Endo Day


All this fun plus a flu shot clinic at the high school afterwards. So. Much. Health. Care.

Endo today.



If only this meant something more than a momentary glimpse of some hemoglobin.

6. Six! (Six point zero.)


Still work fine. Still feel hard. (How will we know if something’s happening?) He won’t have the energy to enjoy life. Plus constipation. How are your poops? Bubs agog. Look Bigfoot in eye, inquisitive: srsly? Bigfoot nod. Bubs report they’re fine. Stare at hand on lap several moments.


A normal—I mean GINORMOUS—snack.


Too many lows. Endo adjust basals down. Way down some spots. He’s waking up really tight. (Tight?) Really close to 70, 80, 90, 100. Let’s loosen this up. His A1c is low so we have some room. He shouldn’t be this tight.


Bubs hungry during appointment. Five peanut butter cracker plus Luna Protein Cookie Dough nutrient extrusion. Whoa! How many carbs are you eating? (Forty-six.) Well, wow. You’re a growing boy. It’s fine! But Bigfoot get it. 46g CHO considered giant snack. File away snack disapproval for savor in mind during insomnia times.

Plenty time Bubs eat giant snack while Endo tap tap tap email 5 Rx’s–> mail order pharmacy; needle tips/syringes–>DME co.; & glucagon/Lantus–>Target. Everything from laptop. Such service.

Four foot nine? We think. It was metric. No idea on the kilos.

Four foot nine? We think. It was metric. No idea on the kilos.


Not much say. Kid grow up.


Endo surprised Bubs no eye exam. Dr. Doughnut advise unnecessary new diabetes, useless as pediatric foot exam. New endo recommend Bubs visit Bigfoot own friendly eye doctor, dilated eye exam. Bigfoot no worry. Children ADORE sting-y eye drop/giant pupil daze. Bigfoot need eye exam too, think Bob Harper glasses very becoming for distract viewer attention away eyebags.

Remember these things.

Read tomorrow. Do not lose.


Bigfoot beat. Although day consist one (1) hour work, leisurely return misguided tea (it poison?) purchase, walk dog, grocery store, & endo, feel post marathon but no endorphin. Too tired read/understand/act on notes.


  • Bring larger scrap paper
  • Pack low carb snack for display
  • I wish we'd signed up for the other kind

    Damn! Should have signed up for the other kind, 250.02


35 responses to “Endo Day

  1. Christine

    6!!!! All I have to say is WOW – I am super impressed! We are over the moon with anything under 8, which doesn’t always happen. And 46 carbs…that really doesn’t seem that crazy… (Although clearly you shouldn’t take carb advice from me, since TJ A1Cs has never been even close to 6, lol)

    Also – unrelated to endo…is Bubs going to ROI in MA?


    • Yes! You too?
      Joe is taking him the night before, but I plan to drive up (over?) on Saturday to take it all in.


      • Christine

        Yes! I’m not sure how much *I* will actually be at – but I’m hoping to be there at least Saturday day. Tom will bring TJ on Friday night, too. Did you go last year? It was great!


      • No–I didn’t know it was here last year, and always read about ROI being in Utah and New Zealand and more exotic places.


  2. Yup, I get it – marathon. Why “uncontrolled” – maybe that justifies lots of test strips? My guess. Doctor visits are too cumbersome for paper. I can’t take notes. Last time a friend came and took super organized notes on her ipad and reported all things back to me and hubby. In 2 hours, I had successfully forgotten most details. Bigfoot is doing great! Those notes make sense.


  3. Wow, 6%, that is unbelievable. My first (sick) thought was, “if Bubs was a girl she would be in the perfect range to have a baby”. Can you tell I’m in “child bearing age”?


    • ha ha ha! but for pregnancy, they probably make sure it’s a more “honest” six, i.e. not just a bunch of dangerous lows tacked on to a medium-satisfactory level of control.


  4. Robin

    A favorite thing in our house is for her to eat at the endo. Loves the PB and crackers.


  5. g

    B looks sad 😦 hopefully just bored! ★ I just loaded a voice recorder app for my phone…would doctor let you record…although the process of writing helps remember and relax too!


    • i don’t even think it was boredom. he takes it so seriously. i think he’s expecting to hear bad news.

      i like the idea of the recorder, but don’t know if i’d really ever want to listen to it. that’s a terrible attitude.


