Social Studies

Tonight dinner table: Jack tenterhooks re midterm exam scores because determine make/not make high honor roll & high honor roll = Bertucci’s** dinner. Pacing. Checking for grades online over & over. Not up yet. Then “I got a 100 on my Social Studies exam!” (**Link = page w/ carb PDF download.) (<–Handy!)

BIGFOOT: Woohoo!

Bubs, cheerful mouth full black beans I used to be so good at Social Studies. Chomp, chomp. chomp. I was like, so far ahead! I used to be like, as good as Will and Peter and Lucien. Chomp. Gulp water. Wipe face back of hand. But now I’m so far behind.

BIGFOOT: (Record scratch noise) Hwuh?

BUBS: I’m like five books behind

BFOOT: Oh? I didn’t know you were behind…

BUBS: Yeah, and each book is a state, so I’m like five states behind everybody else

BF: Hmmm?

BUBS: (Still blithely chewing) I had so much low blood sugar! I missed Social Studies for like a whole month

LogFrog now tracks Social Studies-related hypos.

LogFrog now tracks Social Studies in blue and deodorant in red

Hrmm? Teacher not mention Bubs fall behind. Maybe not so bad. Maybe Bubs imagine. Or could be school low expectation for hypoglycemia days, no one care Bubs fall behind, esp. since no Social Studies NECAP. Maybe NBD Bubs insist Connecticut not New England. Connecticut is NOT in New England. It is part of the tri-state area. Maybe OK?

Uncomfortable this situation. One hand, not want Bubs stay after school make up work on hypo days bc feel like punishment. Other hand, not want hypo days become excuse poor school performance/maybe more genteel say become excuse not live up to potential. Hand #3, what is intelligence anyway? Hand #4, who cares about 4th grade Social Studies? Hand #5, but that set bad precedent for future school year. H#6, what are my priorities supposed to be here? H#7, are MY priorities really what matter in this situation? H#8 just for octopus/symmetry.

Meanwhile, Jack asking this might sound weird, but how do you know when you need to use deodorant?

BIGFOOT: When you start to have smelly armpits

JACK: Maybe I will have smelly armpits after basketball tomorrow. Will you tell me if I do?


BUBS: I already wear deodorant sometimes

BF: You do?

BUBS: Yeah. I rub Dad’s on sometimes, but only because it smells so good. Not because I smell bad

BF: I’ve never noticed that you have it on

BUBS: The fragrance stays in my armpits pretty much, so only I notice it


Social Studies: five states behind

Deodorant use: five years ahead


Pardon our bloody smudges

Pardon our bloody smudges

Also meanwhile: very cold outside. Be careful.



  1. drjmeade · January 25, 2013

    Octopus/symmetry – Oh I really laughed out loud at this post. Life with boys!!!! In elementary school, they pulled me out of social studies for gifted math. In middle school, for creative writing. I missed a lof of social studies. I am clueless about history in general. Solution = marry history teacher; learn slowly on long boring car rides; catch up on middle school social studies.


    • Jenn · January 25, 2013

      I want to like the comment above. Katy, I needed a laugh. I am freaking out because the cookies I am making for tomorrow night are not working out === way to crumbly! Way to go Jack!


  2. g · January 25, 2013

    yay on 100 and sneaking deodorant! whoo hooo! oldest didn’t learn states in 4th like everyone else does…somehow knows them…he will be fine! hope social studies expert will for study group next time…i think e missed high by 1-3 points!


    • Katy · January 26, 2013

      Does E check Aspen obsessively? I didn’t look—in case the grades weren’t really posted yet, I didn’t want to have to tell Jack that I knew he was lying. I mean, I hope he wasn’t lying. Now they’re asleep and I can look.


      • g · January 26, 2013

        I guess he/they? check it at school….he is so laid back about the whole grades thing…i wish he had a bit of obsessiveness….although maybe it will kick in by 7th or 8th when it really matters??? Grades do appear to be posted…Ev got a 98 in health! HA what crap! I don’t like challenge a teacher to learn system = teacher gives up grading student???his work has not changed one iota!!!! I don’t think Jack would lie would he! Have fun perusing antiquated aspen site!!!


    • Katy · January 26, 2013

      I finally found the right page. Phew!


      • g · January 26, 2013

        hope you have an easier time logging in than i did/do…and that the 100 was there!


      • Katy · January 26, 2013

        for the record, it was a 98. maybe he didn’t say 100.


      • g · January 26, 2013

        Whoo hoo…i would call that 100 too! He can tutor B if needed in 6th grade then! You are set!


  3. g · January 25, 2013



  4. Katie · January 26, 2013

    I will come clean and say the one and only time I ever used diabetes to get out of a test was 10th grade social studies…maybe it was called civics? Throughout the year we would be given tests on different continents and we had to name each country w/in the continent. If you got 100% than you got to go to some party at the end of the year. The kids who didn’t get 100% were probably forced to sit outside watching the party and crying. Well the ONE time I forgot about the continent test it was the day we had to identify AFRICA. There are like 4,000 countries in Africa. Right as she was passing out the test I said I had a low blood sugar and she let me go to the nurse. When I tested I wasn’t low, but the nurse still let me lay on the bed for the entire period. The next day I took the make up test and got 100%. I felt pretty guilty about it for like a day and then realized I didn’t care because I had to live with diabetes forever and I knowing every country in Africa by heart isn’t important.


    • g · January 26, 2013

      totally agree! good move katie!


    • Ben · January 27, 2013

      Katie! Your story made me laugh so hard (and cry a little). =)


      • Katy · January 27, 2013

        me too!


  5. cbwinchild · January 26, 2013

    one of carsen’s teachers has insisted CT is not in new england. that’s what they’re teaching there. it’s a sore spot for me.


    • Katy · January 26, 2013

      is this like when pluto got kicked out of being a planet? does connecticut KNOW? does connecticut MIND?


      • cbwinchild · January 26, 2013

        only teh native RI/Southern Mass teachers are making this scientific decision!


  6. cbwinchild · January 26, 2013

    hahahah! i hadn’t read teh 5 years behind/ahead thing yet. HYSTERICAL


  7. shannon · January 29, 2013

    “H#8 just for octopus/symmetry”

    you complete me.


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