Good Things VI

Meat is Basically Bloody Celery


I am so pleased to know how to slice raw meat. Thank you.

Achievement! Bigfoot learn cut meat “against the grain.” Before today, this instruction not make sense: against grain like bias-cut skirt/dress? Today imaginary friend from secret Facebook dinner-making group give v. helpful instruction: think meat = celery. Cut across strings or too difficult for chew. Imaginary friend also recommend freeze raw meat for some time, then slice. Easier slice if little bit frozen. (Not apply freezer trick celery.)

Change Bigfoot life. Frozen-ish meat not only easier slice, also less disgusting tactile experience. After little bit poke around, learn imag. friend attend Yale University, also Wellesley College. Certainly paid off. Here actual words from i-friend:

Here’s a good description of the “slice against the grain” thing–why and how. “Look carefully at the meat. You will see lines running down the length of the steak. If you slice this steak in the same direction as those lines, you’ll have to chew through the fibers. Whereas if you cut across the lines, the knife will have already done that work. Think of it as similar to slicing a stalk of celery. The strings are less likely to get caught in your teeth if you cut those strings into smaller lengths.”

Here it is, marinating.

This will smell great, even if you don’t like meat.

It stir-fry recipe:

3/4 lb. strip steak, cut against the grain into thin (1/5″?) strips

2 cloves garlic and a 2″ knob of ginger, peeled and hacked up

2-3 T tamari or soy sauce

1T peanut or other stir-fry oil

On a small-enough plate, 1/4c of rice looks almost normal.

On a small-enough plate, 1/4c of rice looks almost normal.

Marinate the cut-up meat in the other stuff, but not the oil, all day or for however long you have.

Heat up a wok or giant pan. When the pan is very hot, drizzle in the oil. Dump in the meat and marinade. Stir it around and cook until steak is brown on both sides, about a total of five minutes.

To save a pan, you could have quickly cooked some broccoli or green beans in the wok first, before it got all beefy and marinade-y.

Serve hot with green beans or broccoli and rice. Serves 4 if 2 people in your party don’t really eat meat and the other two have fairly small appetites.

For extra credit, get the rice out of the measuring cup in a puck shape

For extra credit, get the rice out of the measuring cup in a puck shape

1/4c of cooked sushi rice = 12g CHO, and if they’re still young and impressionable, you can train your diabetic child to believe this tiny portion is de rigueur.

525,600 Test Strips

In-range blood sugar = Bubs willing explore new thing. Audition school play! Not even know if any friend will audition. This morning ask, “What if it’s just me and everyone else is a fifth grade girl?” Not seem afraid. Not seem nervous. Not seem anxious. Think about times BG super-wonky, too anxious try new thing—no new shirt/different beach/spoon w. slightly pointier-shape handle. So happy feel brave, sing, dance, read. Very shy. Just so happy try.

Photo1-2This play, everyone cast: no cuts. When hear Bubs’s friend sing Fun refrain solo, wish Bubs prepare “Let’s Talk About Me” from 2011 film The Muppets for audition, become huge star. Bigfoot willing dress Las Vegas showgirl, sing back up. But just show up is huge step. Thanks, insulin. Thanks, Ping.

Third Good Thing

Time sign up Friends for Life 2013 conference. True: Orlando in July. But everyone stay inside/under water until sun down. And rumor this year Diet Coke. (No Pepsi!) Must go.



  1. g · January 16, 2013

    Yay for play! I wonder if celery trick will work for me too! Congrats looks yummy!


  2. drjmeade · January 16, 2013

    Bigfoot and Bubs have come so far in a short time. Cutting meat! Trying out for a play! Awesome things, awesome things.


  3. Katie · January 16, 2013

    I wish I could go to FFL, but it’s not in the cards this year. Instead I’m going to go to a conference for women with T1D in Raleigh, NC May 3-5.


    • Katy · January 16, 2013

      ooh—i always think FFL is the only thing. you’re going to have fun! and i’ll get to read about it!


  4. shannon · January 16, 2013

    imaginary fb friend’s advice has made your life measurably better! YAY! i am so sending this recipe to john, who is the cooker in the family. cooker? cook.

    also, I CAN SO RELATE to bubs’ bg being in range to him not being anxious and able to try new things. SAME SAME UP IN HERE. yes. awesome.

    roll on fl in july whoo!


    • Katy · January 16, 2013

      your cooker will be like…”i can’t believe someone thought someone else would need a recipe for this.” DON’T TELL HIM IT’S FROM ME.


    • Katy · January 17, 2013

      also: i don’t believe your cool girl has ever been anxious about anything


  5. Krissy McMomma · January 17, 2013

    Why is he wearing a name tag at dinner?


    • Katy · January 17, 2013

      it was from the audition. this reminds me to take it off before it goes in the laundry, thanks.


  6. Dolores · January 17, 2013

    Auditioning for the play! So exciting!


  7. laura · January 18, 2013

    I’m just to tickled that you are so tickled about cutting against the grain.
    RENT reference – great minds!


    • fourdays22d · January 18, 2013

      ugh: to = so


  8. Scott K. Johnson · January 20, 2013

    Very cool news to hear that Bubs wants to be in the play. He’ll have a blast! And I’m looking forward to seeing you again in Orlando!


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