Boys’ Bathroom Presentation

Today unusual: Bigfoot no telephone. Last night forgot phone @temporary workplace, nurse send diabetes updates via email. If emergency, plan call Bigfoot Spouse school secretary for find Bigfoot Spouse. Nurse not usually communicate v. much during day; usually one email at end of day. But change in genre seem inspire extra nurse communication.

Hi Bigfoot, he was 45 feeling “low.” Juice. He is sitting out PE now & I’m going to re-test. He wanted to watch the PE class until we re-test. Thank you.

If that information come telephone, Bigfoot clarify: Wait, what? He’s going to walk down to the gym and watch the class while he recovers from the 45? And nurse would clarify: no, of course not. I would never let him leave my office at 45.

He was 119 @9:52. 10:20 = 75 (after PE). 41g we covered 31g, 1 unit, I hope that was ok, he was late for a boys bathroom presentation. Thank you.

If via phone: Wait, what? What is a boys’ bathroom presentation and why does it matter if he is late? How did all of this happen at the same time as PE?

And this

11:30 = 122
12:40 = 155  no lunch – he wasn’t hungry
2:40 = 203  20g  2.5u    (they were having a tiny ~ 1.25 in. by 1.25in. brownie with a little frosting & 2-3 M&M’s on top) No way to look it up so hopefully 20g isn’t too far off!

If telephone, would call, ask if OK brownie, ask Bigfoot guess carbs. Someone else guess provide such relief. Bigfoot love not have phone.

After school Bubs I had a hard day. I was feeling low, but we were in music and it was really fun, and I just wanted to stay, so I stayed, and then I started to get really dizzy, so I said, “Help! I feel low. Just kidding!” because I still didn’t want to leave. But the teacher made me go to the nurse and I was 45.

What else? Then a kid teased me, and then all day I kept remembering the tease, and it hurt just as much to remember, so I kept getting hurt feelings over and over again.

BIGFOOT: I know what you mean

BIGFOOT SPOUSE: What did the kid tease you about?

BUBS: I don’t remember

BFOOT: Was it intelligence, appearance, odor, or personality? (<–asked as if there are just these four definitive teasing options)

BUBS: Maybe appearance

BF: Was it like, “Ugh, your hair’s so long,” or “Ew, you have a space between your teeth,” or “Look at you; you’re so skinny.” (<–that sounds mean, but those are all things B. actually likes about himself)

BUBS: I don’t remember, okay?

Yesterday 4:30PM same excellent nurse call Bigfoot for voice mail hi, Bigfoot, I’m at home thinking about Bubs’s numbers. He was 276 before dismissal, so he had a correction, but he was in the 90’s after lunch, and I know you’re not home so he was going to a friend’s house, and something about that just doesn’t seem right to me, so I thought you might want to call the friend’s house to double check on his numbers. I mean I know I’d feel much better if I knew you got his number, and could you please call me to tell me he’s okay? (Sorry Bigfoot not listen this message until 8PM.) (Right before leave phone under paper stack.) Bigfoot gobsmacked how kind, caring this nurse. Sorry for delay.

Meanwhile, class holiday party time around corner. Classroom mother email volunteers healthy snack, beverage w. cups or mini water bottle, beads, yarn. Bigfoot superfast reply-all “I’ll send in the beverage and it will be mini water bottles” try block possibility Hawaiian Punch, elbows out, center gravity low. Other parent super fast chime in “I’ll bring fruit salad for the snack!” ((Heart flutter.)) (In defense, Bigfoot not fond reply-all for class email style but this style prevail Bubs’s 4th grade and Bigfoot trying blend.)

Meanwhile meanwhile, Bigfoot/BSpouse expand babysitter repertoire. Now Dream T1D Teen Babysitter, Dream T1D Teen Babysitter II, BSpouse father. Therefore sometimes Bigfoot leave town work afternoon, plus movie date: Silver Linings Playbook, +20 minute drive there/back, car stereo repeat Locked Out of Heaven. Like dream. This all possible because Bubs know how/why/what/when.



  1. Robin Jingjit · December 14, 2012

    That is surely the most caring school nurse ever employed. That must be such a relief to you every day! Sad that your boy got teased, but you must be a really good listener, the way he tells you stuff like that. I feel like I never told my mom when I got teased as a kid.


  2. laura · December 15, 2012

    So…did you find out what a boys’ bathroom presentation is?


    • Mary M · December 15, 2012

      I make regular boys bathroom presentations. How to lift and lower the seat is primary information.


      • Robin Jingjit · December 16, 2012

        That’s true. A week and a half ago I had to do a boys’ bathroom presentation/interrogation where I discovered that boys had been peeing on the floor around the toilet to see how big of a puddle they could make.


  3. shannon · January 8, 2013


    now listening to song you linked to, makes me want to listen to 80’s police albums, thanks for that! 🙂

    your nurse sounds SO AMAZING. like. i can’t even believe it. tremendous!

    i am also bowled over at bubs’ feeling comfortable enough to express his experience of being teased. i know at my kid’s current age she would be reluctant to share but am trying to remember if it was the same a couple of years ago.


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