  6. Eileen

    We just had eye doc today…not because I’ve got it together but because it was scheduled a year ago after an eye injury & just before dx. So that worked out. Promised he could go to GameStop to use his gift card after appt…oops should’ve gone before appt…really hard to pick one with dilated pupils. Trying not to be jealous of that 6.0. We just had a craptastic 7.6 so I’ve been rage-basaling.


  7. your posts are always amusing and frequently i am stopped in my tracks my some dark serious statement that if spoken plainly might make me feel sad/bad but in your voice it just makes me smile at how we can find commonality even in our neuroses.

    “File away snack disapproval for savor in mind during insomnia times.” <—— this is the sentence from this post.

    i have only ever seen the term "controlled" used when the A1C is over suggested range, so for this age it's what, 8.0? 8.5? we have our endo next week. glad his thyroid is okey dokey artichokey.


    • are you kidding? i can’t tell. i mean AYFKM? they call it “controlled” if it’s >8-point-something? WTF?


      • no sorry not kidding (for once). but i meant that they called it “controlled” if it was less than 8.something. and i just realized i was using the wrong terminology. i was thinking of “noncompliant”, not “uncontrolled”. but you get the picture. i hope. sorry for the cornfusion. (one time in a corn maze i saw a sign that sign “are you CORNfused?” and ever since then i cannot say ‘cornfused’ the normal way.)


  8. i’m still cornfused. they’re lumping me with those sketchy noncompliants?


    • no i think *I* am the only one to blame for such lumpening, since i got the two terms cornfused. i think one describes your A1C (over a certain number is noncompliant) and one maybe is just the way they technically address T1DM (uncontrolled)? i am completely guessing at the second part. the only part i have experience with is the first part, since at one of our first endo appts after dx the doc told her my kid she HAD TO put noncompliant in her file and she felt really bad about it since we were still so new and obvs still figuring things out.


      • that’s terrible. over a certain number is noncompliant, even if you’re COMPLYING? what a slap. unless it were the case that your insurance would pay for special D-treatment trips to hawaii if you were “noncompliant.” then i could see accepting the label.

        my feelings are hurt in advance.


      • word to all of the above. maybe it’s something they “have to do” at children’s hospital but not other endos? grasping at straws???


  9. I think the code has something to do with insurance billing. I wouldn’t take it personally. I’m pretty sure that’s the code required for getting the DG4 approved, so it’s a good thing.


  10. Holy 6%, batman (er, bigfoot)!

    Do you know just how freaking great that is for a growing kiddo? Amazing.


  11. Heather

    6 is awesome! I don’t think I had an A1C that low until I was TTC.

    The “uncontrolled” diagnosis code is little upsetting / also insulting considering how much constant work it is to get to an A1C of 6, but I think it is just an insurance thing. I think it’s easier to get coverage for tests and supplies with that diagnosis code (aka, if they said Bubs was “controlled”, maybe insurance would argue about number of strips or pump or something).

    I’ve had type 1 for 23 years and am well-controlled (6.3 A1C, no complications, etc.), and I think I am still always referred to as uncontrolled in my medical records…and it does bug me, too.


    • Thank you! I am going to be puzzling out TTC all night. Thanks too for explaining the insurance coding. I feel better.


      • TTC = trying to conceive!
        this is just a confirmation of how screwed up the medical system vs. insurance is —> “uncontrolled” gets you more coverage for things but “controlled” doesn’t??


  12. Is it totally terrible I have NEVER met with an endo?! EVER. At the diabetes center where I go I actually see a physician’s assistant, who consults with the endo and diabetes educator, (I know it seems awful- but I don’t have insurance, so I’m pretty sure this is their to attempt to save me money?). I WISH I could leave my appointments overwhelmed with information, unfortunately I always leave feeling like I didn’t NEED to go to this STUPID appointment… 😦 And I would LOVE for an A1c of 6! Eek! I think at my last appointment I was nearly 8 😦 Of course when I was diagnosed it was 15% so I’d say I will accept my small victory 😛


    • FWIW, the collective wisdom of these people here (you included, of course) is *always* more informed and more insightful than anything I’ve heard from an endocrinologist. Not that you don’t deserve access to an endocrinologist as much as anyone else. But. You know what I mean? I doubt if you’re missing out on a whole lot.


  13. Congrats on the fantastic A1c!


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