Snow Sports 2012 Take II: SLEDS


Face enlarged to show happiness. 290.

Wake up. Perfect day for sleds. 126.

Pre-sled: 290. (Blame pancake breakfast; beaucoup IOB.) Stow chocolate Santa in exterior pocket, prevent melting. Stow meter & strips/Mentos in bra, prevent freezing.


After 30 minutes: down to 199.

After sled 30 minutes: 199.

After 60-ish more minutes: 79.

Fine (body & spirit) whole time. Lots of friends, lots of sleds, yappy papillon, sunny, windy.

A few other people had the same good idea.

79. Time for lunch.

Afternoon/evening: low, medium-low, low-medium, low, medium-low. (62-90.)

Before dinner 69. Before bed 260.

Learn anything? Maybe:

1. It’s OK to be kind of high before winter sports

2. Sledding requires a lot of glucose

3. Recovering from sledding requires a lot of glucose too?

4. And then at a certain hour suddenly stops requiring glucose

5. Or maybe previous lows & lowishes make the parents lowball the carbs in three See’s Nuts and Chews (17g?)

6. Or maybe being low & lowish all afternoon made your liver go helllllo? and get all glucagonny

Maybe not know anything more than last year, except this

7. Sledding is really, really fun


8. I should have had a glucagon kit in my pocket, instead of leaving it in the car




  1. laura · January 2, 2013

    fun! sledding totally tanks Pink. makes me more nervous than swimming (which now consists mostly of standing in the water talking to friends and eating giant soft pretzels)


    • Katy · January 2, 2013

      that sounds like a fun and very hedonistic pool club you’ve got over there! have i asked you already for your system? decrease basal in advance? how much in advance? and by how much? and etc.

      i seem to not ever think enough ahead, or feel confident enough that the activity will commence when i think it might commence.


      • fourdays22d · January 3, 2013

        I never remember to decrease basal so I don’t have any experience with that and things are usually more spontaneous than that. She usually eats 1/2 PB&J uncovered to start and then sips Gatorade during. I have her check every 30 min – ’cause I’m all ‘noided like that.


      • Sara · January 3, 2013

        I’d be nervous about decreasing basal for the same reason. You’d have to decrease about an hour ahead of time for it to work correctly and how often do you know an hour ahead of time when sledding will actually start.

        More food seems so much easier!


  2. shannon · January 8, 2013

    omg that last photo is epic. EPIC.


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