pack same lunch. Hurry! Before spell broken, Bigfoot reveal details this magic lunch. This lunch may cure diabetes, provided child continue use insulin as prescribed:


Peanut butter and nutella sandwiches are polishing their reputation this week.


7:30AM 107. 9:45AM 70. 4g. 10AM 71/94. 11:30AM 103. 12:20PM 84. 3PM 158. 4PM 112. 5PM 120.



  1. Dolores · January 30, 2013

    I am intrigued … What did bubs eat for breakfast?


  2. Katy · January 30, 2013

    oatmeal (45g raw weight, but eaten cooked), brown sugar (4g), maple syrup (20g), sprinkle of salt, Truvia packet (I know–too sweet), 1/4c cow milk.


    • Katy · January 30, 2013

      and tea. black tea with milk and Truvia.


  3. g · January 30, 2013

    wow! good going…hope the magic holds AND the he doesn’t tire of it! did you hear Sotomayor today on NPR…i found it interesting as a mom as well as the whole diabetes too!


    • Katy · January 30, 2013

      i will find it and listen! on fresh air?


      • g · January 30, 2013

        around 11am 89.7 sorry…i wasn’t really paying attention just had it on as i was doing stuff!


      • Katy · January 30, 2013

        hmmm. the takeaway. sounds good. thank you!


  4. Katie · January 30, 2013

    Speaking of Sotomayor, her new book is out now. I am going to read it soon.


    • g · January 30, 2013

      yes! that is what she was on talking about! it sounds pretty interesting.


  5. Scott K. Johnson · January 30, 2013

    Wowsers! That’s awesome! I’m totally jealous of those days. Maybe I can bribe you into making my lunch too?


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