OK Baking

Few times each month Bigfoot relearn lesson: low carb baking = for suckas. And yet. This week okay result x2.



Did he like it? Yes. Would I eat one? No.

Like paleo crumpet, this waffle pretty simple: egg + almond flour. Near-zero carb until maple syrup hit. Bigfoot think look fine/taste ok/Bigfoot not really want eat this waffle with own mouth, but not mind make for other person. Other nice feature: high protein, good for growing boy. Bubs think taste good. Would be *perfect* for diabetic person who enjoy fake maple syrup. Our situation, anytime food possible vehicle maple syrup, maple syrup mitigate any low-carbness. Anyway, make this zero-carb waffle, see for self?

For one waffle:

1/2 c almond meal

1 egg

2 T water

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 packet stevia

1 T coconut oil, melted + more for the waffle iron

pinch of salt

Heat up your waffle iron. Mix everything together very well. Brush the waffle iron with some kind of fat once it’s hot and pour the batter on. This makes enough batter to fill about one and one-third of the four sections of our Krups Belgian waffle maker, or enough for one paleo waffle-eating person. Serve with one million carbs-worth of maple syrup and wonder why you bother trying OR serve with sugar-free Hungry Jack and wish you had real maple syrup instead of this old stupid-ass diabetes.

Prudes take warning: put the chips in upside-down or invite embarrassing boob comments

Prudes take warning: put the chips in upside-down or invite embarrassing boob comments.


Intriguing product: Bob’s Red Mill Sweet Dairy Whey. Replace 1/2 sugar favorite peanut butter cookie recipe w. whey. Result: taste same (yum) + higher protein + slightly lower carb. Why Bigfoot consider result only “okay” = too-high aspiration for carb abatement.

For 2 dozen+ cookies:

1c peanut butter (I used Smucker’s Natural: 48g CHO)

1/2 c brown sugar (100g CHO)

1/2 c sweet dairy whey (48g CHO)

1 egg (0g CHO)

2 tsp. vanilla extract (0g CHO)

28 Guittard milk chocolate chips (0.75g CHO per chip <—I use these because they are BIG for chocolate chips, but much smaller than a Hershey’s Kiss.) (But a Hershey’s Kiss has just, what, 3g CHO?)

Heat the oven to 350 F and line two cookie sheets with parchment. With a wooden spoon and mighty arm, or a stand mixer, combine everything but the chocolate chips. Use a #70 gelato scoop or another measurer to form balls somewhere between walnut and ping-pong ball size. Place the cookies on the prepared cookie sheets and squash one chocolate chip, pointy-side down, into the center of each dough ball. Bake for about 8 minutes, or until the cookies are beginning to brown around the edges. Cool the cookies on racks before eating. (I got 28 cookies out of this amount of dough, each with 7.75g CHO including the big chocolate chip.)

Very interested find OK low carb coconut macaroon. Maybe next time.



  1. Katie · January 13, 2013

    We both had syrup on the brain today. I might have to try the waffle recipe!


    • Katy · January 13, 2013

      I hope it won’t make you want to punch me in the throat!


  2. Katie · January 13, 2013

    Only if you told me that eating it would cure my diabetes. 😉


    • Katy · January 13, 2013

      just sprinkle some cinnamon on it.


  3. Robin Jingjit · January 14, 2013

    Mmm..I should make those cookies… I’ve never heard of sweet dairy whey before.


  4. shannon · January 16, 2013

    reading this made me so hungry.

    ha ha ha @ ‘this old stupid-ass diabetes’. also nipples.

    gonna get something to eat now.


    • Katy · January 16, 2013

      I’ll bring a batch to FFL! Because we signed up to go.


  5. Dolores · February 9, 2013

    I just made your waffles for the second time … But this time I accidently put in 1/2 tablespoon of baking powder instead of the 1/2 teaspoon … And the boys loved the results … They all agreed they are a keeper … So thanks!


    • Katy · February 11, 2013

      that’s a hot tip—does the extra powder make them crispier? i will try it.


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