Hunger Strike

the contestants

the contestants

Bubs lunch lately every school day this 35g sandwich: thick peanut butter, smallish grainy bread, schmear nutella. Today Bigfoot madcap. Raspberry jam jar almost empty, out on counter among Jack’s toast crumbs. Follow natural maternal urge: finish jar. Bubs love raspberry jam. Think no problem.

It lunch time. School nurse call. Bubs bolus for sandwich. Then refuse eat. Because notice jam surprise. Bubs never let brat flag fly during school. Refuse eat seems serious. Bigfoot running partner in house, about ready leave, offer deliver replacement sandwich on way home. Bigfoot feel little bit panic—insulin about to hit. Slap together PB&N, hand off waxed paper bundle, thank you & done.

Now regret. Not need provide Custom Immediate Sandwich Delivery Service. Bigfoot got played.



  1. Beth · January 28, 2013

    Diabetes seems to make mom guilt = X2.


    • Katy · January 28, 2013

      In the moment I felt, “I made the wrong sandwich. It’s going to kill him.” Now I think: I should have let him have glucose tabs for lunch.


  2. Bonni · January 28, 2013

    I would have done the same thing. Then regretted it later, too. That not helpful comment, commiserate.


  3. Robin Jingjit · January 28, 2013

    That would be a hard one not to cave on. So urgent, and no time to weigh the best parenting practice.

    That kind if jam is so good, but I get it. I hate surprises too, a lot of the time.


  4. Pam · January 29, 2013

    Sorry….I have to side with Bubs on this one. Rasberry jam and nutella in one sandwich wouldn’t be for me either. Thank you for sending him a replacement.
    I hear your concern about setting a precedent of whimsical sandwich replacements.
    Perhaps if he’s forewarned that it’s a very real possibility that if this were to happen again he’d eat glucose tabs for lunch, he’d make it a practice to check the contents of his lunch box before bolusing?


    • Katy · January 29, 2013

      But it was peanut butter, the raspberry jam he loves, and no nutella at all. It was really a very delicious and traditional sandwich. I ate one myself. So tasty.


      • pawslovediabetes · January 31, 2013

        yeah, he was being a stinker… Though in your position I would probably have also delivered a sandwich, I would have- definitely in fact. Let’s face it, hind sight and all that- plus you were on your way out the door to run, caught off balance… seems not fair… 🙂

        I agree with Pam, maybe he should know it is a very real possibility that he will have the pleasure of enjoying the chalky, yet sweet texture of glucose tabs upon his next sandwich revolution?


  5. Nicole P · January 29, 2013

    Rock/Bigfoot/Hard Place = No Fun.


  6. shannon · January 29, 2013

    i didn’t notice your hilarious photoshoppery until i glanced at the photo for a third time. i don’t think you got played, surely i would have done the same did my kid not get schooled 30 mins away.


    • Katy · January 29, 2013

      i know, right? my photoshoppery is almost too good.


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