Good Things IV

70, 80, 90 = skipping all the way home

70, 80, 90 = skipping all the way home


Past few days, Bubs so happy. Things normally bother not bother, e.g.: socks, enclosed shoes, stop play Minecraft, pour family dinner water (some reason this #1 reviled boy-task, prefer set table). Also past few days, BG usually high double-digits: 92, 81, 75, 86, 77, 93…Maybe connected? Obviously connected? Too bad this entail occasional lows. 58, 62, 66. Many Juicy Juice.

Don't look too closely at the ingredients or you'll ruin the spell.

Don’t look too closely at the ingredients or you’ll ruin the spell.


Blog Bigfoot like recommend this diet soda. Then notice at Trader Joe’s. Purchase Black Cherry & Tangerine Lime. Bubs like. Jack like too. Happy find new fun(ish) food thing, quasi-natural ingredient*. Yay.

(*i.e. Splenda. Nooooo!)

Thank you, Rule-Breakers

Yesterday Bubs class dreidel party w/ Starbursts, Skittles, chocolate-dipped Oreos. First very annoy Bigfoot because so uptight when persons not follow approved wellness policy. But upside = in-range BG all day; maybe Bubs really needed that crap, counter emotional roller coaster of gambling.

Now at end of list, notice each good thing include inherent bad thing/complaint. World never seem live up Bigfoot dream. Sorry.



  1. Isabelle · December 20, 2012

    always funny either in ha ha or poignancy way.


  2. Robin Jingjit · December 20, 2012

    I would love that policy and hate when it was broken. It’s always weird to me that some ppl just break rules.


  3. Nicolep · December 20, 2012

    Thinking you should send cigarettes and gin to school. And then explain that starburst, skittles, and chocolate covered oreos have similar detrimental long and short term impacts on a child with type 1. I’m glad for the few days of happy, though. I’ve had a similar few days. Gratitude? Or something like it is the impetus I think.


  4. shannon · January 8, 2013

    oh wow yeah you know whenever i have a string of good days/hours with my kid going along easily with things she usually complains about, i do take a moment to consider her recent BGs. about 70% of the time she is also having in-range BGs, so that’s slightly more than random, yeah?

    you’re so not sorry about that link though. 😉


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