I hope you like my new sweater. You're going to be seeing a lot of it. It is part cardigan, part dress, part bathrobe, part security blanket, part ass camo, and 100% awesome

I hope you like my new sweater. It is part cardigan, part dress, part bathrobe, part security blanket, part ass camo, and 100% on.

3:48AM = such special time. It night? Morning? Who can know? Bigfoot, unable fall back to sleep after BG finally down, decide it morning. Now pay piper. So tired. Every sentence end exclamation point, as if make up for tired. It not energetic effect, only creepy! See!

But 3:48 lovely time in kitchen. Bake yogurt honey bread. Tend kombucha scoby. Read entire Sunday New York Times. Think, “this not so bad” and “it good idea always arise 3:48AM.”

By 10AM ready for bed.

Wonder this really worth it? DOC milieu, normal behavior up all night. D Real Life C not so normal. DRLC maybe leave child 250+ overnight, not worry. Or maybe not know number overnight, only up if adjust basals/child sick. Maybe child better off less zombie parent, whatever avoid arterial deterioration (or whatever wretched thing—Bigfoot still not keen on learn negative consequence specifics) so miniscule, no difference for health. Maybe like cosleep vs. Ferberize: everyone OK by Kindergarten.



  1. Dolores · January 2, 2013

    Sweater looks very cozy … And your hair looks great for a zombie! … As for sleep, to be honest, we don’t lose too much sleep over 250+ bgs … On those nights most of the time we just correct, sleep an recheck in the morning


  2. Nicole P · January 3, 2013

    Wow… Bigfoot got all pretty, and feminine, and blonde! I thought you were just giant and apelike! Go figure…


  3. earthling · January 3, 2013

    Sweater so pretty! If had vote, earthling vote big effort tune nighttime basal exact. Even use Dexcom if have? Maybe all meat dinner (Get disposable glove, not touch) just one (two?three?) night, Follow bg, 1,3,5,7AM, tweak; repeat till no up no down, collapse in heap. Wake up springtime. Glad earthling not have vote. So wish well, industrious zombie – make food, watch over human family, instead eat..


  4. shannon · January 8, 2013

    DRLC. yes. this is a thing. and you’ve named it. because you are you.

    i do like your new sweater. too bad july in fla is too hot for such things so i won’t see it in person.


  5. Julia · January 12, 2013

    Such a great Mom! Luckily, Bubs will go to school; then relax on couch and nap for a few hours.


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