Good Things V

It was like Diabetic Living meets Whole Living in here---but with baked potatoes.

It was like Diabetic Living meets Whole Living in here—but with baked potatoes.

Tiny Beef Tenderloins

Yesterday dinner array as if plan for evil diabetes inspector visit w/photo shoot for evidence file, baked potatoes add to tableau for realism.

Three tiny beef tenderloins, almost cute = 1 lb. Bigfoot not have to touch: butcher cut correct size, Bspouse grill, boys devour, dog lick plates. Bigfoot eat green beans, fruit, potato skin. Excellent vehicle for butter, salt. Everyone happy. Bubs not much carbs (not huge fan potato) until mini-cups Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie @31g. Whatev. 155 @ bedtime. 150 @ 11PM, wake up 7:30AM 84. Try remember do same thing again = sure will get same result. (Bigfoot kidding!)

Love letter. Can you read it? 162/121/64, 2 glucose tabs/101/99, 112. Usually his school numbers are quite a bit more zig-zaggy.

Love letter. Usually his school numbers are quite a bit more zig-zaggy.

Love Letter

School system internet down today. Receive hand-written blood sugar note embossed stationery nurse. Among nicest snail mail ever in life, in top category w. letters favorite author send when Bigfoot in Peace Corps & in-love-with-you admission college un-boyfriend.

I said we could go because Jack got a 100 on his noun test, but it was really because I needed to go to Trader Joe's next door.

I said we could go because Jack got a 100 on his noun test, but it was really because I needed to go to Trader Joe’s next door.

SWAG Super Success

Orangeleaf—ugh. 4PM 114. Giant cup o’self-serv crap. Doomed/resigned Bigfoot swag 100g .

6:15PM 128. Mercy!

Pièce de Résistance

Since diabetes begin, Bigfoot many try make meat, fail. Kind friend make Bubs chicken every time families together dinner. Bubs love friend’s chicken. Friend try teach Bigfoot make. Bigfoot fail. Over, over, over. Tonight succeed. Bubs face beam pride toward apparently trainable mother.

I learned to make edible chicken.

I learned to make edible chicken.

Friend make chicken any part body. Key for Bigfoot is ask butcher pick “drumettes” out from chicken wings jumble heap. Sprinkle drumettes w/ prescribed secret formula spice blend*, bake @425 F 30-40 minutes.

(*per lb. of drumettes: 1/2 tsp each salt, ground coriander/cinnamon/cumin + 1 tsp chili powder.)



  1. drjmeade · January 9, 2013

    Bigfoot might try buying rotisserie chicken. So cheap! Often cheaper per pound than regular whole chicken.


    • Katy · January 9, 2013

      I agree, and I use those a lot, and I like not having to touch it while it’s raw, but B only likes the legs and then I feel like I have to make soup or dog food with the rest because I’m pathologically frugal but those projects involve getting chickened-up to my armpits so it’s all just terribly fraught.


  2. Ann · January 9, 2013

    Drumsticks also work well. Easier than asking butcher for drumetes. My kiddos prefer the wingette pieces. We could make a deal! Congrats on the edible chicken coup!


    • Katy · January 9, 2013

      I failed seventeen times with drumsticks—what do you think? Lower temperature for longer time? CBW usually makes bigger pieces like that and he loves them. Mine have just been pffffffft.


      • drjmeade · January 9, 2013

        Rub salt on chicken, let sit in bowl overnight, dump out water, brush off salt. Cook chicken however you want. Moist every time. Also, marinating in greek yogurt helps things. I’m a used-to-be-vegetarian-even-vegan-and-now-I-eat-some-meat for no reason really.


      • Katy · January 9, 2013

        Dr J—me too! That’s my diet. Thanks for the tip. You’re a regular Chris Kimball.


      • Katy · January 9, 2013

        “the water”


      • Ann · January 10, 2013

        Chicken legs, dipped in flour with a little salt and pepper, then in milk, then in breadcrumbs with a little garlic powder and oregano. Baked at 350 for 45 minutes or a bit more. I usually do both legs and thighs this way. I think you could marinate or coat the legs in any recipe, then bake them at 350. Skin gets nice and crispy.


  3. Robin Jingjit · January 9, 2013

    I want those tenderloins. Yum
    Your nurse seems so nice. The nurse at my school makes me afraid to ask for bandaids or Tylenol.


    • Katy · January 9, 2013

      our nurse is so kind. our last nurse was too. with the next one, I’m just hoping it won’t matter because he will be eleven and practically driving himself to school


  4. g · January 10, 2013

    WOW! Happy Days!!! And now i have that magic recipe in print!!! I think I will fail too as hers is SO perfect…glad there might be hope! Congrats!!!


  5. pawslovediabetes · January 10, 2013

    I am so glad that the nurse does so well communicating with you and dealing with the big D. I think back to some of my elementary school nurses and wonder if they might have killed me… Terrible I know but I am often finding ways to convince myself it is better to have been diagnosed at 25 rather than 5.

    I will surely be trying that recipe as well (sounds like something Marshall would love, though I actually got him to eat a vegetarian meal the other night!). It’s good that Bubs seems to be willing to eat many different things… I was a picky kid, I would have been a nightmare to deal with!


  6. shannon · January 16, 2013

    all your good things made me smile yay. SRSLY.

    especially the handwritten nurse note and your photoshop additions. also the notion of your unboyfriend confessing feelings.


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